Ecommerce Growth Hacks

5 Ecommerce Growth Hacks to Scale in 2023

There is so much more to eCommerce than building a store and driving some traffic on it. There is a transformative shift happening in the eCommerce industry right now. What worked before may not work any longer as the eCommerce industry continues to evolve. It’s time for every eCommerce entrepreneur to evolve his brand, business, and brain and enhance ecommerce income.

In this article, we list the five top eCommerce growth hacks to scale up your online business in 2023.


Utilize the Power of Social Media

    A lot of businesses try on their own to succeed without using social media. However, they fail in leading their potential to go any further. In order to succeed in the online market, you need innovative and creative ways to reach new customers by utilizing social media opportunities.


    Encourage Product Reviews on your Products.

    According to a survey, 36% of smartphone owners use their mobile phones to read product reviews and make their product purchases accordingly. It would be highly impressive and rewarding for your brand if you can incorporate reviews into your mobile site or app. If you don’t have the option to incorporate product reviews from other sites, you should offer personal testimonials from past customers. 

    Online product reviews provided by consumers who have previously purchased your products can prove a valuable source of information for your new customers who are most likely to make their purchase decisions. An honest product review increases brand trust since consumers will get a real impression of any product before actually deciding to buy. 


    Share your Customer Testimonials on your Online Store and Highlight your Bestsellers.

    Visitors come to an eCommerce website and see the potential value of a product or platform. Even though your marketing team may communicate the benefits of a product in the most creative manner, it may not instill the required urge to buy. That is the reason you have to share testimonials from actual customers on your website. Testimonials need to be short and precise and must communicate the results the customers achieved.

    Share the stories on your Facebook or LinkedIn pages that customers can relate to. Transparent and authentic information shared by a customer that describes actual scenarios of usage will be valued a lot in addition to the user rating. For certain stories that stand out and had a life-changing effect on the customer, contact the customer to get more detail to showcase a bigger story. You can also showcase this elaborate write-up of the story as blog posts or in brochures, proposals and other marketing documents to get more reach. Also, highlight your popular best-selling products on your website. When your customers know that your product is selling well and everyone is buying it, they don’t want to miss out if they want to get a hold of it. 


    Setup Retargeting Campaigns To Target The Window Shoppers

      Retargeting comes in when a large group of your eCommerce website visitors leaves without filling the purchase form. It allows you to communicate to the window shoppers who don’t buy and bring them back to your website. It is a great option to increase your brand awareness and drive incremental sales.

      Once you are ready to get started, choose which retargeting platform is right for your business based on reputation, reach, technology, flexibility, transparency, and service. You have to tag your website so that it can start building the list of customers to retarget. You can then create and upload ads to use in your retargeting campaign. You are now all set to launch your campaign.


      Include Comparison Guides for Products To Sell Better

        One of the advantages of using Internet for shopping is its wide availability of products. It is also one of the challenges as more consumers are overwhelmed by the number of choices offered on the products. They also get confused when choices are to be made from a similar set of alternatives. People often choose products with high scores and features that they like in a product. 

        You can help your customers to choose the products they like by providing them comparison guides to compare different features of similar products posted on your ecommerce website. Product Comparison Guides aid consumers in making purchase decisions by providing information regarding product attributes in addition to the product reviews that other consumers give. This helps the customers to make informed purchase decisions. 


        Enable Users To Buy Products Using FOMO

          Users tend to complete the purchases on an eCommerce website when the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) on the sale comes into the picture. By providing offers and add-on services, it triggers the urge in the visitors of your website to complete their transaction.

          Impulsive purchases happen after customers experience a strong, unavoidable desire that suddenly arises to purchase immediately. You can take advantage of the FOMO attribute of customers by showcasing attractive offers, less stock of their popular products in hand, discounts valid for a limited time and added advantages for a limited time like free shipping and so on.


          A/B Testing Products To Turn Clicks Into Customers.

            The average conversion rate of window shoppers into actual customers across the web is only found to be 2%. The rest 98% of visitors don’t end up converting. 

            A/B testing is a simple way to test several different versions of an eCommerce website with live traffic and measure the effect each version has on visitors. It helps to increase the number of visitors who can convert into customers. You can increase the effectiveness of your marketing and user experience by using this method.

            It offers the following advantages:

            • You create a direct feedback loop with your users helping you to understand user behavior and hone your instinct about your users over time 
            • You create a strong bond between user needs and how your business fares success 
            • You develop a rigorous approach to focus on your users’ needs and to eliminate hierarchy, rank, and politics from the process of decision making

            As the eCommerce industry continues to grow through a change, these five growth hacks will help you build, grow and scale a highly profitable eCommerce business in today’s competitive market. 

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