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4 Things You Need to Start a Subscription Box Business

Subscription business is gaining momentum at a rapid space. The demand for subscription-based products is all time high and businesses are thriving on the opportunity.

While there are quite a few players in the market, small businesses are not lagging behind either. In fact, many of the small and medium size subscription box business owners are killing it with some amazing products. So, if you have always wanted to start your subscription box business, now is the best time to start it.

The subscription space has grown extensively over the last few years, and every day some new business is coming up with hand-picked and curated products highly targeted for a particular group in the society. If you are really gung-ho about starting a subscription box business, here are four things that you will need to kickstart your business. 


Find a Niche


So, that you have decided to start your subscription business, you need to find a category or section of people you want to cater to. If you look around, every subscription business has one thing in common – a niche. And this ‘niche’ is a hyper enthusiastic bunch of people that have one common point of interest – it could be books, beauty products, entertainment, etc. to start your subscription box business, you need to find a niche that would be interested in subscribing to your offerings.

To select a successful niche, ensure your niche as recurring need, already have an existing community of enthusiastic people, has an emotional connect, your customers have someone whom they want to make happy ( children’s box), or the niche is looking to discover something new every time (books, music, videos, etc). Once you are sorted with your subscription niche, you need to explore a bit more on social media and pick a few hashtags that would be apt for your business. 


    Make Friends with Technology


    When it comes to starting an eCommerce business you need to rely heavily on tools and technology. With so many options available, it might become frustrating for you to weed through all the options and select the one that truly works. This becomes extra painful if you are someone with a non-technical background and don’t even know where to start looking and what are the things you will need.

    Getting external resources to help you is, of course, an option but if you have a fund crunch then make friends with technology. Look for a one-stop solution that offers everything you will need for your subscription box business. For example, look for a platform that covers different aspects of a subscription box business like recurring billing, shipping, customer management, and more. 


      Get Your Product Curation Right


      Of course, the product quality matters. But what matters even more, is to know your niche and the new things they would like to discover every time they receive the subscription box. For example, if you are into books you need to find out what other categories of books your subscribers would be interested to read. Market research here plays an important role.

      You need to know your market well along with your audience to bring in a WOW element every time a subscription package arrives. Remember, the key to sustaining your subscription business is to have flexibility and variety in your subscription box. You should be aiming to keep your customers happy and engaged with variety and quality for as many months as possible. The bottom line is to keep your boxes fresh and exciting every month and make sure it impacts your customers.


        Custom Shipping Boxes


        Subscription boxes have an advantage that no other eCommerce business has. That is, you get to experiment with creating unique unboxing experiences that will delight your customers. A positive unboxing experience will help to build customer loyalty. Plus, every time you delight a customer with a unique unboxing experience, it is most likely that he/she will talk about it on social media, to friends and family – which means free promotion for your products! 

        Sounds like a plan? But how do you create such an unboxing experience? Arka is here to solve that for you. Arka offers custom shipping boxes to subscription box business owners just like you. Order only a few as low as ten in number to see if your customers are liking it. You can also check out their top-notch custom folding cartons and retail boxes.

        They let you change any particular design at any point in time free of cost if you don’t like it for some reason. Plus, they are known for having a fast turnaround time! What more? All their products are eco-friendly and everything is manufactured in the US.

        So, if you are about to kick start your subscription box business, then give a try to Arka for custom shipping boxes. 

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