Custom Tissues Papers

Are Custom Tissues Papers The Right Choice for Your Brand?

A custom tissue paper instantly elevates the outlook of your package. If you are looking to boost your package presentation - consider wrapping it in a decorative custom tissue paper. It will delight your customers and also provide your eCommerce business with a unique brand identity. 

Did you know when you package your products in a custom tissue paper, their perceived value increases by 24%? That is correct!  Research suggests that customers love tissue paper! A Package InSight study found that the use of custom tissue papers immediately impressed customers more than other packaging materials and the customers valued the package more. 


custom tissue paper by Arka


The study used emotion-mapping technology that tracked facial expressions to determine the responses of the participants during the unboxing experience. The results showed that custom tissue paper immediately impressed customers more than other packaging materials.  

Overall, 77% of participants felt joy or surprise at the sight of branded tissue paper. And 86% of participants reported that their impression of a brand was improved when packaged with custom tissue paper. 

Using custom tissue papers can do wonders for your brand especially if you ship:

  • Apparel 
  • Jewelry
  • Scarves 
  • Beauty products
  • Bath products 
  • Body products 
  • Other similar products that are likely to be a splurge for your customers or a gift item.

These items can be wrapped nicely in a decorative tissue and provide a luxurious unboxing experience to your customers. It also elevates the value of your product and impacts the consumer buying choices . It increases the probability of your customers repurchasing from your brand, building brand recognition and customer loyalty. 

Arka offers premium quality printing in any color for custom tissue papers at competitive prices. Custom tissue papers also pair easily with any of Arka’s custom and stock packaging products.


Arka tissue paper

What are Custom Tissue Papers?


Custom tissue papers are a form of branded packaging. They are made of delicate thin white paper and can be customized according to your brand’s unique style to please your customers.

Using custom tissue papers is one of the great ways to boost your product packaging. It is a very light weight approach to achieve luxurious custom packaging. This is also a fantastic way to upgrade your product and give it a high-end brand finish. You can play around with design and colors and provide a unique branding experience to your customers. 

You can give your packages a luxurious, branded and personalized touch with custom tissue paper. It is an easy way to build excitement and anticipation during the unboxing process and customize your brand's story. 


Why are Custom Tissue Papers Important?


Customers have endless options available in today’s retail climate and it is imperative to maintain strong customer relationships. The key is to keep your customers satisfied at every stage of the customer journey so that your brand is remembered in a good way. This is where custom tissue papers come in. 

Custom tissue papers guarantee a favorable unboxing experience as they provide a sense of splendor. Your customers feel special when they receive a product that is packaged in a way that is decorative and gift-like. All these factors enable your customer to develop a positive association with your brand, potentially yielding in repeat purchases. You can check out Arka's custom folding cartons or gift boxes that enhance packaging and impress customers.

Custom tissue papers help in customer retention. Packaging plays a significant role in how shoppers look at their experience purchasing from a company. All the research data also proves that custom tissue paper ensures customer satisfaction and also elevates customer’s emotional experience when they are unboxing the product. This leads the way for future purchases, positive endorsements and an overall perception of higher quality and value. 


Why Should Tissue Papers Be Customized? 


64% of e-commerce shoppers say that they are more likely to share their experience on social media if it includes custom tissue paper packaging. In the same study, the customers who received their packaging without tissue papers did not want to share their photos on social media. 

What does this mean for an e-commerce business? It means using custom tissue paper will garner more social media attention and increased word of mouth marketing. This is an inexpensive and effective way to market your product to potential customers. 

68% of consumers say that custom packaging makes a brand feel upscale. Additionally, 44% of consumers say that high-quality packaging makes premium pricing worth it.

Furthermore, customers who receive their product beautifully wrapped in custom tissue paper packaging are more likely to: 

  1. Repeat purchase
  2. Recommend your product on social media

This shows that custom tissue paper packaging can do wonders for your business. 


Are Custom Tissue Papers Cost-Effective?


Custom tissue papers provide an incredible opportunity to brands to make a positive and memorable impression on their customers as tissue papers are relatively inexpensive. Custom tissue papers are a great cost-effective option for you to offer a luxurious experience to your customers without being burdened with heavy packaging costs. Because:

  • They are extremely lightweight 
  • Shipping costs associated with custom tissue papers are very low 
  • They take up minimal space

Custom tissue papers add value to your branding in a very inexpensive way. Tissue papers enhance the presentation of your package and provide added value with a sense of purpose, which translates to more referrals and repeat business, that too in just a fraction of the cost.

Arka’s paper products are FSC certified and by using our tissue papers, you are also further enhancing your customer’s experience by ensuring that they are also protecting their environment and saving hundreds of dollars in packaging costs at the same time.


Elevate Brand Experience with Tissue Papers


If your tissue paper doesn’t have proper branding it can look unprofessional and cheesy. You can avoid this by following these 3 steps to get high quality customized tissue papers. 

3 steps to get high quality customized tissue papers: 

  1. Use your logo 

    Your logo defines your company. It is an essential part of your brand’s identity. Custom tissue papers provide you with the best opportunity to showcase and show-off your logo!

    You can use a clean and simple repeat of your brand logo on the tissue paper. 

    The more the customers will see your logo on the packaging, the more likely they will remember it. It is a great way to build brand awareness and brand identity. 

  2. Color Selection

    By using your brand’s colors on the custom tissue paper you are automatically going to attract your customers to your brand.

    Colors play a key role as a branding element and custom tissue papers provide you with the best opportunity to elevate your branding and magnify those elements. 

  3. Your Brand’s Story 

    Telling your brand’s story is crucial. Custom tissue papers help to make your brand’s story relevant to your customers. 

    This is your chance to make your customers feel special when they receive your product. Custom tissue papers enhance the unboxing experience and elevate your brand. 




The use of custom tissue papers gives the products a premium identity and enhances the overall brand quality. It creates a more valuable experience for the customer.

Arka provides premium quality printing in all colors allowing you to stay true to your brand identity and making your customers happy. 

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