What is CMYK

What is CMYK?

Perhaps you have already guessed what we are going to talk about in this blog. Yes, the title is pretty self-explanatory. What is CMYK? CMYK is a color model that is also known as the process color. This color model got popularity in the 20th century.

The acronym CMYK stands for the colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (black). In the 1800s it was found after extensive research that these four unique colors are the most used in the print media. In CMYK, K comes from Forkey, which is the black ink and it was added to the combination because an accurate black was not possible to be produced by mixing the other three colors.

How Does CMYK Work?

The CMYK model is based on the fact that color, as we see on the surface of any object, is because it absorbs and reflects light in a certain wavelength. For example, an object that appears black is black because it absorbs all the light and reflects none. Similarly, an object that appears green is because it reflects only the green light and absorbs the other colors light.

Similarly, the white color of an object is because it reflects all the light and absorbs none. The CMYK model works based on this principle. In this technique of printing, the color plates deposit ink on a particular area on the object surface in such a way that certain color lights are reflected and a few are absorbed. Thus, it results in the receiver seeing a certain intended color. 

Using the same principle, halftones can be produced too. Different color ink is printed in dots and then in layers on an object surface. This helps in producing the desired color which is known as halftoning

Importance of Color Model in Branded Packaging

Understanding color is crucial in so many things in life. When you see a bright red spot on a busy road, you know it’s a signal to stop. Or a green spot, a signal to go. Similarly, when it comes to branding, color plays a critical role. You see the distinct brand color of a popular brand, and you know which brand it is. Even from a distance.

Knowing the different color models well and how a combination looks on print on paper to electronic appearance plays a significant role. A color combination that looks good on screen might not look appealing on paper print. While developing your brand color, you need to keep all these points in mind and choose a color model accordingly depending on the medium on where it is going to be used. 

Why CMYK is Important in Printing?

Like CMYK, there is another color model known as the RGB color model where R – red, G- green, B – blue. While there is no right or wrong between the two, the RGB model is more vastly used for electronic media while CMYK is preferred in printing media.

Moreover, we need to mix all the three colors in RGB to get white which is the most dominant color in printing. Since paper is already white, so we need to waste a huge amount of ink if we were using the RGB model for paper printing. Hence, the CMYK model became the default choice. 

CMYK in Custom Packaging

With custom shipping boxes getting in demand, different color combinations are getting prominence. As a result, the CMYK is gaining attention because it helps you try out new color combinations. This printing model also consumes less ink so obviously, it becomes a cost-effective model as compared to using the RGB model.

Additionally, the RGB model produces an output that looks different when you look on the screen. If you have an RGB image for your custom box, it is recommended that you convert it to a CMYK model before you go ahead with your custom package printing. Alternatively, you can do your design in the CMYK model when you are designing from scratch. 

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