The Ultimate Guide to Ordering a Custom Wine Box (With Steps)

The Ultimate Guide to Ordering a Custom Wine Box (With Steps)

Think back to the time when you brought a custom wine box home and enjoyed it with your friends and family. 

Did you buy that wine because of its taste or its impressive packaging?

We know it is a trick question and has just caught you in a dilemma.

As a wine seller, your business heavily depends on attracting customers and encouraging them to return.

Impressive wine bottle box packaging is one way to attract customers and encourage them to come back to you again. With a personalized wine box, you can attract many customers who will love the packaging design and the wine itself. 

There is a high demand for direct-to-consumer custom wine packaging. To help you, we have developed a guide so you can have a perfect packaging design for wine lovers.  

With our guide, you can order a custom wine box to help you with brand visibility and building loyalty. 

Table of Contents 

1. What is Custom Wine Box Packaging?

2. Importance of Custom Wine Box Packaging  

3. What are the Types of Wine Packaging?

Eco-friendly loose-fill peanuts
Shredded papers
Molded paper pulp packaging
Protective cushion rolls
Corrugated dividers
Bubble wrap
Bag-in-Box packaging
Folding box
Pouch Box

4. 5 Steps to ordering a Custom Wine Box

Determine your packing needs
Decide the budget
Study your competitors
Finalize the wine packaging design
Add new marketing trends

5. Conclusion

6. FAQs

What is suitable packaging for wine?
How do you pack wine in a shipping box?
What are the 5 common eco-friendly packaging materials?

What is Custom Wine Box Packaging?

Custom wine box packaging is designed around the product to give customers a personalized experience. A custom package is a perfect fit that prevents any spoilage. 

Moreover, adding elements like your company logo, colors, and brand story helps customers identify your product on the shelves. It helps boost brand visibility. 

Online wine brands have grown and become popular in the past few years. The Acumen Research and Consulting report says, “wine market size will attain USD 825.5 billion by 2030, growing at 6.1% CAGR”.

This figure gives you all the reasons to invest in custom packaging for wine bottles. 

A wine box is mandatory for occasions like housewarming parties or wedding gifts. It can be a great gift idea for birthdays to make the event even more special. 

Whatever the occasion, excellent wine box packaging with functionality and custom artwork goes a long way. 

Importance of Custom Wine Box Packaging 

We have seen increased demand for custom boxes for wine packaging. Both small and large wine merchants are investing in wine bottle packaging to stay ahead of their competitors. 

Whether it is about delivering a wine gift box or enhancing the wine-tasting experience, a customized bottle of wine leaves a lasting impression. It is an effective way of boosting the visibility of your business. 

A custom package lets businesses

  • create a great unboxing experience
  • stay ahead of their competitors 
  • keep the product safe during shipping 
  • connect with customers 
  • include all the valuable information 

So, investing in customised wine box packaging helps you promote your business and build customer loyalty. 

What are the Types of Wine Packaging?

Many types of wine packaging, like wooden wine boxes or wine gift boxes, give a presentable look to the product. Apart from the presentation, companies must ensure the package reaches the customers safely.  

The global pandemic effect and lockdown led to high wine sales. It changed the way Americans consumed alcohol, which resulted in a 167% rise in online alcohol sales. White wine became the second most popular beverage during the pandemic. 

The global wine packaging market is expected to grow, and the market value is projected to increase from US $3.4 Bn in 2022 to US $5.7 Bn by 2032

Due to this change, a rising trend of impressive wine packaging can be seen among vendors. Businesses are expected to create a wow factor with their wine box packaging. 

Depending on the product, businesses can choose the type of packaging that meets their needs. You can consider the following types for secure and impressive wine bottle packaging. 

Eco-friendly loose-fill peanuts 

With eco-friendly loose-fill peanuts, companies can enhance the packaging style. Loose fills can prevent any breakage during shipping, whether you are using a wood wine box or an engraved wine box. 

In addition to preventing any damage, it gives your packaging a professional look that sets you apart. Your customers can present the package as a gift set to their loved ones. 

Shredded papers 

A personalized wine box gives branded experience to your customers. Using shredded papers in custom wine packaging adds more to your customer’s unboxing experience. 

During shipping, there is a risk of breakage of wine bottles. Instead of leaving the space vacant, you can add recyclable shredded papers that prevent the risk. 

It is simple to use, and companies do not exert extra effort to enhance the packaging. Just spread the shredded papers over the product to keep it safe. It gives a professional and branded look. 

Molded paper pulp packaging 

Molded paper pulp packaging is one of the sustainable packaging solutions. It is made from various fibrous materials such as recycled paper, natural fibres (wheat straw, sugarcane, bamboo), or cardboard offcuts. 

It is compostable, making it an ideal option for packaging. Heat is applied to the product to make it rigid. It protects the wine bottle in transit, ensuring safety. It has a shock-absorption quality which is perfect for wine bottles. 

Protective cushion rolls 

A cushion roll is a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap that helps companies stay true to their cause. It is made with recycled paper and provides extra protection to wine bottles. 

Since they are non-abrasive, you do not have to worry about damage to the wine labels. It is easy to use, and the expanding paper wrap protects the bottles during transit. Customers can easily recycle the material in a curbside recycling bin. 

