The Benefits of Working With an Outside Fulfillment Center

The Benefits of Working With an Outside Fulfillment Center

As a seller in the dynamic world of e-commerce, customer fulfillment-related tasks are just as time-consuming and important as selecting, marketing and selling products. The fulfillment part begins once an order is placed and continues until the delivery is at the consumer’s doorstep.

Outsourcing this vital function is the way to ease your stress and focus on the initial aspects of the business. Managing it all can get a bit overwhelming, which is why an increasing number of online sellers are handing over the fulfillment duties to companies that are well equipped to carry them out.

If you are unsure of all that an external or outside fulfillment center can do, and how many benefits there are in doing so, then here is some insight on that:


Safe Warehousing and Storage

If you compare the costs of purchasing or hiring your own warehouse using only as much as you use at a fulfillment center, you will realize the benefits immediately.


Dry and Secure

Storing products before shipping sounds simple but it can become a hassle. If you don’t have the space for dry and secure storage, your products are exposed to the dangers of theft, tamper and even harsh weather.


Flat Fee

Fulfillment centers charge a flat storage fee for the base amount of units that you specify, whether your products sell or not.


Proper Management

Since they’re in the business of full-time storing, you can be assured of measures such as safety, order, and cleanliness for your products at all times.

Wider Distribution and Reach: Most of the top fulfillment centers are able to ship your products to any location in the world.


Expand Business

You no longer need to restrict your distribution locally. Think big and begin catering to your global customer base! After all, your online business has no boundaries, so neither should your business plan.

New market: In fact, if you’re planning to enter a fresh market, it’s time to outsource to a fulfillment center with a global framework that will support you.


Savings on Worldwide Shipping

You can stop worrying about heavy shipping costs when widening your distribution.

Global set-up: Fulfillment centers already have a global set-up to distribute products from a variety of customers on a regular basis. They own or hire a network of fulfillment outlets in multiple locations to support their circulation and delivery.

Savings on bulk: Due to the high volumes, they are able to negotiate better rates for their bulk orders. This discount gets transferred down to their customers, resulting in major savings on shipping for you. Added to which, if your orders are placed in bulk, there are further savings.


Choice of Carrier

The other advantage is that most fulfillment companies work with many different carriers. This gives you the freedom to choose the carrier that fits into your budget. You can go onto the fulfillment company’s website, check shipping rates via the various carriers and choose accordingly.

Get Technology-enabled!

The one thing about technology is that it is always improving. So, even if you set up a technology-based process or system for your fulfillment, you will need to continually upgrade it.


Always The Latest Technology

Professional fulfillment agencies or centers regularly invest in upgrading their systems. They also have the time and inclination to research on what’s the latest and best. Working with technology backed fulfillment company gives you multiple advantages to streamline your business.


Extra Services 

Once you integrate the technical system of your fulfillment center with your e-commerce store, you will be able to manage Product tracking, Security aspects, Inventory, Shipping, Payments and more. All through one single software.


Boost Customer Delight

With experience, we are learning that pleasing a customer is not only about delivering the product that he or she has ordered. Customer Delight occurs when a buyer gets a little more than expected. This can be in the form of early delivery, easy exchanges or refunds or custom packaging.


Same-Day Delivery

If you’re aiming for gold in customer reviews, the 24-hour delivery offering can be achieved with a fulfillment center.


Custom Packaging with Arka


Another way to ensure customer delight levels are with custom folding cartons for your products.

Custom packaging with Arka is easy and straightforward. Keeping all our customers’ needs in mind, the booking, selection and branding process are all online with clear instructions.

We accept small shipments of as less as 10 boxes for the best prices in the industry. Our turnaround time from order placement to delivery is less than 10 days. All our packaging material is recyclable and good for the environment. At our packaging facilities, we practice certified clean processes to churn out the impeccable final product. Go ahead and check out our custom shipping boxes and mailer boxes!

Our team comprises of the best in the business to serve you with the highest efficiency. We value your product, brand, and customers like our very own. More than 2000 clients can vouch for it! Contact us to find out more about outsourcing your customized packaging needs.

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