Black White custom boxes

Is Black and White Right For Your Custom Box Design?

As advertising and product branding increasingly enter into daily life, customers choose products based on the color of the outer packing. The colors and names of products are so closely associated that customers reach for a product by the visual color cues of their packaging. In packaging design, survival on the shelf is very much tied to the use of color.


Black White: Modern Packaging


Neutral colors, black and white, are timeless and classic. The use of black white in custom box design can make an incredible statement. Considered as simple, designing custom boxes with black and white colors can provide a strong, modern look. However, packaging with achromatic colors with no product showing and flavor insulated through type and color renders the design anti-packaging. They can also clearly show the creases or damages incurred in transit. There are different perceptions of these colors from people all over the world based on varied cultures. 

In this article, we take you through the methods to include black and white in your custom box packaging design to imbibe a wow factor.


How To Include Black White in Custom Box Design?

Black and white are considered neutrals that are not hues or colors as such. In spite of the bold and beautiful look these colors render to any object, they do not have their own place on the color wheel. An understanding of how a packaging designer's color is impacted by the retail environments or on receipt in which the product will be seen is therefore essential. 

There are a few design hacks to consider incorporating black white in your custom box design to communicate the design’s personality effectively.


Blend as Complementary Colors To Give Depth

    Black symbolizes sturdiness, reliability, constancy, and wisdom, and indicates power. In the retail world, black is considered bold, serious, upscale, elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious, and is perceived as classic. White, on the other hand, is associated with purity and efficacy. With increased concern for creating shelf and market impact, the use of white has diminished. 

    Black and white are used in packaging design with other colors to enhance the colors and make them pop. These colors can be blended as complementary with other colors to give a perception of depth and express clarity. The inclusion of other colors adds visual contrast and counterpoint to the black and white background and aid in establishing a focal point in the design.


    Use Black White to Form a Clear Design Outline

      A black outline can frame the hue of other colors used and constrain their visual presence to add dimension. On the contrary, a white outline visually expands the hue of other colors into the white area. A contrast of color photography can be used with black white patterned backgrounds to create a modern yet historical feeling. The result is an elegant and stylish design. A strong and clear image style helps define the design aesthetic. In addition, different shades of black give a different hue to the design. You can experiment with different shades to add to the complexity of the design.


      Include Black White to Make the Message Stand Out

        A plain custom box design in black or white has a dull look and does not communicate the message it was intended to under bright or poor lighting. Strong contrasts in package design attract prospective customer’s attention. Drawings of doodles are very effective because of the strong black-white contrasts. Alternately, lots of white space can also make the message on the design stand out and create an aura of elegance.

        Be sure to create strong black-white contrasts that catch the eye featuring specific strong elements and using the white space effectively. Too much clutter looks sloppy and sends a confusing message to the customer reading it. The type of message should be easy to read and brand-specific to help it stand out when the customer reads it.


        Create a Prototype Box For Customer Trial

          It is time now to create a sample prototype of the custom box you want to market. You can market a few samples and record the response you receive from customers. Ensure that you include all responses and suggestions to make amendments in the final design of the product. In addition, experiments using the prototype with different products that your customers will pack and check if they are successful in the market. 

          Make your custom folding cartons' design work in black and white with these simple hacks. Black white colors more readily convey drama and allow for creative interpretation of the design. Use them wisely to communicate the visual elements of your custom box design effectively.

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