Book Subscription Boxes

15 Best Book Subscription Boxes

Did you ever wonder, how could you bring happiness to yourself every month? Give thought to a book subscription box. We are giving you a list of best book subscription boxes that add joy to your life when they reach you every month with amazing books inside them. Books are the comforting friends who can hang out with you any time of the day, right? 


Top 15 Book Subscription Boxes

Take a look at the list and choose your favorite book subscription box:


  1. Book of the Month

Price – $9.99 on the first month and $14.99 thereon

Get ready to greet a blue box when you subscribe to Book of the Month. Every month you can choose one book or more from a list of 5 books that are displayed on their website. If you don’t feel like reading in a particular month, you can skip and there are no extra charges for that.


  1. Owlcrate

Price – Starts at $29.99 plus shipping

Every month your door opens to a new young adult novel signed by the author. Plus, there is more to add joy to you. There are goodies based on the theme of the book and special goodies from the author too. 


  1. Once Upon a Book Club

Price - $34.99 plus shipping

This subscription box stays true to their tagline – “Bringing books to life”. The book in the box comes along several gifts. Each gift has a page number tagging which needs to be opened when you arrive at the particular page. The gifts allow you to feel the world of the book very closely. Sounds interesting right?


  1. My Thrill Club

Price – Starts at $16.00

If you like to spice up your mind with thrilling stories, then My Thrill Club is just for you. Choose your favorite genre between mystery, thriller or horror and get 2 gripping books plus an e-book with surprise gifts once in a while. 


  1. LitJoy Crate

Price – Starts at $18.99

If you are ever mesmerized with the young adult fiction books, then this book box brings you the best YA stories every month. You can choose a plan to bring your books plus goodies or only books or just the goodies. This box is surely going to be a fun element in your reading routine. 


  1. Feminist Book Club

Price – Starts at $20.00

If you are a subscriber of this book box, you get to interact with other subscribers as well. Every month, the subscribers give their choice of books and everybody gets a chance to vote. The largest number of the voted book will be the book that comes in the box along with other items from the women-led businesses. Such an empowering book box indeed!


  1. The Bookworm Box

Price – Starts at $19.99

The bookworm in you jumps up with joy every time you receive a box. You can choose to get one book or two books every month. Along with the book, you get book accessories such as bookmarks, pens, pencils to make you a happier reading person. 


  1. Fresh Fiction

Price – Starts at $25.95

Every month, a freshly curated selection of 5-7books comes to your doorsteps along with a few goodies to freshen up your spirits for reading. The genre includes mystery, romance, fiction and more. 


  1. Chocolate and Book

Price - $19.64

Who do you think is the best companion while reading a book? Chocolate or a drink? Well, how about you get both? Chocolate and book send you a book, chocolate from a confectioner and a coffee or a hot chocolate drink with their box. Reading can’t get more comforting!


  1. Coffee and a Classic

Price – Starts from $29.99

Are you a fan of classic books? Then with the subscription of this book box, you can choose a classic genre of your choice and get free coffee, tea or hot chocolate to sip while you read the classic book. 


  1. The Wordy Traveler

Price – Starts $49.99

How about you get a souvenir from a travel destination while you are reading about traveling? The Wordy Traveler sends you three sets of books, along with a souvenir and ethically sourced teas in their ‘full suitcase’ subscription boxes. If you need a book to read on travel, then subscribe to their ‘back pack’ box. 


  1. The Bookish Box

Price - $18 per month

If you are a fan of relaxation, then this subscription box stands out to soothe your senses. Every box comes with surprises filled with bath products, candles and many more exciting goodies along with an awesome book.


  1. My Book Box

Price – Starts at $39.95

Choose your favorite two genres and sit back and relax. You will receive the best choice of books every month in a green box. Just perfect to hop on a couch and read. 


  1. Bookcase Club

Price – $9.99 per month

The subscription book box caters to all age groups. Specially curated books reach depending upon your preferred genre. Whether you want it for yourself or your teen or the kids, you get the books for a great reading!


  1. GiftLit

Price – Starts at $10

Do you want to make your kids happy every month? This subscription box filled up with cute books arrives at your doorstep. Not only for kids, they also send for curated books for adults. 

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