Interview with Honey Shea Studios

Interview with Honey Shea Studios

Honey Shea Studios Interview

Where Did The Idea for Honey Shea Studios Come From? 

“Is your name really Honey?” I get this question all the time. Yes, it is! My first name is Honey and my middle name is Shea. I am a self-taught solopreneur and jewelry maker. I live in Northern Indiana with my husband, daughter, grandson and my cat, Smallville, where I enjoy glamping (when the weather’s good) and the occasional donut.

I’ve been creating since I was little. Before I started the Honey Shea Studios business, I was an Orthodontic Assistant for 12 years – I still take great pride in my wire bending skills. My husband came up with the name Honey Shea Studios while he was deployed to Kuwait. We both liked the Bible verses Proverbs 16:24 and that it’s easy to remember.

In life and business, I like to keep things simple and sweet. I’m drawn to minimalist design and understated symbolism. I love making elegant, thoughtful jewelry that will have meaning for the wearer.


To What/Who Do You Attribute The Success of Honey Shea Studios

I give all my current success to God because of him those creative gifts were given to me to share with others.

Honey Shea Studios


What are the company’s hopes for the future? 

My very own storefront would be fabulous .


What have you got to say to people that may be on the fence about trying your products? 

All of my products are handmade here in Mishawaka, IN from my in-home studio.


How has using Arka helped your business? How is it different from previous packaging suppliers?

I love that Arka created a subscription box exactly the way I envisioned it. Simple, Dainty and memorable! 


If you could give someone that's starting a business just one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Take it all one day at a time. Don’t get ahead of yourself. But most importantly bring all your ideas and fears to God who cares more for you and your business than anyone else.


Honey Shea Jewelry


What made you dive into a subscription-based model business, instead of an e-commerce model? 

I have both! I’ve been wanting to offer this option for at least 4 years but never could nail down the exact plans to implement it. And four years later it all came to me how to make it happen.

Honey Shea
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