Impressive Packaging Tips: All You Need To Enhance UGC

Impressive Packaging Tips: All You Need To Enhance UGC

Packaging is more than protecting the product to customers. It helps create brand awareness. User-generated content is a modern word-of-mouth for brands. An outstanding packaging design with UGC helps customers remember your brand.


Today, social media is a powerful tool that enables brands to reach a large audience and be seen by potential customers. Social media platforms provide an opportunity to market the e-commerce store and attract customers to generate sales. 

The testimonials by customers are social proof that helps brands build trust, and customers are more willing to try the product. As UGC is not the brand’s content, it comes from real people; it creates brand awareness. 

UGC content is a cost-effective strategy used in marketing campaigns to get more traffic and increase the conversion rate. When a product satisfies customers, they take it to social networks, which help brands get unique content. 

This post will help you explore this marketing strategy influencing customers' purchasing decisions. Using different types of user-generated content, brands can enhance packaging and encourage customers to become brand ambassadors. 

Table of Contents

1. What is User-Generated Content?

2. Why is User-Generated Content Important for Packaging?

Helps build brand loyalty
Builds trust
Gives referrals
Cost-effective media marketing

3. Types of User-Generated Content

Video content
Social media posts
Online reviews
Image content
Blog posts

4. How Packaging Encourages Customers to Make UGC?

Sustainable packaging
Custom inserts
Custom tape
Personal notes

5. Conclusion

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is UGC?
How is UGC effective?
How can brands collect user-generated content?

What is User-Generated Content?

User-generated content (UGC or Consumer-generated content) is original content recorded by real customers. It is brand-specific content that customers create and upload on social media. Some content creators also make social media posts around the brand’s products. 


When a customer buys a product, it creates excitement. The packaging design, fillers, and the product itself impress the customers. As a result, some customers might take the experience to different social media platforms to talk positively about a brand. 


Any media form or content disseminating information about online products or brands is categorized as UGC. It is an effective strategy that creates trust between brands and builds brand awareness. 


Customers create different types of UGC. It comes in images, videos, online reviews, blog posts, testimonials, or even a podcast. Even discussion forums discuss different products and help customers know about different brands. 


The internet is an easy platform to create product-specific content and reach thousands of people in a split second. Since it does not require brands to indulge in complex marketing campaigns, retaining or acquiring new customers is easy. 


Today, brands use user-generated content and social media marketing in their campaigns to have access to the original content and reach a larger audience. People easily trust a brand and try a product because it comes from genuine customers. 

Why is User-Genertaed Content Important for Packaging?

A buyer’s journey is unique, and each customer has their way of trusting a brand. However, one of the key elements influencing a purchase is product reviews. People see customer reviews online before purchasing to avoid buyer’s remorse


Brands, on the other hand, can use the power of social media, branded hashtags, influencer marketing, case studies, etc., to encourage content creation and reach massive audiences effortlessly. 


Moreover, brands can capitalize on the customer experience. By providing a memorable unboxing experience and using high-quality packaging materials, brands can allow customers to record the experience and build brand loyalty. 


Sometimes UGC works as a complete guide for new customers. They learn about the product through social media content, assess the utility of the product, and it encourages them to try it. 


This section will explore the importance of UGC campaigns for the e-commerce industry. Brands can enhance their packaging game using the UGC strategy and reach potential customers.


Let us learn how. 

Helps build brand loyalty 

A loyal customer base guarantees repeat business, and they become brand advocates. Moreover, it also helps brands stay in business. If you have your customers’ support, you can expect business growth. 


Simply, brand loyalty happens when customers like a brand and give it repeat business. If you provide your customers with a branded experience and value, they will likely return to you. 


It allows businesses to spend less effort and resources on acquiring new customers. Acquiring new customers can cost six to seven times more than it does to retain current ones.


With UGC, customers consider themselves a part of the business. UGC helps them feel connected with a brand. Sharing content online on different social media channels makes them loyal customers. 


They share the unboxing experience and persuade others to buy the product through their content. It builds an engaged community upon which a business thrives. 

Builds trust

Customers today have become more aware and look for signs that establish a brand’s authenticity. They have become selective, especially millennials, who rely on word-of-mouth before purchasing a product. 


