How To Grow Your E-commerce Store With Google Shopping Ads

How To Grow Your E-commerce Store With Google Shopping Ads

As an online seller, your biggest aim is to see your e-commerce store get more leads that convert into an increasing number of sales, at least every quarter.

That’s quite a reasonable ask! How do we know this? Well, let’s have a look at the potential:

Currently, e-commerce rules around 10% of retail sales in the US. Though this may not sound like a very high percentage, in 2017 it equaled $2.3 trillion in sales, globally. By 2021, this number is expected to jump to $4.5 trillion.

Apart from giving us indications about consumer trends and shopping preferences, this data also points to another aspect. Online sellers are taking ample advantage of this aspect, and so should you...

Easy Tracking of Every Online Consumer

Each buyer that uses an e-commerce store for any sort of purchase, lends vital information about themselves to the internet. It is highly likely that this buyer is also active on social media, chat forums, direct mailing lists or any other activity on the world wide web.

This consolidated data from various sources is what we refer to as Analytics.

Google Analytics and Google Shopping Ads

Naturally, Google has the maximum amount of user’s data owing purely to its popularity and power over the internet. This data has been sorted into statistics that are further powering online businesses.

Now, here’s the most interesting part...

One highly effective and compelling tool backed by Google’s Analytics is Google Shopping Ad Campaigns. They are scientific, economical, focused and highly beneficial to grow your e-commerce store.

How To Create an Outstanding Google Shopping Ad Campaign

Here is a quick guide to launching highly effective Google Shopping Ads. But first...

What are Google Shopping ads?

Google ads are product listings that appear as a relevant search. They display product images, pricing, and links to the e-commerce stores from which the products can be purchased.

Google shopping ads appear right below the search bar and are quite prominently placed for users to check out and purchase from.

Google Merchant Center

To enlist products from your e-commerce store, you will be required to sign up as a member at the Google Merchant Center.

Product Feed

Then it’s time to feed in information about your product or products. This can be done via an excel sheet, the headers, and categories for which will be specified by Google. For a more effective shopping ad, stick to the defined areas and offer accurate information.

Product Title and Images

Include attractive, high-quality product images to be displayed on your shopping ads for maximum click rate. A clear, concise product title is also a winner to get higher leads and sales.

Adwords and Keywords

Google Adwords will give you product extensions for your listed products. You may also at this point, opt to set up your shopping campaign via Google Merchant Center or via Google Adwords.

To eliminate the chances of your product appearing in irrelevant searches, you can add negative keywords. This means if your e-commerce store sells fishing rods and not any other kind such as ‘curtain rods’ or ‘surfing rods’, you may mention these in your negative keyword list to attract the right customers.

Custom Filters

Filters can be placed on your products that allow specific items to be shown to your customers at particular times while others are hidden.

Reviews and Ratings

To really make a good impression on your customers, you have the freedom to add positive reviews from your own website or social media pages, to your shopping ads.

When you begin your Google Shopping Ad campaign, the following results will follow:

1) More relevant customers, who are ready to buy

Your e-commerce store will begin to attract customers who are looking exactly for what you are offering. The other benefit is that with Shopping ads, you can be sure that the buyers being guided to your products are pretty high up the sales funnel, ripe and ready to make a purchase.

2) Better visibility on the internet

Your products are sure to be displayed every time someone on the internet searches for them using the same title. So, while naming your products, know what your customers will be looking for and use that.

3) Boosted click-thru-rates

It is proven that Google Shopping Ads get a higher number of click-thru-rates than any other SEO method.

4) Performance indicators to help you improve

You will receive information on how well each product or SKU is doing. You will also know which competitor is doing better than others. You may use these parameters to improve your sales and business.

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