The First Step in Getting Your Company Noticed

The First Step in Getting Your Company Noticed

So what is it? This miracle that will get your company the recognition it deserves? It’s branding! Yes, give your company a brand. Ok, that’s it, have a great rest of your day. Wait, what? Do you want to know more? Very well… let us begin with what the heck is a brand or branding anyway?

Brand: It is ANY kind of quality or aspect that defines or identifies your product or service. It can be something like a symbol, picture, logo, name, or term. It is the identity of your company. 


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Branding: The promotion of your product or service using your unique brand. Coca-Cola, Apple, The NFL, Mercedes Benz...all examples of well-branded companies. Want more, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of it! 


Importance Of Branding 


  1. Trust and Loyalty

Think about the brands you enjoy. Would you trust them over some new fly-by-the-seat of your pants brand? Why? Is it because you are already familiar with and trust your old brand? Studies show that most people go for what they know and find familiar. 

What happens when a trusted brand comes out with a new product? They are more likely to try that product from that brand versus a no-name brand.


  1. Brand Awareness

You want people to recognize and recall your business. Think of the Mercedes Symbol below. What if it were not attached to the car? Would you recognize it?

In a dark street, the light hits a silver Mercedes Benz, while a guy stands next to it looking cool and pensive. 
Photo by Klubhouse Collective Photo by Klubhouse Collective Inside view of a sports car driver at the wheel of a Mercedes Benz. Photo by Mathew JonesPhoto by Mathew Jones


Almost always, the answer is yes, it’s a Mercedes Benz. Investopedia defines Brand Awareness as the “extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services.”

Ok, you know that the ad is for a Mercedes vehicle. Perhaps then you would associate the brand with the traits of luxury and quality German engineering. This is branding done right. Though, they have been doing it since 1926!


How To Brand Your Company


  1. Brainstorm Ideas

It is really as simple as that. Start thinking about what you would like people to associate with when they think of your brand? Is it opulence and luxury like Mercedes? Is it fun for kids of all ages like Disney’s Mickey Mouse? 

Decide how you want people to see your company and write down a list of ideas. Look at your list. Can you personify any of the words into a character? Or maybe you see a unique font in one of your ideas. Or perhaps your mind can think up a special symbol to represent your company. Either way, make it your own! 


  1. Get The Artwork Done

Did you know you have a super creative side to you? Well, we all do! Start fiddling around with the font you want. Or scribble down an idea of the character you're thinking of. Perhaps jot down that symbol you think might be a good idea. Try it out, you will be surprised at the results! 

Ok, so maybe you do not have the time or the energy to do it yourself, we all can’t be a Van Gough. Well then, grab a family member or a friend. They will most likely love to be included in your company’s journey- you don’t know unless you ask! 

Don’t want friends or family involved? Well, you can go the route of hiring someone. There are a tremendous number of artists out there willing to work for you! If you do not have your own personal design staff, check out Upwork or Fiverr for some talent. It’s free to sign up. Then you can take a look at the enormous pool of artists ready to help you! 

Now you’ve got your artwork for your brand done, what’s next? 

Find a product packaging company that wants to help….(drum roll please)...Arka to the rescue! 


Find a Good Custom Packaging Company


Find a company that does custom packaging for your product needs. Of course, we recommend Arka

We are a family-built company! We value the principles of good customer service and quality products at fair prices. Plus, all our items are made in the USA! With your artwork in hand, just let us know what kind of custom packaging you need.

arka's prices are better than uline 

Maybe you would like to use our most environmentally friendly packaging. Or our most cost-efficient packaging. Either way, we can guide you in the right direction.


Custom Packaging Options


  1. Custom Folding Carton Boxes


Custom Folding Carton Boxes


The lightweight and versatile custom folding carton boxes make it easy for your product to stand out. They come in five different sizes and are printed in beautiful digital colors. Your artwork will definitely stand out here!


  1. Custom Mailer Boxes 


Custom Mailer Boxes


This is a favorite among unboxing videos! From food to clothes, this box has you covered. No need to worry about two boxes, one to display, one to ship, this puppy does it both! Not only that, but custom mailer boxes come in a bunch of sizes PLUS you can print on both sides! Woohoo!


  1. Custom Shipping Boxes 


Custom Shipping Boxes


Custom shipping boxes can hold your heavy items and bulky items. Plus it will protect your product from the harsh environment of shipping in the mail. And though it is a tank, it still comes in many sizes that will display your brand beautifully.


  1. Custom Poly Mailers 


Custom Poly Mailer by Arka


Lightweight, yet so strong! The custom poly mailers are not only ready for your artwork, but they are ready for rain, tears, or even tampering! Coming in many sizes, these bad boys can carry any of your non-fragile items. 


  1. Blank Stock  


Blank Stock


Our durable corrugated boxes and our light weight poly mailers are also available! You can get this ready to go guys in a jiffy! Hey! A little bird told us that we have great prices! Perhaps even better community ethics and environmentally friendly processes than most. But where did the branding go? Here it comes….


  1. Custom Accessories

Custom Accessories by Arka


Pair all or any of these custom accessories with our blank mailers, and you are good to go! 


custom tape


The custom tape will give that plain box a touch of style. It even helps keep the items in your box intact! Style and function, now that’s where it’s at!


custom stickers by Arka


You can put your custom stickers on your shipping boxes or directly on your product box. Even a small sticker will keep your brand in the heads of your customers. 


Custom design blue with multi color dots tissue paper on green background by Arka

Light and delicate tissue paper. Custom-made with your brand on it! Pretty impressive to even have custom tissue paper. Any color or design available. Have your product wrapped in this fancy paper, it is sure to be a hit! 


Final Thoughts 


As we conclude this blog, we remind you that branding your products is key. Keep your design consistent across the board. Your website, storefront, product packaging should all have the same design theme. Something people will start to recognize.

Your product could be sitting on a shelf, or being walked to a home by the mail carrier. It is all an opportunity for free advertising. You want people to remember and notice your product and see your brand everywhere. 

Go grab some stickers or go all out and get a custom folding cartons with tissue and all the works! Be happy in the knowledge that branding is a key step in your ultimate success. 

Would you like to dive deeper into the subject of making your packaging stand out?. Check out our Youtube channel, or if you are a lucky member of Shopify, check us out here

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