70% of consumers will consider UGC reviews or ratings before purchasing. At least 41% of them will read four to seven UGC reviews to gain essential insights into a product. User-generated content gives them social proof of the brand’s authenticity and valuable services. 


The competition in the market makes it hard for brands to get noticed. Packaging is one of the ways that reminds customers of your unique branding and product quality. Authenticity and branded packaging are important for building trust and getting noticed. 


Based on this, what is more authentic than UGC?


Coca-Cola, GoPro, RedBull, etc., are user-generated content examples that share the content of their customers proudly. The strategy helps them connect with their customers. Packaging and UGC create a safe space for their customers to share their experiences. 


Consumers are 2.4 times more likely to watch user-generated content as they find it authentic than the content created by brands. So, ensure you take the chance and share original content. 

Gives referrals 

We already know that UGC is a way to establish trust between a brand and its customers. People find user-generated content authentic and get influenced by the content. This is the reason brands need to work hard on their UGC game.


Providing a branded experience to your customers puts you in a safe zone where customers begin to feel valued and feel confident while sharing the experience. 


Customers already using your product are likelier to refer you to their friends and family. 


Product pages alone do not influence new customers to buy a product. Over 50% of millennials base their decision on referrals and UGC. They look for referrals from their family and friends to keep them away from fake news. 


Referrals for a business work as a catalyst that improves the conversion rate and helps the brands grow. User-generated content is essential to getting referrals from existing customers. 

Cost-effective media marketing  

Market research and launching a marketing campaign are daunting. Getting noticed and increasing conversion rates are marketing goals that sometimes cost a fortune. 


How about using a cost-effective marketing strategy that helps you meet the goal?


With UGC, you can scale your business and give different types of social proof to get your brand noticed. You do not need to hire expensive influencers or content creators to get the word out. 


Your customers can do the job for you. It is easy to manage, and with engaging social media post ideas and banded hashtags, you can reach a large audience and put your brand across.


It helps influence the purchasing decision of your customers, which aligns with the market plans. 


User-generated content takes your packaging game to the next level. It encourages customers to record their experience and share it with social media users. The customer-centric content helps you develop trust and improve brand awareness. 

Types of User-Generated Content

Different types of user-generated content help brands and create versatility. Impressive packaging design with a memorable unboxing experience is a way to get customer appreciation. It is also an effective way to encourage them to take the experience online.


Each type of UGC helps brands with brand building and awareness, a productive marketing strategy. Using different types of user-generated content, you can put your brand in front of millions of people and get conversions. 


Let us explore different types of UGC and see how they can help brands get the most out of their packaging.

Video content 

Visual content is the most common type of UGC, including posting images, videos and even live streams. Customers use the content to share their experiences online, and it can be repurposed for marketing campaigns like email marketing. 


Video content usually shows customers using the product and enjoying it. They record themselves opening the package, taking photos and recording the whole experience so others can form a decision based on their reviews. 


Another way of using this type is to showcase the product at a branded event. Moreover, product demo also involves video making, which helps potential users use the product. Such content helps buyers make the decision.  

Social media posts

Brands can make the best use of social media posts. A social media strategy heavily relies on hashtag campaigns and impressive visuals. As a brand, you can share screenshots of positive reviews on your Instagram account.


You could also repost a TikTok and use it as a reel to catch the attention of your online users. Social media posts are precise and concise, making it easier for customers to know the crux and consume the content.   

Online reviews 

Many customers like to leave a review online, which helps potential customers to decide on a product. Make the best use of packaging and encourage customers to leave a review online by sending a personalized note with the product. 


Ratings, on the other hand, help engage customers. Do not rely on appearing on a retailer page like Amazon but use ratings and online reviews to reach the maximum number of people. 


Enhance your customers' shopping experience and encourage them to leave a review online by offering coupons. These reviews act as brand advocates and are effective word-of-mouth.


New customers find reviews authentic, which paves the way for future purchases. 

Image content 

Social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are photography platforms. You can share appealing visuals and images of the boxes to attract customers. It encourages customers to scroll through the feed and see a variety of UGC. 


