Kraft vs White Boxes

Kraft vs White Boxes: Which To Choose for Your Business?

Customizing product packaging can be beneficial for your business in different ways. Yet, people often focus on only two features - shape and size. They often forget that choosing the right color and materials is equally important.  We have noticed that people usually focus on two types of boxes - white and kraft. That is why they usually look for a kraft vs white boxes comparison to determine which option is better.

Both types of boxes come with certain advantages and disadvantages. It is impossible to say which option is better because all businesses have their own needs. We want to explain what white and kraft boxes are and highlight their pros and cons. After reading this article, you will get an idea of which one suits you the most. Let’s go!


What is a Kraft Box? 3 Benefits of Kraft Boxes


Kraft boxes (also known as brown boxes) are corrugated packages with a classic appearance. It is the type of box you have probably gotten used to seeing in different stores. It has a natural uncoated texture which brings certain benefits and disadvantages at the time. Let’s primarily focus on the positive things and highlight the main benefits. 


kraft boxes



As we said, these boxes have a natural texture. Because of that, entrepreneurs do not have to spend money and time printing and processing the box into another color. Also, they look sustainable, which matters greatly in today’s world. Based on our research, at least 60% of the kraft box content is made of recyclable materials. 

So, why is this feature beneficial for businesses? First, you are doing something good for the planet Earth. You won’t stop the climate change process, but you will contribute this way as much as you can. On the other hand, you will get trust and appreciation from the consumers. The percentage of consumers requiring sustainable packages has jumped to 81% this year. That means the first impression you leave with a “sustainable look” will grab their attention. We believe the same trend will continue to grow, so we recommend you do not neglect it. 


Affordable Price 

Investment in packages is a good decision because it can significantly improve the value of your products and the entire brand. Yet, we know very well that entrepreneurs won’t hesitate to use the opportunity to save money. That’s why it is worth mentioning that kraft boxes are affordable and less expensive than white boxes. 

Why do we have such a situation? As we said, designing these boxes isn’t complicated at all. You can create unique and engaging packaging without complex design techniques and procedures. Also, the kraft boxes are made of less expensive materials, which automatically makes them cheaper than white boxes. On average, they are cheaper at around 8%. That can make a significant difference for larger orders.



The shipping procedure is a complex process. Your products are handled in many locations until they reach the buyer's address. That’s why around 20% of all returned products get back to the seller because of the damage that appeared during transportation. An issue like that only reduces the profit you generate. You will have to offer free shipping in box directions + a new product for the customer. If your packages are not strong and durable, you can easily find yourself in a tough situation. 

As we said, kraft boxes are made of cheaper materials. However, that doesn’t mean they are not durable. On the contrary, durability is one of their main advantages. Apart from that, boxes usually get dirty during transportation. A problem like that won’t be noticeable with kraft boxes due to their design base. That ensures a high level of satisfaction for customers and a pleasant unboxing experience


Disadvantages of Kraft Boxes


This Kraft vs white boxes comparison would not be complete without mentioning the disadvantages of Kraft boxes. Our goal is not to convince people to decide strictly on this option. Instead, we want to show things as they are and let you decide what’s better. 

The biggest cons of kraft boxes are:

  • Kraft boxes aren’t water-resistant: We do not want to sound contradictory. Durability still remains one of the biggest benefits of kraft boxes. Yet, that rule doesn’t count if the packaging like this meets the water. The structure of the box becomes extremely soft under those conditions. Despite the bad look, the box no longer has the ability to protect the product. But, we need to highlight that these packages rarely get in touch with water. This disadvantage should not concern you a lot. 
  • Require more attention: Transporting these products requires more attention and organization. These boxes can’t be put under huge pressure because they can get deformed. For instance, heavier products should be at the bottom of the truck, while lighter ones should be above them. 
  • Not appropriate for multi-color prints: You must not use complex techniques to design one-color kraft boxes. But the result may not be too satisfying if you decide on using multi-color packages. The surface of the kraft boxes isn’t white, which limits you a little! 

    What is a White Box? 3 Benefits of White Boxes


    After giving an answer on “what is a kraft box,” we must explain in detail the white box alternative. The white boxes are also the corrugated type of packaging perfect for certain industries. Most companies from the medical and pharma industry gladly use them due to the benefits they ensure. However, they are not just limited to that business field. Let's say a few more words about the advantages that you can get. 


    white boxes


    Eye-Pleasing Design

    The effect of packaging on consumer behavior is significant, and the latest surveys confirm more than 70% of people consider the design of packages important. White boxes can be designed in different ways. Its white color is a perfect base for different printing and design techniques and ideas. They can especially be the right option for neutral colors. 


    High-Color Contrast 

    One of the goals that entrepreneurs want to reach with their packages is to send a specific message. Also, they want to grab the consumers' attention and instantly arouse certain emotions. The white background gives you the opportunity to pop up other colors, ensuring a great contrast. 

    As you probably know, each existing color is connected with particular emotions. Plus, you can highlight any message in the colored parts of the box. For example, thank-you messages, specialized offers, and similar stuff would be a great choice. 


    More Suitable for Printing 

    As we said, the end results with kraft boxes may not meet your expectations completely (that’s not always the case). On the other hand, that type of problem will not exist with white boxes. Their white base can adapt to any technique of printing or type of ink, which is not the case with kraft boxes. You can be sure the layer of ink on every part of the box will be identical while even the tiniest details will be visible. 


    Disadvantages of White Boxes


    As we said, this white vs. kraft boxes comparison strives to remain objective until the end. There are three disadvantages of white boxes that readers should know about. They are:

    • They get dirty quickly: White color can be a great base for multi-color designs. However, we can’t neglect it gets dirty pretty quickly. Dust and dirt are usually present in warehouses, which can negatively influence the look. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case! 
    • Their look isn’t eco-friendly: We explained the importance of sustainability for every business. Unfortunately, we must admit that white boxes do not look eco-friendly, which may leave a bad first impression. But your task will be to explain to people how they influence the planet. Also, with appropriate designs, you can easily hide this small gap. 
    • They are more expensive: Indeed, the price of one white box will be higher than kraft boxes. However, keep in mind that they are more suitable for different design techniques. You may manage to boost the value of your product with them, which will cover the price difference. But, for something like that, you will have to discover what your target audience expects to see.


    kraft vs. white boxes


    Final Thoughts


    We tried to cover all the details in this kraft vs white boxes guide and explain the main differences. Both types of packages come with certain advantages and disadvantages. Each of these two options can be suitable for you. Your obligation is to determine your goals and check out which package is better for the structure and size of the items you sell. 

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter if you pick kraft or white boxes. In both cases, Arka can help you reduce the impact of the disadvantages highlighted on this page. Our team customizes both types of packaging for a fair and competitive price. 

    We offer high-quality packaging options for all types of businesses: you can check out our premium custom mailer boxes or custom cosmetic boxes and find out all the benefits of our special custom boxes!

    If you have any additional questions or simply design ideas you want to share with us, contact our customer service. We are here to solve all your doubts and help your business grow!

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