The Benefits of Custom Packing Tape

The Benefits of Custom Packing Tape

It is an established fact that packaging influences customer behavior; many aspects of packaging like the color, design, shape, and customization, plays a critical role in retaining customers and ultimately improving your revenues. It is important to build your brand through your website and social media posts. However, once these marketing techniques have managed to attract customers to your business, and they order something, this is where the actual buying experience starts. Most customers come back for repurchase or spread the word about your business, based on their experiences.

So, what goes into the making of a customer’s buying experience? The ease of choosing a product, and actually making the purchase counts for a lot. But, more important is meeting that subtle, unspoken expectation of the customer, when they actually receive the product. And this is totally dependent on your packaging, and here is where a custom packing tape also plays its part. It becomes an absolutely effective component of your branding, right at the doorstep of the customer. That impression of a custom packing tape is something that remains in the mind and perhaps helps you retain the customer. But there are also many other benefits of using a custom packing tape.


It goes without saying that the custom packing tape helps build your branding, not just with the customer who purchases it. Throughout the journey that the box takes from the pickup point to the customer’s doorstep, people notice the tape and the name associated with it. And it helps a lot to get noticed, as people get curious and may decide to check out. In fact, using custom packing tapes is a very professional move, as that helps build your brand impression and your commitment to safe shipping.

Secure Packing

When packaging is all about customer experiences, it is important to ensure that the product reaches the customer in a secure package. Even if the product inside is not damaged, customers are never happy to see an unsecured, tampered or damaged package. In fact, they will be totally put-off by this. Hence, using a reinforced custom packing tape like the ones provided by Arka, ensures that your customers are never disappointed. It also ensures that packages cannot be tampered with and builds trust in your customers about your shipping practices.


Depending on the industry that you are in, a custom packing tape can actually be used to even bring in traceability by printing some identification codes on it. This will help in easier storage, grouping, and tracking through the shipping process. You could work with packaging partners like Arka to design your own custom packing tape, and they even work on low minimums with extremely fast turnaround times.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Using a custom packing tape is actually an inexpensive marketing strategy your business can adopt. Especially if you tie-up with a packaging partner like Arka that can provide custom tapes at unbelievably low prices, you would soon realize the cost-effectiveness of this strategy. Not to mention the fact that they can work with you to provide you what you need, as they understand the packaging needs best. If you have the ways and means to try out traditional or new-age social media marketing, it is well and good. The custom tapes can actually act as your add-on and indirect marketing strategy. And if your marketing budgets are an issue, then with custom tapes you may just get an edge out there.

Reduced Packaging Costs

If you don’t use custom tapes, you would have to get the printing done on your custom mailer boxes, and that does not come cheap. Also, when you do not want to hold too much stock, custom tapes are best, as all you need are plain cartons, over which you can use the custom tapes for branding as well as safe packaging. These cost less than printed cartons and are easier to stock and use as well.

Over a period of time, this strategy will bring down your packaging costs drastically and more so if you work with Arka. This part is extremely important as the money you save on packaging without compromising on the packaging quality can be put to better use. Even more so, when you have stiff budgets to stick to and would still need to make your impact in a highly competitive eCommerce domain.

Create an Identity

Custom tapes are a great way of creating an identity of your own, especially if you decide to create a catchy, unique one, by choosing some innovative ideas. These tapes can actually start to become your identity, wherever they are seen. People start relating it to your brand and that is also a kind of branding that happens. It could be the colors, the taglines, or some attractive name or logo printed on the custom packing tape that could finally clinch it for you out there. In case you are a small business, or just starting out, you would definitely need all the attention you can get out there. You want people to notice and talk, and that is a big part of branding.

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