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How To Get Started on Custom Packaging for Your Small Business

How Custom Packaging Benefits Businesses

The eCommerce industry is booming at an unprecedented rate. Global eCommerce sales are expected to top $4.2 trillion USD in 2020 and reach more than $6.5 trillion by 2023.

This also means throat-cutting competition for so many small businesses. As the eCommerce industry saturates, one thing that can help small businesses stand out is, investing in custom packaging.

Initially, the need for packaging arose solely to protect products while they were being shipped from one place to another. But if companies think outside the box, quite literally, there is a lot that can be done on the packaging front to enhance your branding and customer loyalty.

Arka strongly advocates the need for custom packaging as it has numerous benefits for your company, your customers and even for the environment, as lighter and sustainable packaging reduces a company’s carbon footprint.


Custom Packaging for Your Small Business


Before selecting a supplier, a great way to start is by doing a thorough assessment of the state of your current packaging, associated costs, profit margins and how much you can spend to provide a better packaging experience for your customers. 

The second thing your company needs to do is to come up with new creative ideas to enhance your product’s packaging for your customers. Also, it is important to ensure that the supplier you pick allows for a wide range of packaging designs. You might have an outstanding product and loyal base of customers, but it’s very difficult to capitalize on this if you don’t give them a unique and memorable unboxing experience.

According to an Accenture survey, majority of consumers prefer buying from companies that share their values. 62% of people who surveyed with them said that they would like to purchase their products from companies that are focused on reducing plastics and improving the environment. Consumers are getting conscious about their carbon footprint and are more likely to support brands that share their values.

At Arka, we are cognizant of this reality and our focus is on sustainability. We ensure environmentally friendly packaging through:

  • Using sustainable packaging that can be repurposed
  • Shipping items in bulk
  • Offering carbon-neutral shipping by offsetting emissions
  • Recycling on behalf of our suppliers and offer shipping-friendly items
  • Reducing the size of your packaging
  • Using compostable mailers
  • Working with wholesalers to reduce individual shipments and limit return shipping
  • Offering a returns program for your empty product containers
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Environmentally friendly packaging has become a requirement for majority of consumers and hence it is the top trend for packaging this year. Leading brands have already adapted their packaging by using more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Providing your customers with a curated unboxing experience can give your company a competitive advantage in the market, generate loyal customers and attract new customers as well.

By using packaging services such as Arka, you can easily select which kind of custom packaging works best for your brand. This gives you an excellent opportunity to give a personal and unique touch to your brand and take your customer experience up a notch with your packaging. Arka offers custom packaging for any niche, whether you need custom cosmetic boxes or soap boxes, Arka can help!

You can customize the packaging according to your business need and brand messaging, and stand out among the rest. This will also make your company’s branding stronger, enhance customer experience and let your packaging tell your brand’s story. Check out Arka's custom shipping boxes and mailer boxes that improve brand image and increase awareness!

In the throat cutting competitive world of eCommerce businesses, it is imperative for small businesses to stand out. If you use dull packaging, your customer will also have a dull experience opening the packaging. A great way to start is by using customized packaging to give your brand an unexpected boost. It may seem like an underrated touchpoint, but it is actually a great way to stand out in the competitive market. Let Arka help you out!

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