how to get 10K instagram followers

How To Get 10K Instagram Followers

It may not surprise you to know that social media has created many entrepreneurs; many of whom sell their products and services only through social media. They do not rely on brick and mortar stores, or traditional marketing techniques. They have realized and unleashed the power of social media to reach out to their audiences, sell their products and they are succeeding as well. Of all the social media apps, Instagram is one such that is highly popular, especially among Millennials. Here are a few simple statistics to tell you why Instagram is a must for your business; for example, it is used by 1 billion people every month, and with a prediction that it will have 112.5 million U.S. users and more!

But, if you thought that you could create an Instagram page, and you could soon become a hit with your audience, you got another think coming. It needs some strategies and planned effort to reach out to your audience and to get to a reasonable number of 10K Instagram followers to make an impact out there.


Create or Repost


Content (and Customer) is king indeed. The proven solution to gaining Instagram followers is to ensure that you keep posting some engaging, unique and interesting content out there. While you may be able to create some content of your own, at times, you can also try reposting some interesting content, especially the kind that is already getting some traction, albeit with the necessary permission and due credit. 

Keep experimenting with various forms of content and make sure that there are catchy pictures and captions with necessary hashtags to generate interest. While creating your own original posts is the best way to maintain the Wow factor, but at times, certain content related to your field may be necessary or good to be reposted. What is important to keep posting periodically and keep the audience engagement going. This could also be some funny or quirky contests as well. 

An interesting way to keep the audience hooked could be to post teasers about your upcoming posts, campaigns and so on. For example, writers can start contests about guessing their upcoming book name and this may create a buzz even before the book is launched!




Obviously, a good way of increasing your reach is through those who have already done that and these happen to be the influencers who get paid. So, if you find that there are people who have a huge following, and keeps posting about your industry, then perhaps it’s best to request them for a shout-out. There are ways and means to put a contract in place with influencers to ensure that they promote your brand and send you some genuine traffic. It does matter what they say, which is why they are called Influencers. In due time, with some interesting engagements (of course with come credible products and services), you get some amount of Instagram followers from theirs.


Get Your Customers To Tell Their Stories


Instagram is all about stories, and if some of your customers have some nice stories to tell, especially about your brand and their experiences, give them a chance. Encourage them to share the same and perhaps you could give them a small bonus gift or something, if their stories are interesting and get some traction. The millennial crowd, at least, are highly creative, and come with some nice pictures and captions, even blogs to talk about their experiences. These can be highly influential to their peers and hence, some kind of incentive to get your customers talking to get noticed and thus get you more Instagram followers is a good idea.


Instagram Engagement Groups

Instagram has engagement groups that you can join, wherein people of similar interests post and discusses things. You could pick and choose some niche groups and make your presence felt using some nice posts, likes and comments, and following people in there. The following part is a two-way journey if you follow a few people; they follow you back, and vice versa. Thus, being part of some relevant Instagram engagement groups can help you build your Instagram followers.


Use Hashtags

The post that you create could just be out of the world, but unless it gets noticed, and talked about, it counts for nothing! So, and the best way to get noticed is to make sure that you think about every possible Hashtag that can go along with that post. Try and use as many Hashtags as are relevant for your industry. This can generate a buzz and help you get noticed and get some Instagram followers. You need to keep a tab on the posts in that area to know which tags are trending though. Once you have a reasonable amount of followers, you could also put in a few of your own.


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