How to Make Seasonal Packaging Resonate with Customers

How to Make Seasonal Packaging Resonate with Customers

Businesses often underestimate the power of packaging; relying on monotonous packaging means for a significant turnover. Packaging is a great way to impress customers offline, and it also helps in establishing brand identity. With seasonal packaging, businesses can encourage impulse buying and increase sales.  

Different seasonal events come with an opportunity to connect with customers at a personal level. The holiday season does not need a reminder, as walking into a store and looking at splendid seasonal packaging design is enough to wow customers

So, customers no longer need a digital reminder on social media for the upcoming seasonal event. The seasonal products and limited edition packaging remind them and make celebrating the season even more special.  

If you have been considering changing your packaging lineup, seasonal product packaging is a great way to excite your customers. 

In this article, you can learn more about creating seasonal packaging designs that resonate with customers throughout the year and drive sales. Let us get started. 

1. What is Seasonal Packaging?

2. Prerequisites for Seasonal Packaging

3. Seasonal Packaging Design Tips

Think outside the box
Reusable product packaging
Add a personalized touch
Arouse positive emotions
Include festive inserts
Planned promotion
Align with your brand

4. Wrap Up

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I find custom seasonal packaging?
How to quickly stand out your product with custom packaging?

What is Seasonal Packaging?

Seasonal packaging refers to wrapping a product into holiday or season-themed packaging. For instance, red Christmas packaging, pumpkin-colored Halloween, pastel hues of Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc., are all product packaging designs centered around the holiday season. 


A packaging design with seasonal colors is a great way to build curiosity. An impressive holiday packaging design impacts sales as it influences the in-store purchase decision


You should feel free when it comes to seasonal packaging. It can be about something other than significant traditional events. You can celebrate your brand’s milestones and present a commemorative edition of products. 


Incorporating your brand’s milestones (for instance, anniversary) allows you to celebrate your accomplishment with your customers, making them feel valued.


Seasonal packaging should strengthen brand identity and build customer loyalty. Brands can generate more sales by wrapping products in holiday packaging, catching the customer’s eye, and rejuvenating the holiday spirit. 


Pro tip: While it is tempting to experiment with a new packaging design, make sure you build the structural design on the business’s brand identity. Going overboard with the design or revamping it completely can pique the customers who might not recognize you. 


Prerequisites for Seasonal Packaging

Building a structural design on your brand’s identity is crucial for the success of holiday packaging. It encourages customer engagement and is a great promotional tool that helps resonate with customers throughout the year. 


During the holiday season, 44% of US consumers give gifts purchased from brands they are loyal to. 


Brands need to have a proper plan before utilizing this marketing tool. Before we go any further, the following are some important points about seasonal packaging that brands should consider. 


  • Never leave things at the last minute. The planning process for holiday packaging should start 4 to 6 months before the season, so you have ample time to have a final draft. 
  • Create limited packaging editions, which helps with customer engagement. Customers find exclusivity impressive, which drives more sales. 
  • Do not restrict the packaging design. Focus on using neutral language and design to extend the product's shelf life even after the holiday season. 
  • In an attempt at novelty, do not change the colors associated with the season. For instance, use daffodil yellow, poppy red, and tangerine orange for spring packaging. This way, you will create packaging relevant to the season. 
  • Reusable products are the best offerings you can give to your customers. Design your packaging articles that can be reused. Resuing seasonal products for multiple holidays helps save costs. 
  • Sustainability matters to your customers; incorporating it can make your seasonal packaging even more desirable. A sustainable packaging design lets the brand stand out from its competitors by offering a little more. 
  • Keep the functionality of the product a primary feature. Customers would love to use such products even after the season is over. 


Packaging in the e-commerce world has become a great marketing tool that builds brand recognition and customer loyalty. It enhances customer experience, which fosters a deeper connection between a brand and its customers. 

Seasonal Packaging Design Tips 

With proper planning and strategy, seasonal packaging can resonate with your customers, and you can see a significant increase in sales. However, the absence of a well-thought-out plan can risk the brand and annoy customers. 


