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Poly Mailer Best Practices for E-commerce Business

Your product must not always come in a box. The inability to see beyond a few packaging materials is making many brands lose their customers.

For example, 35.5% of buyers prefer reduced packaging. Nothing too over the top.  Another 29% will pay more for reusable packaging.

The question is, why use a box to package an item that requires none? The earlier you find an answer to the question, the better chance you have to win more customers. Some E-commerce platforms are now using poly mailers as an alternative to boxes.

custom poly mailers by Arka

However, only a few brands use poly mailers to their full potential, and that's sad given the number of benefits that come with using poly mailers.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best way your e-commerce business can use poly mailers.

Benefits of Using Poly Mailers

Consumers are always on the lookout for packaging that takes less time to open. As a result, over 60% of e-commerce orders now come with an easy-to-open mechanism.

It is not how much materials you put into it that matters; rather, how effective they are. Thus, every brand must realize that it is the need for effective packaging that determines the materials, not otherwise.

First, it is important to know that custom poly mailers are a very flexible kind of packaging. That is why they are a favorite among customers.

Experts prediction as of last year was that global sales would reach about $272 billion.  Now, let us list out some reasons why you should use poly mailers.

  • Poly Mailers are as effective as most other forms of product packaging. Like we said earlier, these materials are preferred due to flexibility. In addition to this, poly mailers save you time. And there's more.
  • Unlike most other materials, poly mailers prevent clutter in your warehouse. 
  • Also, using poly mailers is a great way to optimize your packaging process. You don't need too many hands to get things done.
  • Poly mailers are affordable to purchase and less costly to transport. A poly mailer can cost as little as $0.25 for each mailer. Also, don't forget you may likely get a discount when you're buying in bulk.
  • Since they are lightweight and easy to send, this packaging type is an excellent alternative to cardboard boxes.

    This makes them the best option for textile materials and non-fragile items. Poly mailers reduce the cost of shipping your product to customers.
  • Poly mailers are also designed to last long. Poly mailers are water-resistant, and they can withstand a wide range of conditions.

    The truth is, many retailers assume they need a tough box to protect their products. But this is not completely true.
  •  Above all, poly mailers offer you a variety of options on size, designs, and reusability.
  • Most times, all we need is packaging that can withstand any type of weather. This is because your product box is probably exposed a few times before it gets to its consumer.

    So, poly mailers are the options to ensure your packages don’t get damaged before delivery.

Now, we have looked at some benefits you can gain from using poly mailers. At this point, you may ask yourself some questions:

  • How do I start using poly mailers?
  • Are there different types or categories of poly mailers?
  • What should I know before making a choice?
  • How do I know the right fit for my business?

In the next section, we will address your questions. You will see a clear difference between the types of poly mailers. Keep reading!

Stock Poly Mailer vs. Custom Poly Mailers

Stock Poly Mailer
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Poly mailers come in different types and designs. Like other product packaging materials, these materials can come in plain or customized forms. Let's quickly show you what we mean by this.

There are two main kinds of poly mailers. They are stock and custom poly mailers. Here are the differences between them:

Stock Poly Mailers Custom Poly Mailers
Stock poly mailers are mailers that do not come with customized designs. They neither contain labels or logos. However, these mailers are still very effective, except that they say nothing about your brand. Custom poly mailers are usually customized on both sides with a brand logo and inscription or artwork. They can feature multiple colors, custom filters, and stickers. This type of mailer is great to stimulate customer retention and brand awareness.
Stock poly mailers are usually produced from recycled materials, and there's really no need for designs. But this type can be boring for your customers. You may need a little more to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Using custom mailers is a way to leave an impression in the mind of your customers. You can make the outer design colorful and exciting. It’s a quick way to leave a lasting brand impression.
They are so affordable that you don’t need to break the bank. While they can be a bit expensive, custom packaging is worth the experience.

Over time I've seen retailers ask whether they can customize their poly mailers. If you've been asking the same question, then we have an answer for you. The fact is, you can customize your poly mailers, and most brands are already doing so.

Arka poly mailer
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In addition to this, customizing your poly mailer is another way of preventing shipping mistakes.

The point is, when your brand's packaging is identifiable, there's less chance that it will be mistaken. But when it is not, you risk losing it before it gets to the consumer.

Three Poly Mailer Designs You Should See

There are a few quality poly mailers, and that's why here in Arka, we are committed to giving you the best. Here are three poly mailer designs you should see.

1. Poly Mailers for Simple Logos Or Lines of Text

On Arka, you can get as low as 200-3000 units of this poly mailer. The fun part is that you can increase purchases by 200 units only.

