Custom Shipping Boxes for Medium-Sized Businesses

Custom Shipping Boxes for Medium-Sized Businesses

When you start a new business, a lot of time goes into making the product perfect. What is equally important for you to think about the shipping needs of your business. For each product you are selling, you will need to maintain an ample supply of custom shipping boxes of various sizes, fill material (bubble wrap, packing popcorn, or shredded newspaper), packing tape, mailing labels, and other shipping materials.

Read on to know more about how to pick the right custom shipping boxes to pack your orders and prepare them for shipping.


Pick The Right Packing Material


No matter how many “fragile” and “handle with care” custom stickers you affix to the outside of your packages, you can be assured that while it’s in transit, the box will be shaken and tossed and have things stacked on top of it – that’s simply the nature of the shipping business.

It is important that your packages are packed with extreme care and the right type of material to ensure that the contents are not damaged. It is recommended that you package fragile goods in multiple packing with ample padded material to protect the items. For instance, the corrugated box is an ideal package for shipping fragile products to customers.

Custom shipping boxes are also the right option to accommodate different sizes of material you have to package. You can also dispatch to your customers as soon as the orders are placed if you have a sufficient stock of custom shipping boxes in hand. 


How To Pack Orders and Prepare Them for Shipping?


Depending on what you are shipping, you need to have some packaging items on hand.

  • Custom shipping boxes of appropriate strength for your products and also for multiple products to go in one carton
  • The padding of whatever kind you choose – bubble wrap, shredded paper, crunched cardboard and packing peanuts
  • Sealing tape
  • Labels that can be printed 
  • Packing slips that can be printed

As you pack your orders and prepare them for shipping, make sure to include ample stuffing to ensure your product arrives at its destination undamaged. When developing the shipping procedures for your brand, you also need to determine what will be included in the packaging.

Some of them include:

  • A printed invoice
  • A printed catalog
  • A customer feedback card
  • A personalized “Thank You” card or letter
  • Usage instructions
  • Printed directions for returning or exchanging the product
  • Special money-saving offers and discounts for repeat or new customers, and/or
  • Coupons to attract customers to visit and order again

The custom shipping boxes you choose should be able to accommodate these inclusions along with the packed product. Besides these materials, you need to create standard packaging instructions for personnel who are doing packing and shipping for you and also for yourself to be consistent with the packaging specification each time.


Reach out to Distributors To Stock Ample Custom Shipping Boxes on Hand


When an order comes in, you need to ship it out as soon as possible. In any business these days, customers expect a fast turnaround. As soon as a customer places an order, he/she will be expecting it to be fulfilled and shipped quickly without any delay.

To accommodate the needs of your customers, you need to decide on procedures for order fulfillment and a shipping department that maintains all the inventory and shipping supplies needed to get all orders quickly processed and shipped out. If there is no local supplier where you can readily purchase needed shipping supplies, you need a greater supply on hand. It becomes difficult for an order not to ship out because you don’t have the proper packing materials on hand.

To cater to your shipping requirements and packaging needs, it is essential to reach out to distributors who can supply appropriate custom shipping boxes. Some distributors offer shipping boxes that can be reused by the customers or returned to you to recycle.

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