With our tips for successful seasonal packaging, brands can create a balance between aesthetics and functionality.


 Let us see how you can make the best use of the holiday season and introduce packaging designs that resonate with customers and keep your brand fresh throughout the year. 

Think outside the box 

Get creative with the product packaging design during the holiday season. Themed packaging is a great way to build a solid base for loyal customers by offering impressive packaging designs. 


Festive periods are filled with joy and celebrations, allowing brands to share happiness with their customers. While sharing joy is a good idea, offering a creative packaging design can make the festive season even more special. 


M&M does a great job of making a festive season even more special and memorable. Its Easter packaging for products is an exceptional example of creative packaging design. The personalized chocolates are a fun way to welcome Easter while keeping the sweet taste intact. 


The “design your own” feature gives the customers many DIY ideas to make it a special event for their loved ones. 

Reusable product packaging 

Reusable boxes during the holiday season are a fantastic idea to keep customers returning to your brand. Sustainable packaging is desirable for any brand to build its customer base. 


Offering your products in a reusable packaging design, like a gift box or pouch, increases brand awareness. It also keeps the brand afresh beyond the season, which keeps the influx of customers.


The food packaging industry can offer its edibles in a box or container with a logo and impressive design that can stay with the customer even after the product is devoured. 

Add a personalized touch

For seasonal packaging, a personalized touch is a challenging task. If done the right way, it can help brands connect with customers at a personal level during the festivities.


Whether it is a handwritten note or a printed one, a customized experience goes a long way. Tell them you appreciate their purchase and feel honored to be a part of their family during the festive season. 


It increases the perceived value of the item and elevates your brand in the eyes of the customer.  

Arouse positive emotions 

Design your packaging in a way that sends a positive message to your customers. Brands can achieve this by making a careful choice of colors. Graphic design and compelling messaging can also help in arousing positive emotions.


Customers appreciate the sense of inclusivity and care, encouraging them to return for the same experience. 

Include festive inserts 

Value-packed inserts are another way to connect with customers at a personal level. A great unboxing experience makes a brand unforgettable. Including festive inserts is a way to keep your brand fresh in customers' memory. 


Freebies, product samples, discount coupons, and other small gift items can make the experience memorable. Custom inserts help customers make the most out of their purchases. They encourage repeat business and foster relationships with customers. 

Planned promotion

With the planned promotion of product packaging, you build anticipation and curiosity. Limited edition packaging drives sales. The promotional activities can make customers look forward to the final reveal.


Moreover, it also develops a feeling of scarcity which boosts sales. Seasonal packaging allows brands to refresh their package design. Having a season promotional campaign in place will increase brand awareness. 


Brands should decide the ultimate goal of season packaging, such as brand awareness, boosting sales, improving customer experience, etc., so you are heading in the right direction. You can custom-tailor the packaging to meet your business goals. 


So, make sure you market the product and let your customers know. 

Align with your brand 

Building a loyal customer base takes effort and time. Your loyal customers look for your products when purchasing items for themselves or their loved ones. They know the qualities of your products, hence the repeat purchase. 


If your seasonal packaging does not align with your brand, making you almost unrecognizable, it can annoy your loyal customers. Or they can miss your product altogether. 


You need to find a fine balance between creating product packaging that suits the festive season but, at the same time, aligns with your brand. 

Wrap Up

The holiday season is approaching, and you need to start planning. You can maintain a loyal customer base and attract new customers with seasonal packaging. With a strategic plan and exquisite product packaging design, you can make your customers happy and satisfied. 


Join hands with Arka and elevate the customer experience. Arka gives a personalized touch to your products that improve the customer experience. We ensure your customers find the packaging festive enough to stay happy and it resonates throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I find custom seasonal packaging?

Arka provides custom packaging solutions for the holiday season. With seasonal packaging, you can improve the customer experience and connect at a personal level. 


How to quickly stand out your product with custom packaging?

A personalized experience lets brands connect with their customers at a personal level. Custom packaging with sustainable solutions helps brands stand out. Moreover, adding custom notes, inserts, and freebies is another way to stay ahead of competitors. 

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