Corrugated dividers

Securing the inner lining with corrugated dividers is better if shipping multiple wine bottles. It prevents bottles from bumping against each other, making the shipping process easy and safe. 

Give your customers a branded experience by putting the company’s information and logo. A personal touch will make the packaging memorable, helping customers to remember you in future. 

Bubble wrap 

Companies can use bubble wrap to ensure the safe arrival of wine bottles at their customer’s doorstep. You can choose the level of thickness and keep the package protected from external factors. 

 Since they are light in weight, you can have low shipping costs.

Bag-in-Box packaging

BIB packaging extends the shelf life of liquid or semi-liquid edibles and other industrial products. The packaging is made from cardboard or solid board, making it a sustainable packaging option for businesses. 

It has a secure closed-loop design that keeps the air out and preserves the freshness of the product. The packaging is compact, secure and shatter-proof, which is ideal for shipping. 

Folding box 

A customized folding box is a sustainable packaging design that protects the wine bottles. Since it is customizable, wine vendors can add their logo and brand colors to wow their customers. 

Pouch Box

A personalised wine gift is a great idea for keepsakes and wedding gifts. An impressive packaging design gives a classy look, and customers can present a wine gift box to their loved ones. 

Packing a wine in a pouch box or a wine carrier is another great way to add more to the unboxing experience. It gives a branded experience to customers, and its high-quality packaging makes it a great gift-giving idea. 

Adding wine accessories and inserts can help you wow your customers. It gives a memorable unboxing experience. With these types of wine packaging ideas, you can facilitate the shipping process making it secure.

5 Steps to ordering a Custom Wine Box 

The journey from add to cart to checkout is important for wine vendors but continues beyond there. Creating a successful unboxing experience is crucial for the success of wine sellers. Businesses can use custom packaging solutions to wow their customers. 

As we have discussed the importance of custom wine packaging, we can now help you order one. With these simple steps, you can order a personalized wine box to give your customer a branded experience. 

Determine your packing needs

Before you sit with a designer and finalize the package design, you must determine your wine packaging needs. To make it simpler, we have compiled a list of questions that can help you determine your needs:

  • How many packaging variations do you need?
  • What type of packaging is appropriate for wine bottles?
  • What is the total amount of boxes you need?
  • How can you incorporate your brand story into the packaging?
  • Who is the target demographic in the packaging? 

Once you have a clear path with the answers, you are ready to move on to the next step. 

Decide the budget 

Every business has a fixed budget that they can invest in packaging. Your budget should take into account the packaging supplies and shipping boxes. You have the following types of costs:

  • Visible cost includes expenses like the upfront design cost and the packaging price. 
  • Hidden cost includes the cost of any additional filler, breakage, etc. 

Setting a budget will give you a better sense of the process, and you can talk to the packaging company. 

Study your competitors 

Studying the competition is imperative for the success of any business. Over the years, finding your place in a competitive market has become difficult, but it is not impossible. 

You need to make sure that your packaging design stands out. Analyze your competition and see how you can try something new to stand out. It is a great way to build customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

Finalize the wine packaging design 

75% of American consumers say a package design influences their buying decision. Know your target consumer and their needs to create an impressive design. Your packaging should include the following:

  • Your brand story
  • The style of wine
  • Important information about the wine (name, flavor, ABV)

Showing your brand story with an eye-catching design and stellar copy lets you create magic. Opt for eco-friendly options to target customers looking for green packaging. 

Designing a custom package is easy at Arka. Create your design and order a sample to feel the magic. 

Keeping abreast of all the new packaging and marketing innovations is important. It helps you stay ahead of your competition.

Following are some innovative marketing and packaging elements that can enhance your design game: 

  • Add QR codes as they help consumers know about the expiration date and brand details. 
  • Customized designs give customers a branded experience and build loyalty. 
  • Sustainable wine packaging solutions impress customers. 

Add nuance to your packaging by including inserts like a tumbler, wine accessories, bottle opener, monogram, etc.

Customers like giving wine as a gift on special occasions. A wine box gift can be a great retirement gift or corporate gift idea. So, keep these aspects in mind while designing a wine box. 


With our guide to custom wine box, you can attract more customers and build customer loyalty. A branded experience lets customers spot you among hundreds of products. It also keeps the product safe, which is the ultimate goal of your business.  

Arka provides sustainable, customized packaging solutions that help brands promote their products. Head to our site and order your sample today.


What is suitable packaging for wine?

Custom wine packaging is suitable packaging for wine. Custom packaging is a perfect fit, so you do not have to worry about spills. Moreover, sustainable packaging helps attract customers looking for eco-friendly packaging. 

How do you pack wine in a shipping box?

Pack white and red wine upside down or on their side when packaging wine in a shipping box. By doing this, corks will stay wet, which will prevent oxidation. Sparkling wines and champagne can stay upright during shipping.

What are the 5 common eco-friendly packaging materials?

Following are the 5 most common eco-friendly packaging materials: 

  • Corrugated boxes
  • Eco-friendly packaging peanuts
  • Recycled cardboard and paper 
  • Molded paper pulp packaging 
  • Bag-in-Box packaging
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