Complete Guide on Google My Business

Google My Business: A Complete Guide

Gone are the days of searching for information, and struggling to find what we need; nowadays all we do is Google and this has effectively replaced the word search. Think about how you travel, and perhaps that has changed too, as we have Google Maps that guides us to our destination, whether known or unknown, almost perfectly. Gmail and Google Drive has become the way of work for most people across the world, to share and work in a collaborative environment. With all this, could the way of doing business have been far behind?


Understanding Google My Business


What Google has achieved with Google My Business, is precisely this; combining the best of its tools and technologies, and enabling businesses to be ‘found’. With more and more exploring, and searching online for information, especially for purchases, it is only right that businesses get an opportunity to list online and be found easily. After all, doing business today, is also about being found, people knowing you exist, what products and services you offer, what people who have used your product or service has to say, and keeping the engagement going with your customers.

Google My Business is all this and more, a tool that can help you drive your business in a highly competitive world, with real time updates. It allows you to create your business profile with key information like location, operating hours, website, and products or services being offered. This information comes up in a small section at the top of the search results pages, in an area designated for the same. So, when someone searches for a quick hot dog bite in their current locale, your corner cafe shows up, and they decide to walk or order in, it is indeed something really powerful.


Why It Helps To Have a Google My Business Presence?


In the online world, we all know that SEO rules the roost, and it is important to be found and come on top in the search results. And Google My Business is the tool that helps you streamline this. Look at some statistics mentioned in this Google My Business Insights Study by BrightLocal, to believe that it can actually help you find customers (and vice versa), and in turn increases your revenue. An average business being found in 1009 searches per month must surely be a great opportunity that most marketing techniques may not be able to provide your business.

One has got to believe that customers always would like to look at choices, they are willing to experiment, and at times, need things in a hurry, and when they reach out to you, you can put it to good use, and make sure that they come back. Put up some nice photos of your business, and offers going, and also encourage your customers to do the same, and also post reviews. This can really enhance the reach outs to your business as well.


How To Add Your Business To Google My Business?


Adding your business to Google My Business is a very easy task, and you just need to follow the instructions. There is ample help available and you can be guided through as well. Choose the options carefully after reading through, and once you have submitted all information, you will also need to verify the business. Your business can be verified through a postcard, email, or phone, through which you will receive the code for online verification.

Just like optimizing your website, you will also need to optimize your Google My Business profile, to ensure that customers get to see all necessary information that they look out for and are also enticed to reach out. If questions come in, please respond as fast as possible, and also keep looking the reviews and posts. Positive reviews about your business could just be your most powerful marketing tool, as pointed by research. Reviews and ratings can actually make or break your business. Ensure all keywords that are used in searches for products and services you provide are blended in, organically.


Final Thoughts


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