Pink Puddle Studio: Artful Packaging for Watercolor Kit Delights Customers

Pink Puddle Studio: Artful Packaging for Watercolor Kit Delights Customers

People tell me that they use [the boxes], either for storage [for their watercolors] or for regifting around the holidays.” —Rachel Eskandari, Founder of Pink Puddle Studio

At Arka, we are always excited to showcase the inspiring stories of our clients who are following their passions and building meaningful, sustainable businesses.

In today’s Customer Spotlight, we’re featuring Rachel Eskandari, the creative force behind Pink Puddle Studio: a watercolor art company specializing in workshops, original pieces, and watercolor kits. By incorporating Arka's sustainable packaging, Rachel ensures that her studio's shared value of environmental consciousness is vividly reflected in every aspect of the customer experience

Rachel's journey from a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate to a successful business owner is a blend of artistic passion and an innovative entrepreneurial spirit. "I started Pink Puddle almost 10 years ago," she recounts. Initially uncertain about her career path, Rachel's love for art and her desire to do something creative led her to start her own art company.

Rachel shares the nuances of being an entrepreneur: "Being your own boss is super hard, but there are so many fulfilling qualities about it that if you lost them, you'd really miss them." Over the years, Pink Puddle Studio has grown into a flourishing business, offering workshops, unique art pieces, and watercolor kits— the last of which is packaged and shipped in custom, sustainable Arka packaging that doubles as a canvas for creativity. 

Sustainable Packaging That Garners Customer Praise

For Pink Puddle Studio, packaging is not just a practical necessity, but a core aspect of the product experience. Rachel's keen eye for detail and her commitment to sustainability led her to Arka for an eco-friendly packaging solution. "The actual packaging is really important," Rachel says, emphasizing how these boxes have become a favorite among her customers. "People tell me that the boxes are one of the main pieces that they love as part of the kit."

Rachel's approach to packaging has been shaped significantly by customer feedback. Her customers appreciate the dual functionality of the packaging— its role in protecting the product and its potential for reuse. "You don't have to throw it away, [you can] sort of repurpose it," she explains. For Rachel, the packaging is a pivotal part of the customer experience, ensuring that each box is not just a container, but a piece of art that lives on.

"Sustainability has been a key focus for me over the last five years. As a small business, it can be really hard, material-wise, [but] I try my absolute best to source things [sustainably]," Rachel notes. This dedication to sustainability is at the core of her partnership with Arka, a collaboration that champions both artistic and environmental values. Rachel emphasizes, "Our packaging isn't just a box; it's a piece of art that lives on, embodying our dedication to the planet."

Supporting Small Businesses This Season

Rachel’s shift in focus from the high-pressure sales of Black Friday to the community-centered ethos of Small Business Saturday marks a significant evolution in her business approach. "In the beginning, all you want to do is make a sale," Rachel recalls, reflecting on her earlier business strategies that included frequent discounts and participating in Black Friday due to the perceived need to compete. 

However, over the past four to five years, her perspective has shifted. "I feel less inclined to do Black Friday [and focus more on] the small business aspect, because it highlights, 'Hi, I'm a small business, support me,'" she explains. This change signifies a move towards more meaningful engagement with her customers, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and supporting small businesses, particularly in the current economic landscape where many small enterprises struggle to survive.

Rachel's emphasis on Small Business Saturday extends beyond just a sales strategy; it's a celebration of the craftsmanship and personal touch that characterizes her work. "It's important for me to give people things that I feel are high quality, and that does take money," she says, underscoring her commitment to quality over quantity. 

By participating in local markets and events specifically tailored for Small Business Saturday, Rachel not only promotes her high-quality, handmade products, but also fosters a sense of community. She goes the extra mile for her loyal customers by offering special codes to those on her email list, creating an exclusive and intimate shopping experience. "You feel that connection, and that somebody made this, not just it wasn't just manufactured on an assembly line," Rachel adds, highlighting the unique value of handmade products. She plans to continue focusing on marketing for Small Business Saturday this holiday season and nurturing the personal connections that form the backbone of her business.

At Arka, we are proud to support entrepreneurs who exemplify that a small business can not only thrive, but also lead the way in sustainable practices. Join us in celebrating Rachel Eskandari and Pink Puddle Studio— where art meets sustainability and every box paints a story.

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