custom boxes for Subscription Businesses

Custom Boxes For New Subscription Businesses

Just like how many businesses went online to stay in the market and reach out to maximum customers, another change is slowly taking over the eCommerce industry. This is the subscription box service; research suggests that more than fifty percent of online shoppers opt for subscription box services. It is said that the subscription eCommerce market grew more than 100% a year, across the last five years. The main drivers of this growth are factors like rising eCommerce popularity as well as the use of social media, and also changing behavior with customers feeling the convenience and willing to invest in the long term benefits when they see the value.

There is a great amount of buzz happening around this, and many startups have decided to venture into subscription box services, as they see the great potential in it. They realize that online shoppers, especially the Millennials, are quite happy to pay for it. Albeit, this comes with a caveat; what they are willing to pay for, is convenience, lower cost, in the long run, personalized and novel experiences, and the excitement related to it. This also means that the customers are quite discerning and may even cancel the subscription, provided they do not get what they want, in terms of the tangible as well as intangible benefits. So, what can ensure that your new subscription box business can sustain the competition and rake in the moolah for you?


Create Great Experiences

If there is one thing that the customers look out for in the subscription box service, it is the experience; especially the unboxing experience. Perhaps, since they have already subscribed to a product, they do know what to expect in terms of the content. So, in order to beat the predictability and keep the unboxing experience alive, each and every time, one may have to bring in custom boxes.

Custom boxes could be your ‘WOW factor’ with your audiences and be the differentiator as compared to your competitors. Make the recurring experiences different each time, by allowing them to choose custom designs, or you could bring it in on your own. Depending on the product category, you could choose different types of custom boxes, materials, stickers, custom tapes, labels, and so on.

Each delivery can be made into a memorable experience for the customer, and thus you can keep their interest and excitement alive. You could also start some contests and campaigns surrounding these experiences, by encouraging them to share the pictures and videos on social media. The rewards of these can be the extra attractions that will keep these customers loyal to you. Thus, with a simple and yet strategic decision to bring in custom boxes for your subscription service, you could actually make a great impact that can help you retain customers, as well as bring in new ones.

Perhaps you may want to look up a packaging partner like Arka, who could help you achieve your subscription box service goals, through custom boxes. Arka’s services are already helping more than 2000 brands worldwide to create great unboxing experiences for their customers. These customers trust Arka, and its team with their choice of custom boxes, whether in creating a custom design, choosing the right material, or accessories, or even timely deliveries of custom boxes, with the lowest minimum orders. This flexibility of Arka makes it a great custom packaging partner, especially for small and medium businesses, as well as startups. Also, with Arka, the more boxes you order, the more cost-effective it could become for you, as volume-based pricing options are available too. Arka could be the one important building block for you to succeed in your subscription box service business. Go ahead and check Arka's premium custom retail boxes, shipping boxes or gift boxes: you can find out more by contacting them today!


Build Trust and Loyalty

Typically, the subscription services fall into one of the three categories, namely, replenishment, curation, and access. Especially for the replenishment subscription service, you have to bring in some amount of variety and personalization so as not to make it repetitive and boring. Receiving the same type of box, with the same kind of packaging, label, printing, etc. can take the charm out of the whole buying experience of the customer. They may then decide to try out another subscription service, perhaps from your competitors. Hence, it is important to keep the interest and build loyalty through custom boxes.

Curation subscription provides you some amount of flexibility to bring in more enchantment with respect to the custom boxes in which you ship the products. Especially where the products are apparel, food, or beauty related, you could intelligently design the custom boxes to suit the customer’s taste and interests. This personalization may well be the driving factor for your company’s revenue, and the subscription service as a whole. The intangible benefit is that the customer trust in your company’s product and services increases as they see you care about their experiences. This does make the business personal!

When using custom boxes, it is important to consider all factors with respect to the customer and the product being shipped. While it is said that women make up for the majority of the subscriptions, there are men who actively pursue subscription services too. Hence, while choosing custom boxes, this needs to be kept in mind. What appeals to one customer may not appeal to another, and therein lies the challenge. But, one thing is obvious, in order to succeed in subscription box service, you cannot afford to ignore the impact of custom boxes.

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