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How to Build Brand Awareness for the Holidays

A recent study conducted by eMarketer reveals that 37% of senior digital marketing experts agreed that creating brand awareness has been the primary goal for them this year. This data itself reveals the importance of developing brand awareness for your business or your product. Imagine how difficult it would be to sell a product to customers who haven’t even heard about the brand. But, if the customer is already aware of a brand, brand recall becomes easy when they need to make a purchasing decision. In this blog, we will talk about how to build brand awareness, especially for the holiday season when everyone around is indulging in their shopping spree and you got to make the best out of this opportunity.


What is Brand Awareness?


The basic of brand awareness is to make people familiar with your brand. Typically, when a new brand is launched or a new product is introduced in the market, you need to make your audience familiar with it. That’s the purpose of building brand awareness. Remember, brand awareness is not just meant to expose your customers to your brand. As a part of an active brand awareness campaign, you need to communicate a lot more. Talk about your brand’s value, what it stands for, and how it is different from the rest. In a study by eMarketer, it was revealed that 64 percent of the shoppers mentioned that they have a long-lasting relationship with their preferred brand because of the brand value is above anything else. In the same study, 59 percent of consumers cited they would prefer to buy products from a brand they are already familiar with. Hence it is no brainer to assume that building comprehensive brand awareness is extremely critical for a business to thrive. 


Building Brand Awareness in 6 Easy Steps


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  1. Understand your customers: To develop an effective brand awareness campaign, you need to analyze your data well and understand your customers and their behavior. Look into all your marketing channels and understand where the traffic comes from. Identify the factors that are influencing them. Once you identify, work towards building a relationship with your customer. Once you do that, the rest becomes easy-peasy! 
  2. Measure it: Measuring your metrics is important to understand if you are in the right direction. Based on your goals, set up the measuring metrics and measure them at intervals. You can measure the video ad views, impressions, reach and uniqueness to understand the effectiveness of your brand building awareness
  3. Build a relation: Remember, creating brand awareness is not a one-time activity. You need to nurture it subtly so that whenever there is a need to make a purchase, your brand comes to mind first. That’s the beauty of having brand awareness. Staying in touch with emails is a nice way to build “rapport”. Educate them with informative and actionable notes, convey the ‘why’ behind the product, and provoke an immediate reaction. For e.g. make a time-sensitive offer or an immediate result works well. 
  4. No hard sell please: Remember, while you are trying to build brand awareness, don’t try to hard sell. Getting too nagging may turn off your customers. Respect your readers and offer them a genuine solution for a problem instead of trying to push it down the throat. 
  5. Hashtags are important: If you are leveraging social media channels, remember to use relevant hashtags, especially around the holidays. Remember, it should always resonate with your brand and your products. No matter what, always be authentically you. If you’re true to your brand and your customers, you will hit the right chord soon. 
  6. Custom shipping boxes: Sounds weird? But custom shipping boxes are a great way to build brand awareness and make a difference to your customers. How? Let us explain to you a bit more. Suppose you have a subscription box business. A customer who avails your subscription would not pay attention to a boring box. But the moment you start customizing it and create an amazing “unboxing” experience, your customers will pay attention to it. And may also talk about it on social media!
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    Get your shipping boxes or kraft boxes in holiday themes or add a customized season’s greeting note. The choices for brand awareness building for the holidays with custom shipping boxes are enormous. In case you don’t like any particular design, you will be free to change it at any point in time without paying any extra cost. Partner with Arka on your journey to build brand awareness. 

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