The strategy effectively attracts new customers who can know more about the product and even explore a brand’s catalog. The impressive imagery of the packaging motivates them to order and have the same experience as others. 

Blog posts

Blog posts are an effective way to increase customer reach. The space allows brands to become an expert in their industry. Posting buying guides, practical tips, case studies, etc., help persuade people to buy from you as they consider you the expert. 


Many blog writers introduce new brands through their blog posts, giving brands another opportunity to increase brand awareness. 

How Packaging Encourages Customers to Make UGC? 

At Arka, we understand the importance of user-generated content and know the secret of how brands can encourage customers to create one. UGC coming from customers holds great significance and is considered authentic. 


Brands can use packaging design to give customers a memorable unboxing experience, encouraging them to generate content. Following are some packaging materials that can impress customers and enhance the UGC game for brands. 

Sustainable packaging 

Today customers want to know the packaging source and its sustainability before buying a product. The changing trend has made brands adapt to the transition and change their packaging materials choices. 


At Arka, you can find recyclable and sustainable packaging materials that impress customers and help you save the planet. Corrugated boxes, mailers, honeycomb paper, shipper boxes, compostable pouches, etc., are all FSC-certified materials. 


Do not worry about customization; our customizable products enable brands to incorporate their brand story and colors to stand out. Brands can customize the packaging to suit their needs and impress customers. 


Recycled materials or sustainable packaging plants a seed of trust between a brand and customers. They find the packaging impressive and often share the company’s values online. This attracts other like-minded individuals to purchase from your brand. 

Custom inserts 

Packaging inlays enhance the package without compromising the aesthetic and functionality of a product. One of the advantages of using custom inserts is to protect the product. Brands can use the inserts to give a personalized experience to their customers. 


Impressive packaging influences customers to buy a product. The unboxing experience is important for modern customers. With custom inserts, you can make the process of opening  package even more exciting and memorable.  


You can experiment with the design and add custom inserts to educate customers about your brand and increase awareness. Moreover, you can use the inserts to encourage customers for UGC by sharing the reviews online. 


Brands can ask customers for feedback and direct them to the company's social media channels. Adding discount coupons for future purchases is another way to get repeat business. Customers can try other products, which is essential for business growth. 

Custom tape

Using custom tape enhances the brand’s identity and ensures that your brand is visible to your customers. Competition is complex, and becoming visible among thousands of products is even more challenging. 


Using custom packaging tape increases brand exposure which helps you increase brand awareness. It creates a great first impression, and customers acknowledge that you have tried to stand out. 


Delivering products safely is essential, and packaging tape is an effective anti-tamper measure. It can tell the customers if the product has been mishandled. Moreover, you can print on the tape for fragile items to inform the delivery services. 


Using custom packaging tape enhances your packaging and makes it a shareable content idea for customers. Impressive packaging encourages customers to share their experiences online. 

Personal notes 

Personal notes in a package help brands build an emotional connection with customers. For online retailers, it becomes hard to form a relationship as there is no physical store. Personal notes connect with customers and make them feel valued. 


Adding a simple thank-you note can go a long way. It tells customers that you value them, which builds trust. Moreover, it also encourages customers to mention it in their reviews. 


Using these packaging tactics can help you encourage customers for user-generated content. 


User-generated content is a game changer for online retail businesses. Brands with a strong online presence have credibility. Impressive packaging helps them create a memorable unboxing experience which encourages customers to make UGC. 


At Arka, you can find design inspirations that can take your packaging to the next level. We help brands enhance their UGC game by providing impressive packaging designs. 


Get connected with us today and learn how you can provide a great unboxing experience to your customers and get a variety of  UGC. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is UGC?

UGC stands for user-generated content, which refers to videos, images, blogs, reviews, etc., created by customers. The content is published on different social media channels.  


How is UGC effective?

UGC is a modern-day word-of-mouth that establishes the credibility of a brand. As the users create it, it helps build trust. Moreover, it is a cost-effective marketing strategy to increase brand awareness. 


How can brands collect user-generated content?

Brands can encourage customers to share their experiences and feedback online. They can use the social media aggregator tool like Taggbox to compile and share the content on the brand’s social media channels. 

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