Christmas Marketing Ideas

20 Christmas Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Sales This Year

It's a known fact that Christmas and New Year sales always bring in the maximum amount of sales for the entire year. People are in the holiday spirit, generous, and always looking for the right gifts for their loved ones. The days keep flying by, Thanksgiving is over, and it is just a few weeks to Christmas. If you are looking for some quick yet effective tips on grabbing customer’s attention and retaining them, here they are:

  1. Start Now: The ideal time to start marketing for Christmas is right after Halloween. With many parties, family visits, vacation, planning the cooking, the holiday schedules are usually planned and get hectic. It is not just applicable to the United States, but people across the globe leverage this season as well.
  2. Define your Goals: Planning is very essential for Christmas marketing. Even if you are starting a little bit late, have a clear idea of what you want to achieve this holiday season. Sure, the ultimate goal is to drive more sales. But, break it down into smaller goals on ways to achieve it.
  3. Decorate Your Online Presence: What's one thing which is so catchy about Christmas? The decorations. Similarly, decorate your e-commerce store. Design a specific landing page, create a Christmas specific logo, holiday banners, and change your fonts. You can play around with all the elements such as wreath, mistletoe, tree, lights, elves, etc. Keep the color of your font to green, red, gold, and white.
  4. Have a Product List/Inventory Updated: If you have a popular product, then this might sell out quicker than you think. Always keep the stock numbers accurately, as you might not want to disappoint your customers. You can also provide cross-promotions, upselling, buy one get one, etc.
  5. Get Social: Your social media campaigns can not only increase your sales but also improves your SEO ranking. In 2018, the total number of people on social media were 2.62 billion. There's no better place to showcase your products in a better way. It is also a way to connect with your audience in building a community around your brand.
  6. String the Emotional Nerve: When people are shopping online, they miss the people's presence to explain the product in detail or make the decision. But, if you involve storytelling through your marketing plan, it gets even more attention. It can be as simple as writing a story in product descriptions or creating a campaign around it.
  7. Build Urgency: When you create a sense of urgency, it will help your customers make decisions faster. Some of the ideas include displaying how much stock left, how many days this offer is valid for, creating good CTA words like now, hurry, and keep the pressure on.
  8. Upgrade your AdWords CampaignsGoogle Ads is very crucial in this season. If you have created campaigns last year, then it is time to revisit and update those keywords.
  9. Use Custom Boxes: People love receiving their products in a personalized way. With custom shipping boxes or custom mailer boxes, you can attract the customer instantly and creating a good impression. This also helps with reaching out to social media influencers for unboxing videos. Check out Arka for custom boxes solution.
  10. E-mail Campaigning: Holiday e-mail campaigns are different kinds. You can send a catalog, notify about a flash sale, send the latest blogs, thank you e-mails, etc. Decide a time for sending your e-mails where the open rate is high. You can include your current customers, loyal ones, prospective new customers, and old customers.
  11. Set Timer: The timer app on the website has proven that it kindles the curiosity in your customers. You can create a countdown for Christmas, sale hours left, etc. An e-commerce site increased its sales by 8% with this simple app.
  12. Offer Free Shipping: It is 2019 and people are now not willing to pay for extra shipping. Did you know that a study conducted by comScore revealed that a whopping 83% of shoppers in the US are willing to wait for an additional 2 days if the shipping is free? You can work around a way to offer to ship without biting your profits. And, if you decide free shipping, advertise it everywhere.
  13. Send a Gift with Purchase: You can include a small gift with their purchase as a value-add service. It could even be a simple keychain, but it keeps the holiday spirit high.
  14. Include a Personal Touch: A simple handwritten thank you note can delight your customer this season. It also provides a great first impression. You can also wrap their shipping package as a gift and put a bow on it. Imagine, their doorway full of delivery boxes from purchasing online, this one is sure to catch their attention instantly.
  15. Create a Guide: In this busy world, picking out products for every single one of them is tiring. Make it easy by creating a guide and categorizing them. This is also a great way for content marketing.
  16. Solve Pain Points: What's something your competitor is struggling to provide? Get to know that issue and solve them. It can bring in organic sales.
  17. Keep your Webpage Mobile Friendly: Now most of the shopping happens through mobile phones. If you have an exclusive app for mobile, that’s great. If not, optimize your website for mobile.
  18. Provide Gift Cards: Sometimes, people want to keep their gifts simple. In such cases, you can provide gift cards that improve sales, build brand awareness, and brings in new customers.
  19. Provide Exceptional Customer Support: Whether it is for deciding the product, issues during the sale, shipping problems, or return policy ensure that your customer service representatives are quick on their feet. Ensure that their tone is kind and helpful.
  20. Keep Your Sales Running Post Christmas: Don't stop promotions once Christmas is over. You can provide big discounts and flash sales right after the festival, which will make it look like a good deal.

We hope these tips are useful in creating your game plan for this holiday season! Good luck.

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