5 Tips for International Shipping

5 Tips for International Shipping

If you are considering international shipping for your business, that’s good news in the first place. It means there is a demand for your products outside your country and it is hitting a global customer base. International shipping may sound like a tedious task, knowing a few pointers will certainly help you to ship your products easily without any hassle.


1. Study the Delivery Destination

    Once you have analyzed the demand in a particular location, do in-depth analysis regarding the taxes and duties applicable to your shipments. Make sure you know about de minimus value. This means a minimum load of shipment, which does not involve any additional customs duties. You can explore this option and make it your advantage while you are shipping. 

    Your detailed study on shipment taxes will avoid you in situations from unnoticed, hidden costs. This will impact your customer when the delivery is stuck up saying due amount is pending on the shipment. Instead, you can include all the costs into your product and call it a free shipment and do a hassle-free delivery to your customers waiting for your product.


    2. Provide Unambiguous Tracking 

      After the order has been placed and you are ready with your international shipment, make sure your tracking provides all the details clearly. Your customer’s anticipation for your product should be unambiguous and transparent. Go as elaborate as possible from the date of placing an order, completion of packaging, shipping, etc. So that your customer has access to the relevant information without having to write an email to check the status. 


      3. Experiment with Different Shipping Agencies

        When your product is ready to be shipped, think from your customer’s perspective. Try different shipping agencies in advance to check how they work to deliver the orders. Ask yourself these questions – Was the agency well versed with custom duties and tax regulations for international shipping for your preferred country? Did the agency guide you with alternate options? Did they talk to you about the warehouses where your shipments would reach? Do they have the modes of transport required for your speed? 

        Once you experiment with different agencies, you can conclude what works best for your product and your customer’s needs. This way, you can finalize an international shipping agency to deliver your product. 


        4. Be Aware of the Prohibited Products

          Having a list of restricted products handy makes your shipping process easier. Some countries do not allow certain items to be exported to them because of certain terms & conditions. Keep in mind this factor and avoid disappointing your customers. 

          If these items reach the customs without your knowledge, there is a rejection stamp on to your shipment which results in a loss for you. 


          5. Declare Your Products Clearly

            One of the most important steps to follow for shipping internationally is to declare your products clearly. Mention the type of your product, its exact weight, its usage, and the value. Even the slightest suspicion on your shipment may give rise to the queries and onward transfer cancellation or even result in your products being banned. Abide by the rules and declare clearly regarding all the parameters sought by the country for a successful international shipment of your product. 

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