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Why Use Custom Shipping Boxes?

It's not really surprising that more and more eCommerce merchants are taking to custom shipping boxes, as they see the immense benefits they gain out of it. In fact, not just the people who receive these orders, but these custom boxes bring a smile and a sense of intrigue to all the people who watch them go around!

Like when a colleague sitting next to you gets something delivered, and you keep looking at the box, wondering what could it be and so on. Or it could be that you happened to notice the delivery boy carrying the box to the next-door neighbor and so on. Just the look and shape of the boxes, the colors, the names, the labels, the custom tapes, etc. are unmissable and eye-catchy things about these boxes.

Custom shipping boxes are trending so much now that it has become imperative for all eCommerce merchants to take notice and jump on the bandwagon. But then, this is not something new, really. One of our favorite songs from the classic hit musical "Sound of Music" also has this song, which we keep humming- "Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things." Indeed, boxes have a great appeal, with people of all ages and statistics prove this as well.


Statistics – What They Say?


Incredibly, 72% of Americans say that the product packaging affects  buying decisions, and 67% have confessed to the fact that the packaging material, too, matters. This statistic goes as high up as 81% in case the purchase happens to be a gift, understandably. 63% of the population quizzed on the matter also feel that the packaging makes them feel as if the product is a premium one. Many (84%) say that they prefer paper and cardboard boxes as they are better for the environment and are less wasteful. Just about half of the respondents (49%) agreed they are willing to pay more for such packaging!

It is evident then, from research, that product custom packaging and custom shipping boxes are trending these days. What you send out from your vendor or drop shipping partners or your own warehouses, is not just a product or a box, it's a BRAND and an identity in the making. It helps you establish a connection with your customers and build a loyal base, one that trusts your product, as much as how it arrives. When they purchase a product from you, they look forward to an unboxing experience. They may even want to share it with the world, using their social media accounts (40% of customers do that). After all, social media is about sharing one's experiences and product purchase and unboxing it, is no less than one that they want to showcase to others, about a feel-good factor.


The Reach


Adding to the wow factor of a personalized experience that you provide to the customers, it is also a fact that good packaging can ensure that your reach is increased. Fragile packaging may lead to damage and loss during long shipping across distances and can spoil the customer experiences. So, it is important to have safe, custom shipping boxes that can guarantee that your product (and brand) is undamaged when it arrives at the destination. Perhaps, this is where you can look at packaging partners like Arka to deliver your custom shipping boxes.

Apart from catering to the flexibility that most small and medium businesses looking for in terms of minimum orders, Arka also guarantees fast turnarounds, eco-friendly materials, custom innovation as you desire, with absolutely no compromise on quality; what's more, you also get these at competitive pricing that makes it a wise choice for your custom packaging needs.


Indirect Advantages


Each and every box of a brand that is traveling and getting delivered is helping build your brand identity, and customers start recognizing certain colors, designs, and messages associated with a brand. Also, 90% of the customers reuse the packaging for various purposes, and this can be a big factor in your company's environmental efforts by helping reduce the carbon footprints. Also, every reuse is an indirect marketing benefit for you! 

It is even more important for you to build these custom shipping boxes as your brand, especially if you do not have a brick and mortar store that can be your brand store. Your identity may well be linked only with these boxes that get delivered, unboxed, and shared experiences on social media. Amazon is a prime example of this marketing strategy, where they have their own unmistakable, recognizable boxes, or custom packaging stickers that stand out.


Final Thoughts


The considerations that need to be considered are that the boxes should most definitely meet the need of the product in terms of safety, longevity, and ability to absorb any shocks, untoward leaks, etc. If perishable items are being shipped, then those considerations need to be taken into account as well.

A wide variety of material choices, as well as accessories for custom shipping boxes, are now available with partners like Arka. It may be a good idea to check out options based on your product offerings and choose what suits best. You can also check the other packaging options that Arka offers, for example custom gift boxes or cosmetic boxes. Contact today and design the perfect box for your product!

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