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How Can Arka Help You Optimize Packaging for E-Commerce?

 Packaging is more than just a box. Many studies are now showing that packaging benefits many aspects of your supply chain. It is all about the functionality and optimization of the process. 

For an e-Commerce business to run smoothly, it is essential to have the entire packaging process optimized. The reality is that packaging is getting smarter and operations often face the brunt of the workload. 

If you don’t have your packaging optimized, chances are that your packaging costs will increase and cause problems for your eCommerce businesses. 


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Most brands are seeking ways to improve their packaging without having to spend more so their budget doesn’t increase and have failed to do so because of neglecting to pay attention to optimizing their packaging. 

Arka has a great solution for you in this matter. Our packaging experts have the answers to all your questions regarding optimal packaging. 

In this article, we are going to be showing you ways to optimize your e-Commerce packaging. 


Custom Packaging


Custom packaging enables you to select the right dimensions for your product. It is the first right step in your journey to optimize packaging. 

The design of your packaging is vital. Customized packaging enables you to design your box in accordance with the correct specifications of your product. 

The design element is crucial because important information such as barcodes, hazard warnings, instructions, and nutrition facts need to be clear and visible on your packaging and should be easily identifiable. 

Through custom packaging, you can get custom inserts which offer protection to your product. Furthermore, you can also embellish your package with ribbons, stickers and tapes to please your customers. 

The physical design of your packaging also affects transportation and handling.  Well- designed packages enhance the overall functionality of your packaging and also ensure that your inventory remains undamaged. Additionally, they also benefit employees and warehouse safety.

The ultimate goal for any brand to achieve customer satisfaction and custom packaging allows you to do that by offering your customers a memorable unboxing experience

Your packaging has a direct relation with cost and productivity of logistics. The selection of order, speed, accuracy and efficiency are all important factors here. Handling efficiency is also affected by the package design, capability and techniques. 

The transportation and storage costs of your products are driven by the dimensions and density. Custom packaging makes the way for quality control and provides customer convenience. 


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Eco-Friendly Packaging


You are probably questioning what sustainable packaging has to offer when it comes to packaging optimization but you will be surprised to know that by adopting eco-friendly packaging a brand ensures that the entire packaging process leaves a minimal negative impact on the environment. 

According to a recent study, 74% of consumers said that if a product’s label were to communicate honesty and transparency about potentially harmful ingredients, it would build trust with the consumer.

In the same way, packaging that contains barcodes, labels or information that communicate sustainability directly influences buyer's decisions more than packaging that does not convey such information.

Having an eco-friendly packaging strategy will influence the design you want to use, where you source your materials, and the amount of packaging waste that is attributed to your brand.

Sustainable packaging tends to become a working ideology that permeates every aspect of your business. 

Since you'll always consider the amount of carbon footprint your packaging emits, the entire packaging process tends to include only responsible choices.

By adopting this approach, you are not only making your eco-conscious customers happy and protecting the environment but also optimizing your packaging process.

Arka has a great range of FSC certified eco-friendly products that you can choose from. You can check out the top-notch custom shipping boxes and mailer boxes!

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Automation and Design


In order to optimize your packaging for eCommerce, you have to let the computers do most of the work and rely less on the workers. 

Automated systems also reduce costs and have less chances of errors.Most modern packaging uses a lot of algorithms from automated systems to determine the length, height, and width of a product package. 

By using automated systems, packaging operations are not only simplified but are also more accurate. 

Automation also helps you design for efficiency. Remember that your packaging design determines more than half of the other operations involved in packaging and that's not all.

Automation also helps in optimizing packaging solutions because it regulates the transportation costs and the choice of materials you'll need for your product. 

Design is one of those areas that are vital for business growth. It is the first thing that your customer notices when they receive the package and the first impression goes a long way! 


Technology Solutions for Packaging Optimization


Arka has integrated with top technology companies to help eCommerce companies to ensure eCommerce companies are able to order custom packaging with ease and efficiency. 


