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5 Ways To Measure Brand Awareness

In the online marketing arena, we encounter brands every day. We see different brands of products not just on television commercials, billboards, and social media but in our daily routines. A brand is not a logo, tag line, or an ad campaign, it is a vision of your business. Your marketing efforts explain your business to your target audience, but a brand is a lens through which your customers see and experience your business. It is, therefore, important that a brand should always feel consistent in the way it looks and sounds.

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What is Brand Awareness?

The goal of creating and maintaining a brand identity is to create an emotional connection with your customers. This is why most of the companies work hard to protect their brands. A strong brand helps to drive the customer experience and make him feel comfortable. Brand awareness has its competitive advantages. It provides a sense of familiarity and people like popular brands. Familiarity with the product can drive the purchasing decision of the customer.

Top 5 Ways To Measure Brand Awareness

In this article, we will discuss the five top ways used to measure brand awareness that can make your brand a hot favorite among consumers.

Website Traffic

    You can gain exposure for your brand among your target audience by increasing traffic to your website. A detailed analysis of the volume in direct traffic over time can help you to understand the changes in brand awareness among the customers. Though it is difficult to measure how direct traffic impacts marketing activity, an increase in direct traffic can provide an increase in brand awareness. 

    When there is an increase in traffic to your company’s website, customers who are already aware of the brand get the full thrust of your brand, and new customers get introduced to your brand too. The more customers get to know of your brand, the more it gives you the edge over your competitors. On the contrary, it is difficult to identify a sales lead that was generated as a direct result of your post on your website.

    Social Media Exposure

      Brand Awareness is the first stage of any purchase, whether you are deploying brand awareness campaigns or not. Customers must first discover if your company exists. Then, they decide whether your products meet their needs. 

      Brand awareness relates to social media through brand awareness campaigns and reputation management. Brand awareness campaigns help you to track the customer response for your marketing efforts. They are focused on making it easier for customers to remember your brand and making it more memorable for your target audience. They help you to extend the sales funnel and providing opportunities that will contribute to sales through the pipeline. Reputation management works in minimizing any negative media coverage and increasing the positive reputation of your brand in the market. Detailed crisis management plans detail how companies respond to negative media coverage.

      Search Volume

        The search industry is significant, with daily search volume numbers at about a hundred million. If you want your website to perform well with regard to traffic, it needs to be listed in the top search engines and listed high for increased visibility. Apart from traffic, a high-ranking website increases brand perception and promotes brand recognition. 

        Research shows that people find organic results more relevant and more trusted than paid search results. Search increases unaided awareness for a brand at the precise time when customers search for a solution for their problem. If your brand has relevant content on your website, then the search paves the way for a powerful branding opportunity.

        Measuring the branded search impressions using tools like Google Search Console helps you to view how many people are searching for your brand online. It also assists in assessing the performance of different elements of a marketing campaign. The number of times your brand name is searched online serves as a measure of awareness and interest in your brand.

        Social Mentions and Profitable Video Ads

          If you are aiming for building brand awareness, tracking how your company is performing in social mentions is an excellent way to measure your brand performance. Social media mentions can build a more positive brand and increase the customer’s interest in your products. Different social media monitoring tools help you to measure the mentions of your company and also if the customers like, dislike, or are neutral in the mentions.

          Evaluating your success against your competitors’ can give you additional information about the extent of exposure of your brand among consumers. Measuring share of voice, which is the number of your brand mentions divided by the total number of your industry mentions, helps in comparing your brand recognition among different brands by customers against the previous period. However, this measure cannot specify if the financial transaction is complete at that point. 

          Videos allow you to communicate your message to your customers visually. This interaction enables you to show how your products are used and use your customers’ testimonials to increase brand trust. The play rate of a video ad is a useful metric to increase the awareness and benefits of your products among the customers. Video metrics can effectively increase the recall rate of your brand and drive traffic to your website.

          Full-Funnel Attribution

            Attribution modeling helps you to understand a customer’s path from click to conversion. It shows how a social media source, vendor, or any other channel facilitates driving the customer through the conversion funnel.

            Full-funnel attribution incorporates media impressions of your brand and assisted clicks in a conversion. It looks at the full path of the conversion and not just the last touchpoint of sales. For instance, a media tactic that delivered a measurable impact on branding and sales during the purchase but may not have delivered a high volume of direct click conversions can still be given credit using this metric. This method can help you track effects of search and e-mail and their ability to generate conversions; marketing qualified leads and even revenue in the lower funnel, the impact of nurturing programs and the ability to influence, engage and educate prospects in the mid-funnel and the final conversion in the first funnel.

            You can use the list of reliable measures of exposure given above to get some indication about how many customers follow your brand. These metrics provide evidence regarding the success of an advertising or a marketing campaign. The statistics projected by these metrics for measuring brand awareness creates the foundation for your future marketing efforts and your success.

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