Customer Feature | A Journey from Greek Potato Fields to Sustainable Skin Salvation

Customer Feature | A Journey from Greek Potato Fields to Sustainable Skin Salvation

“The environmental crisis is so conscious with me and with everyone else" — Hillary O'Donnell 

Nestled a mere five-minute walk from the azure Aegean Sea on the Greek island of Naxos, Estate An:Theo invigorates the inspirational power of nature and dedication to sustainability. This enchanting tale began in 2009 when Hilary O'Donnell, alongside her Greek husband and close friends, embarked on a journey that would turn former potato fields into a thriving haven of biodiversity and community. From the establishment of a vineyard and orchard to the crafting of an effective botanical skin balm, her story is one of adventure, discovery, and a profound commitment to eco-conscious living.

Hilary is authentic in sharing the inspiring genesis of her signature healing balm, a product born from the land itself and her newfound dedication to environmental responsibility. A longer than expected stay in Greece at the beginning of the pandemic allowed for the serendipitous discovery of Helichrysum, also known as the Immortelle or Curry Plant, a wild herb known for its healing properties.

Hilary's journey into the heart of environmental science and her quest to create a skin balm that embodies the essence of clean and sustainable beauty is nothing short of remarkable. "I began to study the environment very seriously... and I got into making this skin balm". Her healing balm is a meticulously crafted formulation comprising only four ingredients: Helichrysum infused in Greek olive oil, local beeswax, and organic tamanu oil. Simple and natural.

For Hilary, it's not just about the balm; it's about a lifestyle that puts sustainability at its core. "I decided I'm gonna start with my own biome... making this skin healing balm was part of cleaning up all the products that I was using on my face", highlighting her transition from using ten skincare products to just three, significantly reducing her environmental footprint.

The partnership with Arka for packaging solutions underscores Estate An:Theo's commitment to minimizing resource use and impact on the environment. "Packaging is very important to me" Hilary emphasizes, praising Arka's eco-friendly and customer-focused approach. The sustainability doesn’t come as a compromise to the quality of the packaging though: “it was just the right size, they’re uniform, very sturdy, and really well made”. 

Arka’s custom design feature provided Hillary with everything she needed for her complete packaging requirements. “The website is easy to navigate and I was able to design the boxes quite easily and I could see what they were gonna look like,” she recounts.

“My customers are always telling me “I love the box, it’s so cool.””

Estate An:Theo's story resonates with a profound message of personal action and community engagement. "Personal action does make a difference, especially when you share what you are learning and doing with friends, family, and neighbors to encourage them to make changes." 

Hilary is always inviting others to join her in living a more eco-conscious lifestyle and  the inspiration starts at the unboxing experience: “People tell me they get really excited when they see the box.”

As Estate An:Theo looks to the future, there's a vision for growth that remains true to its roots— whether through expanding its product line or exploring innovative ways to connect with and inspire the community. Through Hilary's glowing testament to the power of nature, sustainability, and the beauty of Greek life, Estate An:Theo is a model for other small businesses and individuals looking for eco-conscious living and the magic that arises when passion meets purpose.

You can find Estate An:Theo at and on Instagram.

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