Arka app and Shipbob


    • Arka x ShipBob Integration

Arka’s integration with Shipbob offers packaging and shipping solutions in just a few clicks. By using the integration, you can order custom packaging, which is then sent to ShipBob.

ShipBob is a third-party logistic service (3PL) that makes the delivery process simple for businesses. It is a tech-enabled service that works with eCommerce businesses to automate the delivery process. 

ShipBob is a software that handles logistics and shipping once a buyer makes an online purchase. It offers same-day or at least two-day deliveries. 


Arka app and Shopify


    • Arka x Shopify Integration

Arka’s Shopify app allows you to order custom, eco-friendly packaging seamlessly. You can order as little as 10 boxes at a very reasonable price with the option of rush orders. 

Shopify empowers you to create your own beautiful online store and start your business and Arka enables you to express your brand without the need to deal with offline manufacturers and slow moving paperwork. 


Bigcommerce Arka app


    • Arka x BigCommerce Integration

Arka’s BigCommerce app allows merchants to order FSC certified, eco-friendly custom boxes in just a few clicks. Merchants can order as low as 10 boxes or start with a sample box. 

All that brands have to do is select the type of box they’d like to order, determine the sizing and quantity, and then brand it with your company's logo, messaging and colors. 

As a leading Open SaaS solution, BigCommerce empowers merchants to build, innovate and grow their businesses online.


Benefits of Package Optimization to Your Supply Chain


    • Cost Reduction

According to a Consumer Reports study manufacturers spend more than $150 billion a year on product packaging, or roughly 7 to 10 cents of every dollar that goes into a product. 

Most e-Commerce businesses spend significantly on packaging, and by optimizing the packaging process, they will be able to take full advantage of cost reduction opportunities. 

Optimizing packaging operations can reduce corrugate, transportation, and warehousing costs by up to 10%.

For instance, when your packaging design is fully optimized, you'll not only benefit from sustainable packaging but also a reduction in the cost of operation. You can ignore unnecessary add ons, and focus on what is relevant. 


    • Lesser Damages

By optimizing your packaging process you are ensuring that your packaging is sorted. You are saved from the stress of dealing with a damaged product which can hurt your bank and add to your frustration.  

The frustration of dealing with a damaged product is multifold. First you have to replace the product and then you also have to prepare for the additional logistics transport. 

A damaged product will also most likely need entirely new packaging which will only add to your bill. It will also make your customers unhappy and your online reviews may get negatively impacted. 

By optimizing packaging operation, you not only reduce packaging waste but the possibility of having a damaged product. In addition to that you are also ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Optimization helps you choose the right packing material that is sturdy enough to protect the product while in transit. You can also check the high-quality custom folding cartons that Arka offers.


    • Better for the Environment

Optimizing your packaging operation reduces the amount of carbon footprint your packaging leaves on the environment.

Packaging materials like plastic, styrofoam, and cardboard boxes are proven to be harmful to the environment. Still, these materials are generally the most flexible and reliable materials for packaging.

Since we almost can not do without them, we must find a way to ensure that their impact on the environment is minimal. 

Package optimization will help reduce the use of these materials significantly as they will only be used where there is no alternative. 

E-Commerce businesses are aware that customers are more informed than they were a few centuries ago.

Today, customers want to know where you source your materials, how you use the materials, and the environmental impact of the materials.

According to a study, 77% of consumers said that packaging that uses materials designed to keep families safe builds trust. 

Package optimization helps you focus on these key areas that customers are looking out for. By optimizing your packaging operation, you can redesign packaging materials for a better experience.




Optimizing your packaging operations means that your entire fulfillment process is taken care of. It also means that you can reduce the waste that comes from packaging while also optimizing your resources. 

It enables you to create good organizational values that are sustainable and lead to better results and enable growth. Optimizing your packaging operations save you time, money and extra effort. 

By ordering eco-friendly, customized products from Arka and using our technology solutions you are one step ahead of the competition in optimizing your packaging process. Take the Arka advantage! 

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