Free Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

Top Free Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

Great! So, your marketing, selling, and management of sales are all being taken care of by Shopify. But the benefits don’t stop there!

If you really want to boost your sales (who doesn’t?!), take your Shopify experience to the next level and download a Shopify app that’s going to help you. If you go to the Shopify apps page, it can get confusing. There are more than 2, 500 apps available.

We selected a few of those, narrowed down to the ones that are free with high-rating and finally came up with a list of free Shopify apps with maximum but varied advantages.

Here they are:


Marketing is the key to selling. You can never do enough of it. Kit, is an AI app that acts as your trusted marketing guy. It will organize and implement Facebook ads, target potential customers from social media sites and send potential buyers some tailored offers. Kit will even undertake email campaigns and tracks the report regularly. And, of course, it’s free!

Boost Sales

The name says it all but here are the details - Boost Sales is a clever pop-up based app that suggests a complementary or even alternative product every time a buyer adds one to his or her cart. As a seller, you may specify which products are to be bundled together and the app will comply. The best thing about Boost Sales, however, is the ease with which it operates. A subtle pop-up, easy one-click addition or replacement and straight to the payment gateway without delay. These make Boost Sales one of the top-rated apps on Shopify to boost sales from existing customers.


In the era of QR codes that make it so simple for your customers to make a purchase, get one for yourself. Your printed QR code on any packaging, marketing collateral or even shop displays gives an impression of total professionalism and easy buying. QR codes are great for impluse buyers and if you feel your product falls in this category, go for it and use Shopcodes.


Instead of investing in a full-suite customer service team, try Chatbot. Its AI controlled, highly intutive, high tech and in tune with the latest in e-commerce. Chattypeople is especially beneficial for companies and brands with a deep Facebook presence. It will support and monetize your Facebook experience while offering your customers a 24x7 queries and grievances cell.

Persistent Cart

Then there’s the matter about abandoned carts. Though there a quite a few apps for the purpose of refreshing customer interest in items they place in their cart and do not buy for some reason, but Persistent Cart is among the best. It can track a user each time he or she logs in, from any machine or device, reload the forgotten items and remind the customer to complete the purchase, subtly. It works brilliantly and efficiently.


Klaviyo is an app that will support you with data that refines your marketing efforts. This marketing automation app is smart enough to build and orchestrate your entire email campaign with date, time, content and specified addresses. Customer data provided by Klaviyo can offer valuable insight into your target consumer’s purchase behaviour. It can in fact, be the basis of your entire marketing and sale strategy.

Form Builder

Forms on your e-commerce site may be required for a number of functions such as detailed inquiries and customer information. It’s a stressful task to create individual forms, so don’t! Instead, download Form Builder and let it do it for you for free. It gives your options for orders, inquiries, customization and more.

Bulk Image Edit

Anyone dealing with product images, especially for wide ranges, needs something like Bulk Image Edit. One of the pre-requisites of an optimized online image is its image proportions. Bulk Image Edit will alter every image on your pages, even on social media, in order to reduce page load time and will optimize your tags and file names. The power of optimized images cannot be underestimated in the world of e-commerce.


Though this app is free, the service naturally is not. But it’s a great idea to personalize your products and build your brand. If you deal with any product that can be printed eg: clothes, bags, or mugs, your customers will be given the option to get their choice of design printed on the purchased item before it is shipped to them. For the seller, it’s an automated process, that notifies Printful who even takes care of the shipping, post the print job.

Arka Packaging

If you’re looking for packaging ideas for your e-commerce business that stand apart, try Arka. Custom packaging with Arka will literally take your subscription boxes to the next level! Go ahead and check out our premium custom shipper boxes and mailer boxes.

Our processes are simple and our design technology is highly advanced and innovative. We accept small shipments of as less as 10 boxes for the best prices in the industry. Our turnaround time from order placement to delivery is less than 10 days. The booking, selection and branding process is all online with clear instructions. We use packaging material that is recyclable, sustainable and eco-friendly and offer packaging solutions for any niche; if you even need custom shoe boxes or cosmetic boxes, we are here to help!

Our team comprises of the best in the business to serve you with the highest efficiency. We value your product, brand and customers like our very own. More than 2000 clients can vouch for it! So contact us today for your subscription box business needs.


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