Customer Feature: Finding Value in Creativity through Sustainability

Customer Feature: Finding Value in Creativity through Sustainability

“As we are changing our branding, we are levelling up our branding.” —Teresa Williams

Providing sustainable, custom packaging for Creative Bliss has made us, at Arka, fortunate enough to get to know the ever-smiling Teresa Williams. She’s the visionary behind this interactive candle studio. We recently caught up with Teresa to learn about her upcoming launch of her candle making kits and she also shed light on the important relationship between her creativity, education, and environmental responsibility.

Creative Bliss began its journey 11 years ago, initially focusing on plant-based skincare. However, as the brand evolved, so did its offerings, expanding into the realm of candles. Alongside her business partner, her 11-year-old daughter, the two showcase the essence of entrepreneurial spirit, whilst placing a strong value on their environmental impact. "We're family-owned; my daughter and I both work in the business," Teresa proudly shares. At the young age of 11, Teresa's daughter is already at the helm of the bath bomb division, inspiring a new generation of young entrepreneurs; it's about legacy, imparting valuable lessons in entrepreneurship.

The studio's unique approach to candle making sets it apart: "We teach you the science behind it," says Teresa, emphasizing the educational aspect of their workshops, which they run for everyone from Girl Scouts groups to bachelorette parties. This scientific focus extends beyond candle making to their plant-based skincare items, underpinning the company's commitment to sustainability and informed consumerism.


A crucial aspect of Creative Bliss's operation is its emphasis on sustainability, a value shared and amplified by their partnership with Arka. Teresa's quest for sustainable packaging led her to Arka, whose ethos of eco-friendly solutions resonated with her vision for Creative Bliss. "Packaging is one of those things that can consume not only your budget, but your time," Teresa notes, highlighting the importance of sustainable practices in today's business landscape.


If you’re trying to add stickers to “multiple [boxes] you are killing your time, which is then by proxy killing your profit.”


Arka's custom packaging solutions have played a pivotal role in Creative Bliss's product presentation, enhancing the unboxing experience, while adhering to environmental standards. Teresa shares: "I wanted our customers to have a very “wow” experience!", underscoring the impact of thoughtful, sustainable packaging on customer satisfaction and brand perception.

The forthcoming launch of Creative Bliss's candle making kits, encased in Arka's sustainable packaging, marks a new chapter in the studio's journey. This initiative not only expands their product line, but also reinforces their commitment to sustainability and education. As Teresa eagerly anticipates the launch, she reflects on the synergistic partnership with Arka, "I couldn't have asked for better packaging… I'm just over the moon."

As Creative Bliss continues to flourish, its mission remains strong: to foster creativity, promote self-care, and champion sustainability. Teresa and her daughter's collaborative efforts exemplify the power of innovation and education whilst not compromising on their environmental needs in creating a brighter, more sustainable future.

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