Arka's Biodegradable Clear Bags: Everything You Need to Know

Arka's Biodegradable Clear Bags: Everything You Need to Know

In the last decade, there has been an increased use of biodegradable packaging. It is due to the increase in demand for eco-friendly packaging options. Owing to the environmental impact, the use of plastics has decreased and been replaced by biodegradable clear bags. 

Customers are more aware of their choices and their effect on the environment. The need to reduce the use of fossil resources has led brands to make the transition. The switch to biodegradable plastic, which is environmentally friendly, has become the norm. 

The biodegradable packaging market was valued at USD 90.12 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach USD 122.21 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 5.3% during the forecast period 2020-2025.

In the United States, the authorities are taking drastic measures to ban plastic bags to avoid the bulk ending up in landfills. Compostable bags or biodegradable bags are a great alternative to single-use plastics. 

Arka has also joined hands in the noble cause and has been a leading brand in producing green packaging for many years. We understand the need to produce compostable packaging that fulfils your business needs and saves the planet. 

With our guide, you can learn more about Arka’s biodegradable clear bags and find custom solutions to your packaging needs and an alternative to plastics. Let us see how Arka is helping brands in overcoming the packaging problems with its cellophane bags.

Table of Contents 

1. What is Meant by Biodegradable Packaging?

2. Arka’s Biodegradable Clear Bags

Transparent compostable stand-up pouch
Kraft paper compostable stand-up pouch
White paper compostable stand-up pouch

3. Features of Arka’s Biodegradable Clear Bags

Fully compostable
Offer customization
Sustainable packaging
Available in different sizes

4. What are the Advantages of Using Biodegradable Bags?

Fewer carbon emissions
Less waste
Reduces pollution
No design restrictions
Better for brand image
Less use of petroleum

5. Conclusion

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are cellophane bags biodegradable?
What is biodegradable packaging?
What is biodegradable food packaging made of?
What are the advantages of using biodegradable packaging?

What is Meant by Biodegradable Packaging?


Biodegradable is a broad term for any eco-friendly packaging that naturally breaks down. Biodegradable packaging can naturally disintegrate or decompose, leaving no remnants behind. Any packaging made with cardboard, cellulose, bioplastic, paper, etc., is biodegradable. 


Packaging made from bio-based or plant-based materials is known to be biodegradable.  The quality of its being biodegradable depends on its molecular structure and the strength of the material’s polymer chain. 

These polymer chains must be able to disintegrate or break down into tiny pieces so microorganisms can consume them. 


Arka’s Biodegradable Clear Bags

Arka’s compostable stand-up pouches are made using renewable Plantcell technology. All the components of the seal bags are made from plants. They are fully compostable and break down into healthy compost, leaving no microplastics behind. 


The cello bags are biodegradable and conform to all significant compost certifications, including OK Compost Home and AS5810.


Packaging plays a significant role in impressing your customers. If you are looking for clear bags for food packaging, gift bags, baked goods, food storage, etc., our bags are the right choice for your business.


Arka’s biodegradable clear bags satisfy your custom needs and the planet’s need to reduce carbon footprint. We have a collection of eco-friendly compostable bags. 


Our resealable bags are available in different sizes and designs. Depending on your custom needs and packaging requirements, our bags provide full functionality that meets your business needs. 


We understand that every business has different packaging needs, and one size does not fit all. For this reason, we offer customization. Customization options allow you to design your bag in a way that reiterates your brand story and aligns with your packaging needs. 


Following are the types of clear bags that you can find at Arka. 

Transparent compostable stand-up pouch 

Compostable transparent stand-up pouches are eco-friendly and a great alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Unlike poly bags, they are suitable for the environment and disintegrate naturally. 


They are light and durable, making them an excellent choice for sustainable packaging. Moreover, they are food-safe and FDA certified, so food industries can use these self-seal bags for their products.  


The sealing on the pouch keeps the product fresh, and its transparent material lets the customer view the package's content. Our bags are perfect for dry foods, health products and even non-edible items. 


Arka also offers valve packaging that keeps the contents fresh for a long time. Valve bags prevent the air from going back in, which helps keep the items fresh. These bags prevent food items from getting stale.  


