3PL Highlight | Who are NVO?

3PL Highlight | Who are NVO?

NVO Services partner with emerging companies navigating the complexities of warehousing and fulfillment. With a targeted focus on businesses ranging from $250K to $10M in revenue, NVO Services is not just a service provider but a strategic partner aimed at professionalizing and optimizing the logistics aspect of these flourishing enterprises. Their industry-agnostic approach ensures a broad spectrum of businesses, from startups to more established entities seeking to refine their logistics operations, can benefit from their expertise.

With comprehensive offerings including warehousing and fulfillment, NVO Services enriches its portfolio with accessorial services that are pivotal for business growth. This includes fractional customer service teams to help scale operations, Amazon listing partners to navigate the intricacies of Amazon FBA, and even design services through their partner company Copa Design for web store and website creation. This holistic approach ensures that businesses have all the tools and support necessary for a seamless operational flow and market presence.

In the diversified retail environment, omni-channel fulfillment is crucial. NVO Services specializes in the omni-channel fulfillment of tangible goods on a global scale, ensuring that businesses can reach their customers wherever they are, through whichever channel they prefer.

NVO Services is positioned not just as a service provider but as an expert partner on your side. This philosophy underlines their commitment to invest in the growth and success of the companies they work with. Their approach is to consider the impact of their services on a company’s growth and bottom line, thereby aligning their operations with the strategic goals of their clients.

Where are they Located?

Operating out of Santa Clara,California and now in their second location in Pittsburgh, PA, NVO can assist with your warehouse and fulfillment needs in two distinct locations. With 12+ years in the business, NVO Services brings a wealth of experience and a track record of reliability and investing time and patience into emerging brands to position them for success. This history is a testament to their ability to adapt, grow, and continuously provide value in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Which brands should work with them?

Tailored for startups and emerging businesses, NVO Services is built on the foundation of supporting growth and scalability in startups and emerging companies. They understand the unique challenges and dynamics of this segment, offering bespoke solutions that resonate with the aspirations and operational realities of these businesses.

Those looking for a 3PL partner that goes the extra step to offer a blend of operational efficiency, strategic growth support, and a comprehensive suite of services. Their understanding of the startup ecosystem, combined with a wide range of services designed to alleviate operational burdens, positions them as a robust partner for companies aiming to scale and succeed in the competitive business environment.

How To Connect?

Email: hello@nvoservices.com

Customers coming through Arka will get a free Parcel Level Detail evaluation and NVO will provide consultation on how to further reduce your shipping costs either through or with the help of NVO and their shipping partners.

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