Social Media Tools for eCommerce Merchants

10 Social Media Tools for eCommerce Merchants

There is no denying the fact that eCommerce business thrives with social media marketing, most of which can be done easily. However, it does require a lot to understand which social media apps to use, in order to ensure that the eCommerce merchants have maximum visibility, and reach the right people at the right time. 

All it takes to succeed in social media marketing is to choose the right social media tools to manage your social media accounts and posts to make sure that you are on the right track to meet your targets. In social media tools, there are those that help you create and curate the content, those that help you manage your social media activities and also the kind that provides you analytics.


What keeps people hooked to your business, is interesting content which you share with your audience through blogs, articles, videos, and more. Relevant and latest trends about what’s new in the industry that you are in, and how you are making products and services available in that area, can really get you some traction.

After having subscribed to many feeds along those lines, you may be wondering how to curate that content and share only the top stuff with your audience. This is where Feedly comes to your rescue, as it allows you to organize all of your online publication subscriptions and blogs in one place. It helps you to curate content from different places in one place and then shares it to your social media audience easily.

Post Planner

Sometimes, all eCommerce merchants need for their social media marketing is a way to ensure that their content is posted at a scheduled time, without them having to worry about being there to do it. In other words, what they need is Post Planner. According to some surveys, this is guaranteed to get businesses, 5 times more engagement! What’s more, they even have a recommendation engine, that analyzes content from across the web to suggest what works best for businesses. It also allows bulk publishing the posts across multiple channels in one go. 


HootSuite, is a social media management tool, which is being used by more than 16 million users worldwide. It gives you a dashboard, which is your single window view of all your social media activity. It even allows you to respond to your users and provides you with some good analytics that tells you what’s working and what is not. Managing all your social media audience connections with a single click, from one place, can boost your productivity and branding.


For those eCommerce merchants seeking an all-in-one kind of tool, CoSchedule is a good option from among the social media tools. This is actually a suite of five tools namely - Content Organizer, Social Organizer, Marketing Calendar, Work Organizer, and Asset Organizer. It comes with an incredible feature called Best Time Scheduling, which smartly tracks the peak traffic hours for your posts and schedules them accordingly. There are three paid options in this to choose from. Each of the five tools can be selected as per need with varying prices.

Sprout Social

Trusted by 20,000+ brands across the world, Sprout Social prides itself on being a leader in usability, customer support and satisfaction, ROI and user adoption. The bottom line here is that it helps you reach as well as understand your audience in a better way. It also helps you engage with them, as well as to measure your performance. The analytics here helps eCommerce merchants to concentrate on stuff that matters most, saving a lot of time. 


Buffer is another of the social media tools that is like a single dashboard for all social media activity. Planning, collaborating, scheduling the posts, and much more are a few of the features that you get from Buffer. It could well be the new tool that could help you with your branding and audience engagement. 


With Nuvi, eCommerce merchants get a powerful and unified solution for social media marketing and management. With real-time listening and quicker launches, you are able to create better brand experiences to touch a chord with your audience. This one helps you plan, listen, publish, engage, as well as analyze.

Google Analytics

Everything I do, I do it for traction – seems to be the mantra that eCommerce merchants go by, and when it comes to analytics, Google Analytics is something that is as good as can be. This one gives you insights about your social media traffic, and it’s free and can be set up easily with your Google account. Just figure out what you need to track and start monitoring it.

Social Report

Among the many social media tools that are available to eCommerce merchants, Social Report is one that can be explored when you need to look at social media analytics. This one also provides analytics from your website, and not just your social media accounts, as it is an all-in-one social media management platform.

Built-in Analytics

By the way, many people are not aware that most of the social media apps come with their own in-built analytics tools. All you need to do to look at these analytics is to make sure that you have the business accounts on these apps. These would provide you with information about your traffic on your social media page, specific to that account, like reach, audience, engagement, traffic data and so on.

Final Thoughts

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