5 Tips To Ace Customer Experience This Holiday Season

5 Tips To Ace Customer Experience This Holiday Season

The Holiday season is upon on, and although the weather might not suggest it, the Starbucks drink menu makes sure to remind us that jolly Christmas is coming at us fast. And with that comes the festive gift buying, the frantic last-minute shoppers, and the customers who want to treat themselves to something nice.

Do you know what that means for your business? Exceptional Customer Support and Customer Experience MUST be your priority this holiday season.

In fact, by keeping your customers feeling happy, 89% will advocate for your brand, and 87% will plan to spend more money with it in the future. Yet, annoy them, disappoint them or frustrate them — and the number drops to 19%, study shows.

So with that said, let’s talk about how you can get your business to provide an exceptional customer experience. Here are 5 effective strategies to get you started


1. Set The Expectations of Your Customers

This means making sure that you can provide the necessary support and solutions for any customer inquiries or problems they may face while holiday shopping with your brand.

Make sure to deliver on that, and use every available channel of communication to not alienate a single customer, keep the dialogue flowing and educate your call center representatives to handle every and all questions that might come their way.

Sales are projected to spike this year like no other, and creating a strategy in place to handle the increased customer volume will be vital in keeping your business thriving.


2. Do Something out of The Ordinary for Your Customers

Make sure to spend the extra bit of time to make your brand stand out among the many other brands competing for consumer attention this year.

This could be as simple as a customized Thank You card from you to your customers, to a more complex custom-designed product box to deliver an exceptional and unique unboxing experience.

This is the time for your brand to think outside the box (no pun intended) and uncover new and innovative ways to outshine the competition.

At Arka we help businesses grow and build customer loyalty with top-notch custom packaging solutions! We offer custom shipping boxes and mailer boxes that ensure an excellent unboxing experience. For the holiday season you can also design your own custom gift boxes on our website!

Here’s are some great insights about how you can get started with your holiday packaging.


3. Partner with a Reliable and Experienced Shipping Company


With increased site traffic, and with that increased sales, your business needs to be able to handle everything that the holiday season will throw at it. This means prioritizing proper and fast shipment, implementing package tracking, and ensuring your customers are completely confident in buying from you.

Take advantage of Holiday Supply Deals and set yourself up for success with our easy-to-use platform to ensure that your orders get to the front doors of your paying customers.


4. Speed is The Name of The Game This Holiday Season

It doesn’t matter how amazing your holiday packaging is, or how great your product offerings are if the time it takes to ship is too long. Congested routes are a big issue, and with the huge number of parcels and packages shipped every holiday season, the costs of shipping increase too.

Luckily, eShipper provides your business with a solution to not only save your business some money but also ensure prompt delivery and precise tracking.

Most holiday shopping occurs online, now pair that with the ongoing pandemic, and the number of online customers will be unprecedented this year. Having a delivery system in place, that will allow for quick and easy delivery right to customers’ front doors will be vital in the success, and growth, of your business over this coming holiday season, and if your business is shipping across the border, eShipper provides a suite of services for Canada to US Shipping.

Don’t forget that Cyber Monday is also rearing its electronic head, and is predicted to break last year’s record-setting $7.9 billion in sales. This all goes to say, prioritizing a shipping solution will enable your business to scale, and take a massive burden off your shoulders so you can focus on what matters, providing great products to happy customers.


5. Ensure a Proper Return Policy

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and having a solid infrastructure in place for moments like those is key during the holiday shopping season. The last thing you want is a disgruntled customer, unhappy with how complex, expensive, and messy your Return Policy might be.

This is why eShipper made sure to NEVER have that happen to your business by providing you with the cheapest, safest, fastest, and most reliable return experience ever. Choose your preferred carrier, create a return label, and only get charged if a customer decides to return.


Final Thoughts


With that, we hope that your business makes it a priority to deliver an exceptional customer shopping experience. Keeping your customers happy and positive amidst the chaos of what will be a frantic online shopping experience for most this year.

And paired with a solid logistical infrastructure to deliver a great shipping experience to your customers during the busy holiday season ahead will be critical for your brand’s success.

All this to say, that creating these systems, focusing on the customers, and focusing on the customer will guarantee that your business will thrive.

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