Arka Custom Packaging Increases Sales

How Custom Packaging Increases Sales

E-commerce is sweeping through many renowned retail brands and changing the very experience of shopping among customers. The shift from retail outlets to the online marketplace poses some significant challenges for survival.

Imagine walking into your favorite clothing retail outlet. Your shopping experience depends on the variety you see on the shelves, the vibrant colors and the offers put up in various departments inside the shop. In an e-commerce store, these features are absent, and the overall shopping experience of the customer is attributed to the online website appearance, customer service and delivery, and selection of custom packaging solutions for shipment.

In this article, we will explain how to choose your custom packaging design wisely to reel your sales up.


Impact of Custom Packaging on Online Sales

Custom packaging design offers you the means to achieve the safe delivery of the items to the final destination at a nominal cost. It is the technologically economic and effective method to maximize sales and profits while optimizing the costs of delivering the goods to your customers. It serves as a means of identifying the brand in a way that is impossible from its mere outward appearance.

While you have many willing customers, they will not be able to buy your products if they are not packaged according to their needs and transported to them. Poor packaging detracts your customers from accessing your quality products. Customers prefer custom packaging designs that are easy to lift and store, lightweight, durable, and easy on the environment.


Boxes and Cubes Help in Local and International Transportation

    Effective custom packaging design optimizes logistics effectiveness by reducing the weight and space requirements for material handling and transportation. Boxes and cubes are effective for perfect shaped items since they can fit into square containers for local and international transportation. They can also store an assortment of items together as per the customer requirements enabling compact and safe packing until it reaches the hands of the customer. These custom packaging solutions give your brand identity. Brand identity, an important factor for increasing sales, is communicated to customers through custom packaging solutions the brand opts for.


    Intelligent Custom Packaging is Your Customer’s Choice

      As each retail brand competes in the E-commerce space to establish its identity, retailers try hard to come up with new custom packaging solutions that evoke emotions and rival the excitement of the product inside in their customers. Pretty looking custom retail boxes are always most preferred among customers. Ribbons and trims secure the packing and provide a decorative element. Golden or silver inlays in the custom package design impart a luxurious look. These embellishments make your brand stand out from the crowd. Company logos stamped on the outer package and catchy texts in beautiful designs can function as a mini advertising billboard. Luxurious brands opt for minimal designs set in elegant looking backgrounds. These embellishments on the outer packing can add to your sales by giving your brand more exposure.


      Your Custom Packaging Design is Recognized by Its Color

        Countless consumer products get recognized by the color of their packaging design. Color is a significant facet of the product’s personality or brand image. It can be trademarked and used for trade. The consistent use of color on your packaging design can establish color as an identifier of the brand. Customers can easily remember your brand when they see the color of the package. This consistency of color in your packages can ward off competitive products from intentionally infringing on your trade. Since color is a key determinant in consumer sales, color forecasting can be crucial. In the packaging design, color trend awareness is an important factor in reassuring that a custom packaging design’s color is current. An understanding of the basic science of color, color theory, human perception of color, and consumer behavior should guide the appropriate color choice of the packaging design. 

        The wrapping of a package is truly an art. Look for elegant ways to package your customer’s goods according to their choice. When looking for design choices, look for the simple and elegant solutions rather than the complex ones. Innovative custom packaging solutions don’t require to look complex and clumsy rather appear as an elegant ‘catch the eye’ concept.

        Now, be your customers’ all-time favorite with your modern custom packaging solutions by incorporating the few tips given above.

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