15 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

15 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Starting a new business sounds exciting. Launching a new product to solve the problems of the people is a great thing to deal with. A website is the first step towards reaching your audience and introduce your product. 


How To Increase Website Traffic


Having a website sets a footing towards a good beginning of your business, but how do you attract traffic to the website and convert visitors into your potential customers? Read through the below pointers to get a fair idea about what can be done from your side. 

1. Design an Appealing Website

    Many of us may ignore this point. Having an aesthetically good looking website attracts the attention of the visitors to your website. Usage of pleasing colors and designs hold grip your visitors to stay on the site and explore your product in detail. 

    2. Create Compelling Content

      Content is the king is a common phrase in the current era of digital marketing. Compelling content with relevant information always make the visitors come back to your site repeatedly and become a frequent buyer too. 

      3. Provide Catchy Headlines

        No matter how good your content is, a well-described and catchy headline probes a visitor to glance through the entire content that you have written below. 

        4. Use High Quality and Relevant Pictures

          In the fast-paced lifestyle, pictures speak faster than words. A quick glance at the pictures of your website should hook your visitors on to your website for longer. Using high-resolution pictures seep into the minds effortlessly unlike a dull picture. Be innovative and try to use relevant and creative pictures on your website. 

          5. Connect with The Visitors

            People are likely to yawn with a content-rich in vocabulary but hardly has an impact on the minds. Make sure your content is simple and connecting with your visitors with ease. The flow should be effortless and smooth. Include storytelling style wherever possible to engage the visitors and inspire them to convert into buyers. 

            6. Understand Search Engine Optimization

              SEO may look very tricky but following every rule of the algorithm is mandatory. The most common way of reaching your website by your potential customers will be through search engines like Google or Bing. So, you cannot ignore the importance of SEO on your website. 

              7. Use Social Media Intelligently

                Read about the various channels on social media and decide on which channels are likely going to fetch you more traffic. Having accounts in all channels may not be the right strategy. For example – if you are a food product, you should consider being on Facebook and Instagram where people could look at the healthy pictures of your products and get appealed to instead of a platform where pictures are not of primary focus.

                8. Be Active on Facebook

                  Anyone who comes to know about your product is likely to visit your Facebook page to know about your activities. One tends to look at the number of followers and likes that your business has before heading out to check your website. Be regular in updating Facebook, so your visitors are tempted to visit your website too. 

                  9. Get Creative on Instagram 

                    The picture-sharing social media platform does magic your feed is creative and appealing content on it. The engagement you get there can be amazing for your innovative feed. This can definitely probe people to move into your website for more details about your product or the brand. 

                    10. Involve Influencers

                      Influencers may not mean the superstars of Hollywood or the top most celebrities of a particular industry, you can approach micro-influencers to promote your brand or product to reach a considerably large number of people. 

                      11. Advertise 

                        Advertising with good quality content on Facebook or Google Ads can give significant visibility to your brand. Go as per the strategy that you have adopted in your marketing plan and invest in paid ads to generate traffic to your website. 

                        12. Plan for Interesting Give-Aways

                          Run a contest on your favorite social media channel and offer exciting giveaways for engaging with your audience. Give-aways also serve the purpose of experiential marketing where people get to experience your products. That way many can get appealed to your product and hit your website for future orders. 

                          13. Reflect Your Core Values

                            Wherever you are trying to talk about your website, make sure you are reflecting your values. Values go a long way in connecting with people and resonate with your product. A click to know more about your product or brand is most likely to happen increasing your web traffic. 

                            14. Ask Visitors To Subscribe To Newsletters

                              Newsletters concise information about your product well along with relevant news on your niche. Having an update about your products will also lead to a visit to your website. 

                              15. Have Offline Campaigns

                                Organize an informal campaign to get a few enthusiasts interested in your product. You can have interactions and share your brochures to the participants who can visit you later and pass on your information to others too. 

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