5 Trust Badges To Increase Conversions

5 Trust Badges To Increase Conversions

Two billion people shop online every year. Well, let that sink in. And, before you think this bubble is going to burst, it won't. The online shopping demographic has reached across all age groups because of its convenience and attractive offers. In this growing demand, running an e-commerce business is a smart move. And, there are ways to optimally place and market your products, to stay in the competition and make profits. One of the ideas is to own trust badges on your website.

What are Trust Badges and Why is It Important? 

A trust badge is usually a symbol or logo of a company/service added to your website. It is typically appeared on all pages or at least on the home page and the payment gateway. It reassures your customers that your business is legitimate for trusting with their personal information. A trust badge may not make much of a difference to bigger giants like Amazon or Walmart, but for small businesses, it makes a huge difference.

According to a survey conducted by Baymard Institute in 2017, 19% of people abandoned their carts because they felt they could not trust the website with credit card information. In other research, it has proved that you can positively impact customer behavior by 75% by using trust logos. 

Types of Trust Badges 

The trust badges are typically provided by your hosting company, your payment processes, third parties, or SSL certificate providers. For example, you can display the accepted payment and shipping methods. The big companies’ logos boost your trust and most of them are free. Money-back guarantee badges have shown an increased conversion rate of up to 30%. Even security badges such as MacAfee or Norton are good to add value to your website. You can also add your awards or credentials you have received for your business.

Top 5 Trust Badges in Market 

  • Symantec SSL/TLS Certificates 

Symantec, popularly known as the VeriSign, offers excellent SSL/TLS certificates. It is one of the top companies in the certificate authority. It provides the chance to display the Norton Secured Seal, which is recognized by 36% of people. It runs daily malware scanning, thereby preventing malicious attacks. The pricing starts from $399 per annum. Although it seems pretty expensive, it is worth the investment. The company also has 24/7 customer support for any discrepancies.

  • TRUSTe

If you want to convey that your app, website, and even cloud platforms have optimal privacy practices then, TRUSTe certification seals the deal. In the world where data privacy is now the biggest issue, this company can offer enterprise-level privacy certification. It is based on OECD Privacy Guidelines, Fair Information Practice Principles, APEC Privacy Framework, and EU-U.S and Swiss U.S Privacy Shield Principles. It provides real-time verification and applies to all digital properties. People recognize this across the globe because of their high standards. They have many customized pricing and products. 

  • PayPal and other Payment Badges 

A study conducted by ConversionXL with over 1,000 people revealed that 42% of people chose the Visa-Mastercard as the most recognized brand. Meanwhile, 25% voted that PayPal was the most trusted brand. Both these trust seals are free and easy to get. All you need to do is sign up for their program on their website. If you sign up with PayPal, your transactions are automatically monitored for extra security, and disputes are solved quickly. PayPal accepts 25 currencies from 202 countries without revealing any bank details or financial information. Their secure technology ensures that the online transaction is heavily guarded throughout the process. Like PayPal, the Visa merchant program provides upgraded transaction security, fraud management capabilities, and successful checkouts.

  • GoDaddy SSL Certificate

When you sign up for GoDaddy SSL Certificate, you will receive a 'Verified & Secured' badge. It not only secures the data on the website but also increases your Google ranking. It improves your overall SEO by showing Google that your site is secure. It offers SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption, which is the best in the market. It is compatible with all browsers and has 24/7 customer support. The package comes with McAfee Secure trust seal which is an added benefit. It is also the cheapest with plans starting from as low as $60 per annum.

  • Money-Back and Shipping Badges 

These badges are often referred to as 'Homemade Specials' as they are absolutely free. You can make these yourself with your in-house team or if you do not have resources, there are lots of downloadable images. This helps the buyer to eliminate fear while buying online and provides a sense of safety. Similarly, the free-returns badge is a huge thing. It can instill an instant trust among your customers. If you offer free shipping, then it is necessary to advertise it everywhere possible as it increases conversion.

These small images create a big impact and meaningful impressions on your customers, thereby increasing sales.

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