If you ordered 200, you could increase your order by adding another 200 units or multiple 200 units. This is an excellent offer since you don't have to buy all at once.

However, this type of poly mailer is limited to 50 percent ink coverage. And they are limited to one color ink printing on a white poly mailer and cost up to $199.00.

This poly mailer also comes in different size and print areas, which include

  • 10 x 13 poly mailer: print area (7 x 7 inches)
  • 12x 15.5 poly mailer: print area (7 x 8 inches)
  • 14.5x19 poly mailer: print area (9 x 9 inches)

2. Poly Mailers for More Complex Logos and Designs

If you're looking for a poly mailer that soothes your creative choice, then this is for you. Arka allows you to order 3000 and more quantities of this type of poly mailer. Note that you can only increase orders by 500 units.

This mailer can contain full-size printing with a 0.5-inch white border on all sides. You can get your image printed without much fuzz. Note that some diagrams are not good for this type of mailer.

They are limited to up to 50 percent inch coverage, and you can easily print up to 4 colors. For a one-time and place printing, the fee for this mailer is  $599.00/color.

3. Poly Mailers for Multiple Designs

This type of mailer can allow a variety of designs, diagrams, and printing. They can be printed with full ink coverage with a full bleed. However, you are required to submit your artwork designs upfront.

This poly mailer allows only bulk purchases. The minimum quantity you can order is 10,000 units. For more information on this type of mailer, visit

Different Poly Mailer Styles

One thing you must understand about poly mailers is that they are a variety of them. Generally, the choice of a particular style depends on a few factors like the type and size of the product to be mailed. Below is a list of different poly mailers styles.

1. Returnable Poly Mailer

According to a study, 30 percent of all the products ordered online are returned to their sellers. A returnable poly mailer is packaged for situations like this.

These mailers ensure that your customers can return the product with the same mailer they were sent in.

Returnable poly mailers have double self-adhesive tape. The retailer usually seals the top adhesive tape leaving the second.

When a consumer is not satisfied with the product, he or she can reseal the product. This is possible using the other tape.

2. Die Cut Handle Poly Mailer

As a customer, receiving a product package, you can not carry on your own can be very annoying. The truth is, nobody wants to be stressed by your packaging. 

This type of mailer comes with a handle. The idea is to make it convenient for customers to carry their products around.

3. Expansion Poly Mailers

If you're looking for the best mailers for medium-sized or large items, expansion poly mailers are your best pick. These mailers come with expandable seams on each side, making contractions easier.

4. Bubble Lined Poly Mailers

These types of mailers are popular for the cushioning and added protection they give your product. It keeps your product in good condition all through.

In addition to this, this type of mailer is self-sealable. They are usually great for packaging small, fragile items.

 5. Recycled Poly Mailers

Recycled poly mailers are very popular and cheaper to use. They are made from materials that are free of carbon emissions. If you must create a good impression of your brand, incorporate recycled poly mailers into your business.

6. Layflat Poly Mailers

If you're trying to package a product that requires little or no cushioning, this is for you.

This flat plastic bag can hold your product nicely. They come with self-adhesive and can easily accept business stamps.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Poly Mailer Design

Designs are an important aspect of packaging with poly mailers. It's not just about what your mailers look like; there’s more to poly mailer designs. You need to stand out in a positive way.

Before you choose a particular design, it is important to see why you need that design. Sadly, many retailers give little or no thought to this. They just want to get everything down to their customers in haste.

Let's see how you can ensure that your designs are suitable for your business.

The first thing to consider is the thickness of your poly mailer. If your mailer can not protect your products, then there's no need for them.

To avoid mistakes, always check the texture of your poly mailer. For example, glossy mailers always have an extra coating that makes them more durable.

There's always something about poly mailers that are easy to open. A tear strip is one thing every brand should include in their poly mailer options.

There's a chance that customers would use your poly mailer again if they can open it without cutting or making holes in them.

In addition to this, your poly mailers should have release liners. This will keep the mailer in shape irrespective of how much they've been opened.  You can make use of the dual peel and seal to save you the cost of repackaging.

One thing you should know is that customers want to be sure their package has not been touched.

That's why your poly mailer must be tamper-evident. More so, you don't have to always use a gusseted bottom poly mailer.


Poly mailers are great for all types of e-commerce platforms. For starters, these packaging materials are readily affordable and effective. Big brands can also leverage the benefits of poly mailers.

We've shown you how you can use poly mailers to grow your brand. Start now, and thank us later. We'll always be committed to your success.

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