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3 Dead-Easy Ways To Boost Average Order Value

The good news is that boosting your average order value is one of the most effective (and easiest) ways to beef up your bottom line.

In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about average order value (including its drawbacks) and show you three simple ways to increase yours right now. Sounds good? Let’s not waste any time.

What is Average Order Value?


Average order value (often abbreviated to AOV) is the average amount that a customer spends buying from your store.

You can calculate your average order value by dividing your store’s total revenue by the total number of orders.

For example, let’s say you generated $10,000 from 100 orders last month. That means your average order value is $100 (10,000 revenue /100 orders = $100 per order).

Why Boosting Average Order Value Matters?

There are several reasons why boosting AOV matters:

    • More revenue, bigger profits: Obviously, the biggest benefit that comes with a higher AOV is more money in your pocket. As your profit grows, you can reinvest more money back into your business to grow faster. 

    • Better return on marketing spend: The cost of ads is rising. It’s hard to make a profit if you’re spending $30 on Facebook ads to acquire a customer, and they’re only spending $50. But if you can entice them to spend $75, you’ll find it much easier to stay profitable.

    • More money to spend on acquisition: When you’ve got more money to spend on customer acquisition, you can capture a larger share of the market and leave your competitors quaking in their boots.

Understanding The Nuance of Average Order Value

As you probably remember from school, statistics can sometimes be tricky. And your store’s AOV is no different. See, your AOV is a representation of the mean value of your customer spend. But what happens if one customer spends $1,000 while four others spend $25? Does an AOV of $200 give you an accurate picture of what’s going on here? Not quite. A few large orders can skew your AOV upwards. So, to get a better insight into your customer’s behavior, it’s wise to look at all three measures of central tendency:

  • The mean - what we traditionally call the AOV, the average value of all orders, divided by the number of orders.
  • The median - The order value lying at the middle of all your orders
  • The mode - The most frequently occurring order value

Using these three measures together will allow you to see how your customers are spending money on your store and tailor your approach better.

For example, you might find that your AOV is way higher than the most common order value. In this case, you’d achieve the best results by focusing on offers that increase your mode order value.

Alternatively, you might want to use incentives to entice big spenders to drop even more cash.

Whatever your goal, remember not to solely rely on your AOV without taking the median order value and mode order value into account to give you the complete picture of what’s going on.

3 Proven Ways To Boost Average Order Value

Ok, with the basics out of the way, let’s get down to business.

Here are five proven ways to increase how much the average customers spend on your store:

  1. Upsell or Cross-Sell Complementary Products

    Remember the last time you went to McDonald’s, and they asked, “would you like fries with that?”. That’s known as cross-selling - offering you a complementary product to go with your primary purchase. Now recall when they asked ‘would you like to go supersize?”. That’s an upsell - nudging you towards a more premium version of your chosen product.

    Upselling and cross-selling are some of the most commonly used methods for increasing average order value. And with good reason - both strategies work very well. For your store, there are several places you can offer upsells and cross-sells.  But here’s three of the most effective are:

    • Upsell on the product page using pop-ups - when I try to buy a single stick of deodorant from Native; they offer me a three-pack with 17% off instead:
    native special offer banner
    • Cross-sell on the cart page: When I’m about to checkout on Quip’s website, they offer me a nice bag to go along with my shiny new toothbrush:
    quip my cart page
    • Cross-sell on your thank you page: When customers land on your thank you page, they’re in peak buying mode. It’s the perfect place to offer them a complementary product or discount offer and bump up your AOV.
    thank you page

    1. Create a Free Shipping Threshold

    Most consumers hate paying for shipping and would rather spend more on products than fork out for postage and packaging.

    That’s why arguably the easiest way to pump-up your average order value is by offering free shipping on orders over a certain price threshold.

    For example, check out how Banana Republic Factory uses a progress bar to entice customers to spend more:

    banana republic man shirt collection

    Note how they suggest related products on the cart page, too - this makes it more likely that customers will add a product to their cart to get free shipping, thus boosting their AOV.

    To calculate where your free shipping threshold should be, simply add 30% to your mode (or most common) order value.

    For example, if your mode order value is $50, set your free shipping threshold to $65. This will entice the largest segment of customers to spend a little more and bump up your AOV.


    1. Bundle Products

    Creating bundles of complementary products is a great way to encourage customers to spend more money and get a better deal.

    For example, guitar manufacturer Fender bundles up a selection of complimentary products to bump the cart value from $749 (for the guitar alone) to $1,100 with all the add-ons.

    fender bundle

    Bundling products like this doesn’t only generate more revenue, but it also helps your customers be more successful by giving them the right mix of products to reach their goals.

    To supercharger your bundling efforts, think about adding a discount that makes your bundle cheaper than the sum of its parts, like this offer from Canon:

    amazon canon camera

    For $100 extra, customers can add an additional lens that usually costs $140 to their camera order.

    Overall, bundling products is a fantastic way to help your customers get a better deal while also providing a healthy boost to your bottom line.

    Here’s to Bigger Average Order Values

    Understanding your average order value can help you know how well your store performs and provide insight into how you can encourage customers to spend more. Using upsells, cross-sells, shipping thresholds, bundles, or a combination of several tactics will help your average order value grow over time.

    And as your average order value rises, you’ll enjoy healthier profit margins and more money to spend on acquiring new customers. So, ready to see a jump in sales? Well, then get out there and start implementing these tactics!

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