The Ultimate Marijuana Packaging Guide: All That You Need To Know

The Ultimate Marijuana Packaging Guide: All That You Need To Know

Quality marijuana packaging is essential for the growth of a business. There is a lot of legal work and study that goes into making the product safe for use.

The cannabis industry is making its mark in the e-commerce industry. Revenue from retail e-commerce in the United States was estimated at roughly 905 billion U.S. dollars in 2022. The Statista Digital Market Outlook forecasts that by 2027, online shopping revenue in the U.S. will exceed 1.7 trillion dollars.

There are different aspects of the marijuana package that go into making a final print. The color, logo, calligraphy, displayed information, shape, and overall quality of the package are all fundamental parts of any brand.

Here we have compiled a complete guide to marijuana packaging, so you do not have to fret over the intricacies.  Read below to find out how you can give your customers quality CBD packaging. 

Table of Contents 

1. Why is Marijuana Packaging Important?
2. Types of Packaging for Marijuana Products

Child-resistant packaging
Tamper evident packaging
Sustainable packaging

    3. Are There Any Legal Guidelines for Marijuana Packaging?
    4. Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing CBD Packaging
    5. How to Choose the Right Packaging Company for CBD?
    6. Conclusion


    Why is Marijuana Packaging Important? 

    Imagine you walk into a cannabis dispensary and find hundreds of products/new arrivals stacked against each other. Which product will grab your attention?

    You are likely to buy one that stands out. 

    It shows the importance of packaging marijuana products. Believe it or not, packaging can influence a buyer's decision. Great packaging plays a vital role in the success of a business. 

    It helps you transmit important information and protects the product from external factors.

    Marijuana packaging is important for the following reasons: 

    • It helps protect the product from damage.
    • It keeps the products fresh and potent. 
    • It helps prevent theft.  

    Types of Packaging for Marijuana Products 

    The primary concern for CBD custom boxes is to keep the product safe.

    Following are some of the major types of packaging that are effective for cannabis companies. 

    Child-resistant packaging

    Cannabis companies are required to use this packaging to prevent children from using the product. 

    It comes in different forms, like child-resistant caps, containers with locking solid lids, and bags with zip ties. It ensures that children stay safe. 

    As a cannabis company, you should ensure children's safety and use child-resistant materials for marijuana packaging. 

    Tamper evident packaging 

    Another effective form of packaging for marijuana packages is the tamper evident feature. It ensures that the product has not been tampered with before it reaches its final destination. So, avoid using resealable packaging.

    In the cannabis industry, it is crucial to ensure the product's safety. With this packaging, companies can dissuade theft. Management can also look into the matter to investigate if the package is violated. 

    There are many types of packaging, like cellophane wrappers, security seals and shrink wrap. These types effectively ensure the product's safety and prevent any damage to the product. 

    Sustainable packaging

    The cannabis industry is not alien to the practice of eco-friendly cannabis packaging. Companies are transitioning to develop a circular packaging business model that reduces the impact of single-use packaging. 

    For a thorough account, companies evaluate the ecological implications of the sourcing of raw materials.

    As a cannabis retailer, you must be transparent about using sustainable packaging with your customers. It is a great way to win customer loyalty and build trust. You must avoid environmentally unfriendly options like plastic jars, plastic pre-roll, etc.

    Matte black exit packaging or exit bags are considered a better option for delivering a package in some states like Colorado. We recommend checking your local state laws before finalizing a packaging design.

    Using eco-friendly packaging as a marketing tool is an effective way to help customers understand the product. You can use the following reusable/sustainable packaging solutions for your products: 

    • pouches, pre-roll
    • edible packaging
    • glass jars
    •  concentrate jars
    • recyclable pop-top bottles
    • blunt wraps
    • pre-rolled tubes
    • rolling papers
    • vials
    • pre-rolled cones
    •  glass pre-roll tubes
    • rolling trays
    • recycled materials

    Having brand conversations about recycled packaging/compostable packaging can help companies shape a sustainable business model. It will also minimize the harmful impact on the planet by minimizing the carbon footprint.

    marijuana packaging and products

    Yes, there are legal guidelines for marijuana packaging. 

    Packaging for marijuana products requires companies to conduct a deep legal study. The companies need to check the laws in their area before finalizing a packaging design. 

    There are a few aspects of packaging that almost every state requires. These are:

    • Cannabis products should have child-resistant packaging
    • Labelling of the THC content with the name and address of the manufacturer 
    • Warning about using the product that includes side effects for pregnant and nursing mothers
    • A statement that shows the product is safe for adults to use

    We recommend studying the laws for each state. It will give you a better idea about anything mandatory in terms of packaging CBD products.

    Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing CBD Packaging 

    When packaging marijuana products, there are certain things that you must avoid to prevent any damage to the product.   

    Here are some mistakes that must be avoided when choosing marijuana packaging. 

    • Avoid fragile or flimsy packaging materials, which can damage the product or encourage theft. 
    • Avoid cheap packaging materials at all costs, as it gives a bad name to your business.
    • It is essential to seal the product properly and correctly. Heat, moisture and light can damage the product. 
    • Choose custom packaging for marijuana products to increase the visual appeal. 
    • Avoid using low-quality images on your packaging. 
    • Select the best company to design and print custom packaging. 
    • Make sure you follow all the labeling requirements. 
    • Do not use mylar bags, as they are not sustainable. 

    By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure the product's safety and satisfy your customers. Packaging is crucial for the cannabis business, and our products can help you ace the packaging game.

    How to Choose the Right Packaging Company for CBD?

    Choosing the right packaging company for CBD becomes easy if you follow the tips below:

    • Look for custom packaging solutions so you do not feel restricted
    • Look for companies that offer high-quality packaging materials
    • Choose a company that has experience in cannabis packaging 
    • Choose a company with eco-friendly packaging options  

    With these tips, you can make the right decision and keep your customers’ journey smooth.


    Marijuana packaging is essential for the success of the cannabis industry. Moreover, a good package design helps keep the product safe, fresh and potent. Additionally, it is important to follow the legal guidelines, so you do not get into trouble. 

    If you are looking for custom cannabis packaging solutions, reach out to us, and we can take care of it. 


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