How To Find The Right Products To Sell On Bigcommerce

How To Find The Right Products To Sell On Bigcommerce

The e-commerce business is growing rapidly and there's no stopping it. Worldwide it has grown from 1.5 trillion dollars to 3.4 trillion dollars from 2015 to 2019. The major reason behind this tremendous growth is a convenience, great range of offerings, customized products, and urbanization.

Setting up a retail shop is a real hassle and requires a huge investment. But, with websites like Bigcommerce, you can simply set shop in a few minutes and get it up and running. With technology paving a route for such potential, the competition is also fierce. Before you decide on the company’s name, logo, social media pages, or any other thing, the first thing to figure out is what you are going to sell. 


How To Start an E-commerce Business on BigCommerce


For some people, the idea pops up immediately for many the sheer amount of possibilities can be overwhelming. If you are looking for ideas and inspiration, here are a few things which can help you:


1. Find a Problem and Solve It

What's the one thing that you know that people have accepted it because there are no alternatives. For example, single-use plastic waste is a huge problem everywhere. And, the amount of packaging through e-commerce websites generate a lot of waste. So what’s the solution? Eco-friendly boxes. And if you want to cut down extra layers of packing and multiple branding commodities, there are custom shipping boxes available. These boxes carry your branding image in a fun way and easy on the environment too. We at Arka, design such boxes and sell on Bigcommerce. You can also check our custom mailer boxes and retail boxes.


2. Convert Your Passion, Interest, and Hobbies To Business

Is there something you like to do? Like, create art from recycled products, crocheting, creating jewelry, or even like to spot antique unique finds? You can use this passion and identify if it creates interests to your peers. Talk to people, find out whether they will be willing to pay for your skill and simply sell on Bigcommerce. People always love a product with a personal touch and know from where they are getting it.


This idea is to open up to the world of possibilities, explore the trends out there, and what sells fast. From Reddit threads, Kickstarter products, Pinterest, Facebook marketplace, to bestselling products of Amazon and e-Bay, there are countless options to check out for the trends. You can also keep an eye out for new product launches, which will give you a solid idea for what is trending online.


4. Study The Market

To ensure that your business is long-standing and sustainable, then it is important to create a stable product. For instance, the demand for organic food products is on the rise. If you are planning to sell an organic and homemade food item, it will always have a demand in the future, depending on the quality. Never confuse the term trending and fad. A fad is something that is short-lived, but trends always make a comeback.


5. Understand The Limitations of Your Product

Did you know that there is something called a dimension fee for shipping? If your product is small, it is easy to ship and sell faster. But huge products need a different evaluation. You must also consider whether your product is season based, like Christmas subscription boxes or something which suits for all seasons. If you are shipping perishable goods, then you require special packing instructions.


6. Use Your Professional Background

If you have prior professional experience and want to change something with that, it is your chance to develop something on that line. Also, having prior work experience allows you to integrate that learning experience as well. It also gives you contacts to market your products.

    Once you have come with the right product to sell, it is very easy to sell on Bigcommerce. From art to home and garden and from furniture to food you can cover anything. You will have a fifteen-day trial period to check out if this platform suits you. Some of the major advantages include:

    1. Inbuilt blogs for marketing purposes
    2. Analytics to track performance
    3. Setting up a group for customers based on demographics
    4. Integrating with online marketplaces such as Etsy and Amazon
    5. Secured set-up

    But most importantly, it gives you a chance to support and shop from similar small business owners. For example, if you need a custom box to ship for your product, you can look up Arka in the search box and find us. They also have an app option for your company, which is easy to download. This gives a further reach for your products amongst customers. 

    Never fear the competition. The competitors will be an instrumental tool in providing the data of out what works and what doesn't. You can also take the existing product and deliver it innovatively at a reasonable cost.

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