3PL Highlight | Who are Rocket Shippers?

3PL Highlight | Who are Rocket Shippers?

Rocket Shippers stands out in the logistics field as a full-service omnichannel 3PL partner, boasting an impressive track record of eight years in providing comprehensive supply chain solutions. Catering to e-commerce, retail, wholesale, and beyond, Rocket Shippers excels in harnessing advanced technology to streamline operations across its expanding network of fulfillment centers. Their services span a wide range, including B2B and D2C fulfillment, last-mile delivery, retail integration, returns management, and subscription kitting, among others. What truly sets Rocket Shippers apart is their unwavering commitment to client communication, ensuring that brands have multiple points of contact across warehouses, enabling swift and stress-free responses to any queries or needs.

Where They're Located?

With a strategic footprint that includes two facilities in Las Vegas, NV, two in Hebron, KY, and their latest addition in Easton, PA, Rocket Shippers ensures comprehensive coverage and efficient logistics solutions across key locations. By facilitating a remarkable logistics network, they can offer two-day shipping coverage to 95% of the continental U.S. This geographical spread is designed to support your brand's ambition to provide exceptional customer service and speedy delivery, whilst being capable of optimizing their supply chain and distribution channels throughout the United States.

Which Brands Should Work With Them?

Ideal for DTC-focused brands with organized inventory and package sizes predominantly under 5lbs, Rocket Shippers is your go-to for optimizing logistics while minimizing hassle. Their strong partnerships with major carriers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL underscore their capability to secure favorable shipping conditions and rates, highlighting their sweet spot within the logistics industry. Their expertise in B2B, Amazon FBA, and subscription boxing, combined with robust returns management and dedicated customer support, underscores their unmatched versatility. If your brand values robust technological integration, exceptional client service, and a comprehensive suite of logistics services designed to meet the multifaceted demands of modern commerce, Rocket Shippers will elevate your supply chain to the next level. 

How To Connect?

Reach out to George Bova, VP of Business Development, to kickstart a conversation that could redefine your logistical capabilities.


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