QR-Connected Packaging: Revolutionizing Sustainability

QR-Connected Packaging: Revolutionizing Sustainability

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the environmental impact packaging materials and product marketing assets have on the planet. According to the EPA, containers and packaging account for 28.1% of all municipal solid waste amounting to 82.2 million tons of packaging — enough to fill over 100,000 football stadiums. On top of that, over 4 billion trees are cut down annually for packaging and shipping materials. To combat this, brands are seeking greener solutions like QR code packaging. 

It dramatically reduces paper consumption, promotes eco-friendly behavior, and enhances the customer experience. Digiphy and Arka Packaging work together to help businesses of all sizes meet their Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) goals, reducing the environmental impact of their packaging while maximizing customer engagement.

How to conserve paper using QR code packaging

QR-connected sustainable packaging minimizes waste (both human and environmental). Adding QR codes to packaging, products, labels, and other shipping materials eliminates physical inserts. 

A simple scan instantly gives customers access to user manuals, setup guides, and other relevant product information on their devices. It's no longer a static experience; now, they can engage with content even after opening the eco-friendly package. 

By taking everything digital, content becomes dynamic. Update, edit, and change the content in real time without wasting paper resources and printing costs. Companies can test and learn what content customers want and better engage with once the package is shipped, delivered, and unboxed.

Digiphy improves the consumer digital experience

Digiphy's QR-connected Storyline technology replaces bulky paper setup manuals, instruction guides, and more with dynamic digital Storyline pages. Consumers scan a QR code on the packaging to access comprehensive, digital step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting guides, video tutorials, and warranty information. 

Digiphy Storylines reduce the environmental impact of paper production and ensure users have easy-to-digest information in a highly efficient format with the most up-to-date information. Stop accessing unsearchable PDFs on your phone or trying to find an instruction manual you threw away months ago. Create an always-on digital channel to share relevant and useful product info, capture consumer data and omnichannel insights, boost sales, and extend loyalty.

Transparently communicate sustainability & traceability 

Companies can leverage QR codes to transparently communicate with consumers about the delivery's carbon footprint, sustainable packaging materials, product traceability, and additional relevant environmental impact information. 

For example, suppose someone wants to know about Arka's sustainability efforts. In that case, they can scan a Digiphy QR code to see that Arka is FSC certified, uses non-toxic 80% biodegradable materials and incorporates SIOC (shipped in its container) practices. Making this information accessible from every package demonstrates a brand's commitment to transparency, sustainability, and ESG practices. Build trust with consumers and help them make informed purchasing decisions. 

Not only that, but QR-connected packaging is a powerful tool for traceability efforts. QR-connected packaging can streamline the entire process if there is a safety recall. Brands can update the content linked to the Digiphy QR code to inform consumers in real time of the necessary steps to identify if their product was affected and throw items away. 

Explain the environmental benefits of recycling paper products

Paper materials like cardboard boxes, packing paper to protect fragile items, and envelopes are  still required to ship packages. Recycling the materials are a great way to lessen the environmental impact. It takes less energy and water to recycle paper than to make new paper from trees, and it helps to reduce pollution. 

Many consumers are unaware of how to recycle different types of packaging properly, leading to recyclable materials ending up in landfills. Use Digiphy QR to explain the environmental benefits of recycling paper. Educate consumers about sustainable practices and encourage them to adopt them in their own lives.

Instantly share local recycling depots, tips, local information, videos, or hotlines that provide consumers with information about recycling in their area and reducing trash in landfills. 

Arka & Digiphy: Sustainable packaging made easy 

Together, Arka and Digiphy elevate sustainable QR code packaging, meeting a brand's ESG goals to reduce waste and streamline the consumer experience. Digiphy's QR-connected technology with Arka's sustainable packaging made from recycled or compostable materials represents a significant step forward in ESG practices. This partnership creates an innovative and technology-driven approach to modern-day eco-friendly packaging that aligns with consumer demands for sustainability, paving the way for a greener future. 

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