How To Sell Makeup Online: The Complete Guide

How To Sell Makeup Online: The Complete Guide

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there is no harm in making sure that the beholder gets to see what you want them to see! This is what drives the $532 billion beauty industry, and perhaps you would do well to pay heed. A lot is achieved when one is dressed well and impeccably made up, as that creates a great first impression to start off. Perhaps, this is why the beauty industry is seeing such a significant growth, and many entrepreneurs are jumping on to the bandwagon. But, in an industry where brand names really matter, and bigwigs are ruling the roost, how much of a chance do others stand?

Indeed, looking at current trends, it seems like everyone can take a share of the enormous pie. Direct to Consumer (D2C) brands have grown by leaps and bounds as compared to a decade ago, also aided by e-commerce. Many brands rely on influencer marketing through social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. There is a direct connection with the consumers, and beauty experiences are getting better. Consumers are getting to know about the products and their usages through videos, newsletters, and much more. This is what has become the game-changer in the beauty industry. So, what do you, as a brand, need to think about if you have to sell makeup online?

Know Your Market

It goes without saying that if you are planning on getting into a line of business, you first need to understand that business to a great extent. In the beauty industry, this would mean that you follow the industry trends closely, through the various influencers, brands, bloggers, celebrities, and more. Many publications cater to this industry exclusively, and you should keep tabs on those as well.

The trends would tell you what is happening, what is selling, what customers want, what kind of customers buy, what are their preferences, and so on. All these trends help you to choose what to sell, where, when, and how. You could also check Google trends on Beauty for more insight.

Find Your Space

While it’s a huge market, there is space for everyone. Make sure you have the right products and are willing to cater to the needs of the customers. For example, last year’s Google trends show that people searched more for natural ingredients. That’s a clear indicator for you to make sure you include these in your product line. Better still, highlight and market your products using these words more to create an impact, and come up in the people’s search.

When you sell makeup online, it could be lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, foundation cream, bath products, and more. Today's consumers are discerning and do their homework on a brand, read up on the ingredients, and expect transparency. They would also like to know upfront that it is safe and/or adheres to certain principles like being vegan or organic. It could also be that their skin is sensitive, and they cannot afford to experiment. You need to look at these trends and know your space to create your market.

Use Custom Packaging

What matters most to a beauty product consumer is the product, but the packaging definitely cannot be overlooked. Research suggests that packaging plays a huge part in consumer purchase decisions. This is more so, if you are yet a new and unestablished brand. Perhaps, you could package your way into the consumer’s minds!

Customers are extremely attracted to custom boxes, especially when ordering online. There is a sort of expectation while they wait for the product to be delivered, and if it comes in custom shipping boxes, you may just delight them. Their day is made, just by looking at the package, and if the product inside also matches their expectations, then you have made a loyal customer, who perhaps is also going to brag about the package and the brand experience online. You have also created a free marketer for the brand, and as they say, no marketing tool is as yet more powerful than word of mouth, coupled with social media.

Where Do I Go for Packaging?

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