Kraft paper compostable stand-up pouch

Kraft paper bags are a natural material with a distinct brown color and a coarse texture. It has a toughness like cardboard giving it all the strength that good packaging needs. 


Kraft papers come from a tree's pulp that contains major wood fiber concentration. If you are using kraft paper for your packaging designs, it implies it is environmentally friendly and free of any polypropylene. 


Kraft papers are a popular choice of brands for impressive packaging designs. They have also made their way to shopping stores as shopping bags. 


Moreover, consumers prefer kraft paper gift bags because they have a delightful packaging design and are eco-friendly.


At Arka, you can find different designs and sizes of kraft paper compostable stand-up pouches that define your brand story and give your customers a memorable experience. You can design kraft paper pouches the way you want. 


We use kraft papers as packaging design due to the following reasons: 

  • Compostable 
  • Recyclable 
  • Customizable 
  • Strong and durable 
  • Eco-friendly 

White paper compostable stand-up pouch

The white paper compostable stand-up pouch is biodegradable, leaves no microplastics and is a great alternative to petroleum-based plastics. We offer customization that makes every pouch unique with impressive packaging. 


Our stand-up pouches are perfect for CBD and cannabis, food and bakery, pet food, coffee, tea, pharmaceuticals, retail, etc. They are light in weight and durable, which reduces the shipping cost. 


As it has a reclosable zipper, the contents of your package stay fresh. 

Features of Arka’s Biodegradable Clear Bags

With many packaging suppliers out there, it sometimes becomes challenging to choose one. You can find some effective tips for choosing a packaging supplies store


When it comes to packaging, brands try to seek the best. We understand that each business has different packaging needs. For this purpose, we give you all the freedom to design your box so you can give your customers a delightful experience. 


As compostable packaging is plant-based, it breaks down in the environment naturally. Some packagings are home compostable. The significant benefit of compostable packaging is it requires less carbon in the process and reduces the amount of waste.


Moreover, compostable packaging is fully functional and has liners that help keep the product safe. They are heat sealable which keeps the contents fresh. 


Our heavy-duty stand-up pouches fulfill your packaging needs and give your customers a memorable experience of doing business with you. 


Following are some features that make our biodegradable clear bags a perfect choice for your packaging needs:

Fully compostable 

Using renewable Plantcell technology, our clear bags are completely compostable, making them eco-friendly. Our bags are certified by OK Compost Home and AS5810 and leave no microplastics behind when they break down. 


Unlike plastics, these bags are sustainable, and you do not have to worry about any harmful environmental effects. With our packaging bags, you can reduce the amount of waste in landfills. 

Offer customization 

We understand that your business is unique and has different packaging needs. You have a unique brand story to tell, and with our customization option, you can integrate your story into packaging. 


The clear bags from Arka offer customization options to add your brand logo and color palette. It makes you visible on shelves and helps customers find you among hundreds of products. 


Moreover, with customziation, you make your customers feel valued and give them a memorable experience. 

Sustainable packaging

Packaging is a crucial part of the e-commerce business, and using sustainable packaging gives you an edge over your competitors. It extends the shelf life of products and reduces waste. 


Our clear bags are sourced from plant-based materials, making them a sustainable packaging option. As customers deliberately look for eco-friendly packaging, you can choose Arka to help you meet your customers’ needs. 

Available in different sizes

We offer different sizes of clear bags so that you can find the perfect fit for your product. 


You must know the size you are looking for. Flimsy packaging does not impress the customers, and on the contrary, it might put them off. It is prone to damage and might not withstand shipping. 


So, as a business, it is important to know the measures for your packaging so you can leave a lasting impression on your customers and deliver the product safely. 

What are the Advantages of Using Biodegradable Bags?

As plastic packaging is discouraged and becoming obsolete, there is no better alternative than Arka’s clear bags. Our bags are biodegradable, which makes them environmentally friendly. 


Apart from this, there are many other advantages of using biodegradable bags. Choosing biodegradable packaging makes you a favorite brand, as some consumers look for green packaging. 


