3PL Highlight | Who Are GoldPack USA?

3PL Highlight | Who Are GoldPack USA?

GoldPack USA introduces a refreshing approach to 3PL by offering businesses a unique blend of outsourcing convenience and in-house control. Dedicated to superior service, GoldPack ensures meticulous management of inventory from arrival to delivery, embracing the specific packaging and preparation preferences of each client. This commitment extends to comprehensive support for Amazon orders, both FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) and FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant), guaranteeing accuracy and adherence to Amazon's stringent standards. With GoldPack, clients gain access to a transparent and interactive portal, allowing real-time monitoring of orders, inventory tracking, and overall operational oversight.

Where Are They?

Situated in Brooklyn, New York, GoldPack USA benefits from being in one of the most vibrant logistics hubs in the United States. This location enables them to offer fast shipping and efficient handling of container shipments, ensuring that inventory is processed and prepared for dispatch with remarkable speed and precision. The proximity to major shipping routes and carriers allows GoldPack to offer their clients expedited delivery services, ensuring that end customers enjoy prompt receipt of their orders.

Work with Them, If You're This Kind of Brand

GoldPack USA is the ideal logistics partner for businesses that prioritize meticulous inventory management, operational transparency, and customer satisfaction. Their personalized prep and pack services are particularly suited for companies engaged in e-commerce, especially those selling on Amazon. A compelling choice for brands seeking to enhance their customer experience with beautifully packaged orders and fast shipping. With features like container receiving, secure storage, accurate labeling, and real-time inventory tracking, GoldPack is equipped to support businesses aiming for growth and scalability.

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