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Top 5 Tips for Making your Shopify Store a Raging Success

Shopify is the world's third-largest e-commerce platform which enables 600,000 businesses globally. With more than 1 billion orders processed in 2018, total sales across all merchants crossed $55 billion. The number of merchants and users keep continuing to grow as it is easy to use, light on the business pocket, and has 24/7 customer support. 

If you already own a Shopify store or are planning to create one, here are a few marketing strategies to help you grow: 


Make Use of SEO


With so many e-commerce stores enrolled with Shopify, how can you make customers aware of your store? This depends on the measures you take to increase your ranking. The higher your store ranks, the easier it is to be discovered. First thing first. Work on how the site looks and keep it simple and content-rich. There are so many templates available on the Shopify store that can be used according to your brand, product, and taste.

Always use descriptions for the internal links. Ensure that every page has titles, meta descriptions, body content, and ALT tags. Get a list of keywords from Google Trends or Keyword Planner, to help in optimizing your website. The built-in feature of search engine optimization in Shopify is really insightful and puts your site on top. 


Make Your Store Mobile-Friendly


A few years back, desktops were the principal source of e-commerce traffic. But, with the introduction of smartphones and tablets, the scene is slowly changing. 60% of sales come from mobile devices in North America, and Europe is right behind them.

Did you know that people spend 10% of their time on mobile by browsing e-commerce apps? Not having an app or mobile-friendly website is a missed opportunity. But the advantage of mobile commerce does not stop there. It provides a better ranking on Google, improves the overall user experience, and increases repeat purchases. It also allows you to directly send updates about discounts, new products, and promotions. 


Use Upselling and Cross Selling Techniques


If you are an avid online shopper and looking for mobile phones in the market, then you would have come across higher hardware variety displayed under the product you are looking at. This is called upselling and is a brilliant technique of selling a premium product to the customer.

Statistics reveal that it works 20X better because customers don't like to be distracted while they are shopping. Also, upselling works because customers don't want to invest in something and then immediately go for an upgrade. They would rather buy it at one go.

Cross-selling, on the other hand, is basically selling bundles which creates great opportunity. Like a phone with a screen guard or pair of Bluetooth headsets. Both cross-selling and up-selling improves loyalty, helps you showcase other products, and increase sales.


Grow Your Brand Presence


With a lot of new stores that keep coming, customers often forget about the existing or saturated ones. To ensure that it does not happen to your brand, keep it fresh and updated always. Shopify has a built-in blog that is easy to access. From your brand story, to how to use your products, capturing trends, maintenance tips, you can write about anything and everything.

Shopify has also apps that can display customer feedback. These reviews can be your biggest strength and can encourage new customers. Be present on relevant social media platforms and integrate them into your Shopify store. A well-planned and executed social media campaigns can go a long way in increasing your sales. And while you are at it, you can also use influencer marketing strategies to promote your brand. 


Apply Customer Retention Strategy


If you want to grow your Shopify store, you must focus on retaining your existing customers. A study suggests that 65% of the sales come from previous customers. In order to retain your customers, all you must do is communicate with them. Send out regular emails about new products, promotional offers, seasonal/holiday greetings, or even a birthday message.

Another way of retaining customers is to improve your packaging style. Go for custom shipping boxes with a handwritten note, that gives a pleasant unboxing experience. You can partner with the leading custom packaging company - Arka! They create custom boxes for any niche: whether you need custom shoe boxes or custom folding cartons, they will help!

A lot of times, customers get a cold foot and abandon their carts, a simple message on asking the reason can help them change their mind. Be transparent about shipping policy, vouchers, and refunds. This will help them gain trust in you. 

These tips when done right will help you grow your business organically!

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