Branded Packaging

The Importance of Branded Packaging

If you’re running a subscription business, then perhaps you have already figured out the importance of branded packaging and the value that it can bring to your business. In today’s world, where a new subscription business is coming up every other day, you have two choices – to stay invisible with a plain unbranded boring looking box or set yourself apart with custom shipping boxes and branded packaging. 


What Does Brand Packaging Mean?

Your brand is not just restricted to your business logo. Customers often associate themselves with a brand depending on the brand’s proposition, values it offers, the story it conveys, and so on. A returning customer is often attracted to one of the brand’s propositions that he/she emotionally connects with it. It could be anything. A jingle that you cannot get out of your head, a custom box that evokes a happy feeling, a brand that promotes the environment, a brand that delivers quality, a brand that is known for economical products, and so on. 

If you’re creative enough, there is a lot of scope in branding your shipping box. With an expert like Arka by your side, the possibilities are enormous. You can add fun colors, messages, get quirky shapes, tell your brand story, add customized holiday greetings, etc. Arka lets you play around with branded packaging so that you can give your customers a unique experience every time. If you are yet to try custom shipping boxes or mailer boxes, then Arka lets you order a minimum of ten boxes to try out things. And if you do not prefer a design at any point in time, you can always have it changed with no extra cost. And did we mention all of the products are made in the US, and they use eco-friendly materials?


The Possibilities of Branded Packaging

The possibility of gaining a branded design box is enormous. When done consistently, it builds a unique brand voice that gives your brand a quick recognition. Not only that, it conveys to your customers how much committed you are to your subscription business and your brand overall. A personalized product packaging always sends out a positive message and makes your customers ‘feel good’. A branded packaging is more like sending a ‘gift’ to a customer may be on a Christmas morning or a special day? Beautiful custom gift boxes go hand in hand with creating a memorable experience on a ‘special day.’ And the best thing about it is, you can experiment and create many designs with your brand colors, custom messages, logo, season-specific themes, etc. Anything that lets your customers relate to your brand. If you are going creative by adding a unique element every month, just be sure that there is some element that is consistent throughout. That could be your tagline, logo, brand colors, or any other unique brand identity. 


Branded Packaging for a Unique Unboxing Experience

We all have an inner child, no matter how we grow up. A custom shipping box has the power to tickle that inner child. The result? Those many unboxing videos that we see on YouTube and social media. Businesses use this emotion as an essential marketing tool. Thus, they keep experimenting with a unique unboxing experience that their customers love to open and even shoot a video of it. Apart from building a loyal and strong customer base, a positive unboxing experience speaks a lot about you on social media when a loyal customer shares a video of it with his friends and family. A brand that understands that it’s not just the product, but an overall experience that a customer looks forward to. A brand that realizes it can create that experience for its customers not only once, but every time he/she receives a custom folding cartons. So much so that a customer starts looking forward to that unique experience… a desire that is stronger than the product itself.

With the holiday season upon us, it is the perfect time to get creative with your branded packaging. From a personalized handwritten note to cheerful print, the choices are enormous to set the perfect holiday mood. And with Arka, you can expect to create the best unboxing experience for your customers while you can creatively use the empty canvas of your shipping box to convey your brand story and what your brand stands for. The potential of branded packaging is immense only if you know how to use it. Head on to Arka for some cool deals.

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