Reordering with Arka is Super Easy

Reordering with Arka is Super Easy


A distinct feature offered by good retailers is to give customers the opportunity to easily reorder shipments. When we built the Arka website, this was one of our top priorities.

For us, offering a reorder feature is simply an extension of great customer experience. This works on the assumption that once a retailer has customized their packaging and placed an order, they would likely be coming back later for similar packaging. Once they log into their account, they should easily be able to view past orders and place a fresh order in as few clicks as possible. After all, we know just how demanding retail can be, and time spent on repeated tasks is time lost!

Arka’s referral program also ties in with this feature. Existing customers get 10% off when a customer they refer makes a purchase on the Arka website. The process itself is super simple - you just need to go to your account page and share the unique referral link.


Reordering with Arka is as Easy as 1, 2, 3! 


When you place your first order on Arka, be sure to create an account! While we would never impose this on anyone, creating an account with us ensures that we are able to store your order history. Also, you get special discounts for creating an account, so it is well-worth the one-time effort. We promise!

Then, go about designing your packaging, choose how many boxes you’d like, customize the design and proceed to the checkout page. Place your order through our secure payment page. At this point, we’re quite sure that you will pay us a second visit- anyone who has experienced our product will agree!

When you log in the next time, you will see upfront a list of all your past orders (in this case, one order). Simply click on the “Reorder” button if you’d like more of them same. You also have the option of viewing your order and making changes. The process is as fast and as detailed as you need it to be.

That’s it! Very soon, your next Arka packaging order will reach you. Don’t you wish all eCommerce sites could be this simple?

At Arka, we provide affordable, world-class packaging solutions. You can choose from a range of Kraft boxes that are eco-friendly, durable and inexpensive. Or, if it is white boxes you want, then these are available in multi-color, clear print and with a high-quality finish.

Arka can help you meet cost targets as we can undertake orders of as little as 10 boxes. You can even custom design your own package today at prices that are simply too good to miss. Go ahead and check out our shipping boxes and mailer boxes, and if you have any questions Get in touch to find out more.

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