With Arka’s biodegradable clear bags, you can have the edge over your competitors and offer your customers an unforgettable experience.


 Let us delve into the advantages of using biodegradable bags and how they can benefit your business and the planet. 

Fewer carbon emissions 

As Arka’s biodegradable bags are made with Plantcell technology, manufacturing produces fewer carbon dioxide emissions. With traditional plastic processing, the amount of carbon emission is high. 


It makes the planet a safe place for humans and reduces the number of air pollutants in the air. So, our clear bags offer you a safe alternative to plastic packaging and help you contribute to the cause of saving the planet. 

Less waste 

Globally, only 9% of plastic waste is recycled, while 22% is mismanaged. The world is producing twice as much plastic waste as two decades ago, with the bulk of it ending up in landfill, incinerated or leaking into the environment, and only 9% successfully recycled, according to a new OECD report.


If you choose biodegradable products, you can reduce the amount of waste in the landfill. As biodegradable packaging breaks down naturally for microorganisms, you can help reduce waste.


As a result, authorities will be able to manage the waste effectively, and it will take up less space in landfills.  

Reduces pollution 

Biodegradable packaging decomposes naturally, which is later consumed by soil and microorganisms. It is a natural process; no chemical reaction is needed to kickstart it. 


As a result, less pollution occurs, making the planet a happy place for humans. Moreover, biodegradable bags take less time than plastics to decompose and do not release toxic elements. 

No design restrictions 

When choosing biodegradable packaging, brands often perceive them as restrictive. Our biodegradable bags are highly customizable, putting you in a better position to impress your customers. 


There are no design restrictions when it comes to biodegradable packaging. Just like custom boxes, brands can adjust the design and align with their brand story. 


The oils produced from bioplastics are considered superior materials compared to traditional plastic. They are more malleable, making it easy to mold them into new shapes and textures. 


It helps packaging supplier companies to make impressive designs for their customers. Brands can use packaging ideas to impress their consumers. 


Unlike traditional plastics, they do not omit dangerous chemicals. Biodegradable bags are made from natural materials, so there are no toxins in the material. You can customize the packaging to suit your business needs. 

  Better for brand image 

As customers are more aware of their choice of packaging, choosing biodegradable packaging positively affects your brand. With green packaging, you can impress your customers. 


Eco-friendly packaging has become a norm for many e-commerce industries. Brands today are switching to green pakcaging to satisfy their customers and help in the mission to save the planet. 


Using Arka’s biodegradable bags will send a message to your customers that you care about the environment.

Less use of petroleum 

The manufacturing of traditional plastics includes heating and treating oil molecules which are then converted into polymers. Contrary to this, biodegradable packaging is made using natural materials. 


This means that the process requires less energy and does not involve the burning of fossil fuels. It saves the natural resources and it reduces the pollutants in the air. 


These are some of the benefits of using biodegradable packaging. Arka’s biodegradable clear bags offer you a great alternative to traditional plastic packaging. Choosing Arka helps you save the planet and give your customers a delightful experience. 


Biodegradable packaging is an alternative to single-use plastics that takes years to decompose. Arka’s biodegradable clear bags offer you a great alternative to plastic bags. Brands can customize the stand-up pouches to communicate their brand story.  

So, give your customers a great experience by letting Arka help you with your packaging needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are cellophane bags biodegradable? 

Cellophane comes from natural sources such as wood, so it is biodegradable. However, it cannot be recycled. You can send the cellophane to a landfill with regular garbage. 


What is biodegradable packaging?

Biodegradable packaging can naturally disintegrate or decompose, leaving no remnants behind. Biodegradable is a broad term for any eco-friendly packaging that naturally breaks down. Any packaging made with cardboard, cellulose, bioplastic, paper, etc., is biodegradable. 


What is biodegradable food packaging made of?

Biodegradable food packaging is made from starch, chitosan, gelatin, polylactic acid, and cellulose. 


What are the advantages of using biodegradable packaging?

The following are the advantages of using biodegradable packaging:

  • Less carbon emission
  • Less waste
  • Reduces pollution
  • No design restrictions 
  • Better for brand image 
  • Less use of petroleum



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