The Benefits of Custom Poly Mailers

The Benefits of Custom Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are the most preferred medium for a lot of e-commerce sellers. But there is a good reason for that. With the ever-growing e-commerce business, there are so many small and lightweight things that get shipped every day. Although boxes can be customized to suit your product, poly mailers are the cost-effect and space-saving way. Whether you choose a box or a poly mailer, the important thing is not to make it look dull and boring.

A lot of people focus on designing the boxes but forget to understand that the design potential with poly mailer is high. There are matte effect and glossy effect, which can make it look a subtle or pop-up. You can include your copy, small description, social media icons, website, and even blogs. You can even choose two different patterns for fronts. If you feel like adding an extra layer, you can go with stickers as well. At Arka, we provide you the option of customizing your poly mailers.

Why Customizing Your Poly Mailers Works? 

Customizing your poly mailers can be a game-changer for business. By adding your logo or unique design, you can increase brand recognition and create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. Here are the main benefits of customizing your poly mailers:



There are different kinds of poly mailers that are great for shipping documents, soft goods, or apparel. Then there are bubble mailers that offer more resistance to damage. These are perfect for jewelry, electronics, or even books. If you are looking for a luxury feel, there are metallic mailers that are self-adhesive and have a shiny exterior. Insulated mailer tote bags are best for heavy-duty stuff. The mailers also have puncture-proof and tear-proof varieties, which can weather tough environments. All these varieties of poly mailers give a lot of flexibility to fit different products in different shapes. It also consumes lesser space while shipping and while delivering. 


Extra Security

You know your product better than anyone. If you feel like your product needs an extra layer, you can choose a bubble wrap lined poly mailer. If it is a piece of cloth and has no threat of getting damaged in transit, you can choose a different one. The important thing is that the custom poly mailers give you freedom of choice. Apart from these varieties, there are tamper-evident sealing options, so the customer knows how to open them correctly. Consider the weather conditions before shipping the products. Although most of them are waterproof, you can always check for more details. This way your product can reach your customers safely.



Everyone knows that the poly mailer bags are cost-effective in general. The shipping companies have introduced something called dimensional weight, which adds to the cost, especially with boxes. But, the shipping cost for poly mailers is as low as $0.49 at USPS if it is under 13 oz. Apart from this, it is also cost-effective in other ways. For example, when your customer is not satisfied with your product or looking to return it, poly mailer bags are cheaper ways to seal the items and send them back. They do not have to hunt for extra packaging materials, which kills their time. It reinforces the brand’s identity and how it makes it a lot easier.


Branding and Advertising 

The custom poly mailer bags offer free marketing of your products. Although it does not provide the same unboxing experience as a box, it is still an impressive way to catch a customer's attention. If you are selling it offline, it will help you stand out among your competitors. More often than not, these bags are often stored carefully by the customers to recycle. The presence of the brand name enforces it all the time.


Some Myths about Poly Mailers 

Despite popularity of poly mailers, there are some myths circulating about their use. Here are the most common myths about poly mailers:


It is not Recyclable 

A lot of customers are shying away from poly mailers, thinking it contributes to plastic waste. But it can be recycled, when done in the right way. It must be clean, dry, and should not have any labels that might tamper the process.

Customizing it is a lot of hassle 

The custom poly mailer is a lot more than a task and is an investment. In the long run, the returns and customer satisfaction will pay for itself. All you need to do is find a good vendor so that the rest is taken care of.

The best place to buy custom poly mailers is online. Whether you want to start a test batch of small quantity or place a bulk order, you can contact us for more details. We have a fast turnaround time with designer support which will help you create beautiful custom designs. Our entire process is transparent and cost-friendly. All, you need to do is have an idea, and we can make that come true.

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Final Thoughts 

At Arka, we help brands boost their sales and increase brand awareness with premium and eco-friendly packaging solutions. You can also check our custom shipper boxes and custom mailer boxes that ensure an amazing unboxing experience for customers. Contact us and we'll help design and bring your ideas to life.

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