Packaging Trends to Look Out for in 2023

Packaging Trends to Look Out for in 2023

Modern-day packaging is about promoting and communicating a brand’s story. It appeals to the aesthetic senses of consumers, which influences buying decisions. It has gone beyond its simple function of protecting a product. It is now a brand’s identity and helps customers remember the product. Custom packaging is vital in grabbing customers' attention. 

Each day thousands of products make it to the shelves in stores (both online and in-store). However, some catch the eye of a customer. This attention-grabbing strategy is essential for the success of a business. As a business, you must ask yourself, how can you do it? The answer is simple. Companies should focus on the needs of the consumers and try to give them an unforgettable unboxing experience. 

Along with the quality of a product, you need a strong marketing strategy and excellent packaging design to make a lasting impression. Packaging is the first visual element that communicates with the customers. Even before they touch or use the product, its aesthetic appeal impresses the buyer. Packaging speaks volumes in the arena of e-commerce and has a massive impact on the success of a business. 

Custom packaging is the backbone of a retail business, and each year, businesses have a lot of room to experiment with new ideas and reinvent the packaging trends. Arka has always been on the lookout for the latest packaging trends to meet the demands of its customers. The new year is approaching, and like always, we have compiled a list of packaging trends for 2023. Our findings are based on what’s going around and our customers’ demands.


2. Importance of custom packaging

3. Conclusion


Today customers associate themselves with your brand and the value it gives. Custom packaging makes customers feel valued, which is a great way to impress them. Customers can feel connected to any element of the packaging. It can be colors, designing, intricate features and words carved on the box. Customers who come to you again are often attracted to one of these features. As 2023 approaches, new trends and designs will be incorporated, making your packaging unique.

If you want to ace your custom packaging game, keep reading to know more about the packaging trends in 2023. 

  • Bold and ecstatic colors 

The primary focus of a good packaging design is to grab attention. Flashy, bright and bold colors grab attention instantly. Keep on the lookout as bold ecstatic colors are going to make their way to 2023. It has become a notable trend, and it helps customers notice your packaging style. You can make any boring packaging style bold and playful with the choice of bright colours. 

When choosing colors for your packaging, keep the target market in focus. By looking at the packaging style and colors, the customers should be reminded of the contents of the packaging. They should feel connected with the color. Moreover, it should also represent your brand and product. Sticking to your brand colors, maintaining consistency, and considering cultural preferences are also essential when choosing colors for your brand. 

  • Add cartoons 

Cartoons are a great way to take your customers in the past. It depicts a fun and joyful packaging style that helps strengthen the brand’s identity. They are cute aesthetics and a great way to remind customers of their childhood. 

In 2023, get ready to see more of these. The packaging style that incorporates cartoons gives off a classic and minimal style. They can be hand-drawn, giving the package a raw look. Apart from adults, children are drawn towards their favorite cartoon characters printed on edibles or diapers. So, it is a great way to attract potential consumers and retain current customers. 

  • Use of stickers 

Custom packaging has always been important in the retail business. Colourful-looking stickers grab the attention of customers constantly. Packaging design has the power to make or break the product. Its wrapping and configuration tell a lot about the brand. Stickers on packaging give a branded experience to your customers. They draw customers towards them even if customers are unfamiliar with the brand or its content. 

Sticker book aesthetics are a growing trend; these designs use bright colors. This style uses special images like cute icons and illustrated doodles. They are either spaced out or even put in an overlapping style. The sticker labels are important as they help the consumers know more about the content of the product. Due to its floating style, it gives an impression of a sticker book where stickers are placed haphazardly without following a pattern. 

Stickers remind us of old and simpler times and offer an escape from the current situation. 

  • Minimalist style 

With minimalist style entering the arena of home interior, it is also making its way to the packaging style. It is another packaging idea part of packaging trends 2023. With customers leaning more towards the packaging style that is simple and neat, this trend is gaining popularity. The little push has led many companies to opt for a minimalist style in the packaging. 

Another reason for choosing minimalist packaging is to reduce the environmental impact. It not only reduces the visual content on the packaging but also makes minimum use of materials for production. Minimalist packaging uses one or two types of materials, making it easy for companies to stay true to sustainable packaging. 

Choosing a minimalist style has many advantages. This choice of packaging makes it easy to recycle the packaging. Customers feel overwhelmed with the cluster packaging style. 

  • Adding a QR code

You can find QR codes everywhere and on every product now. Even restaurants have QR codes which let you view their menu in just a few seconds. It became common during the Covid 19 pandemic when iPhones started using QR codes for scanning. 

Today QR codes are used in the world of packaging for different purposes. By sticking a QR code on the package, businesses give customers access to important information about the package and the product. With this direct connection with the consumer, the communication is transparent, which increases the attractiveness of a product. Moreover, if someone visits the link, it gives companies valuable information and data about the buyer. 

  • Eco-friendly packaging

We cannot stress enough the importance of eco-friendly packaging. People are becoming more aware, and there is an increased demand for eco-friendly packaging. Since there is a push for biodegradable packaging, brands are making a transition which shows their responsibility towards the planet. The materials are ethically sourced that do not affect the earth as the package biodegrades. 

The call to save the environment has been compelling, and many companies are playing their role in combating plastic waste. Sustainable packaging is one of the most important packaging trends in 2023. 

  • Bold design

One effective way to grab your visitor's attention online or influence them to buy your product in stores right away is bold designs. They instantly recognise your brand, and your brand’s unique colors are a way to draw them towards your packaging. In 2023, companies will make some bold statements (not literally). With exquisite designs and bold packaging, it is easier to attract your customers. 

You can easily convey your brand’s message and story using bold fonts and designs. It is also helpful in highlighting some important information. 

  • Use of premium material 

If you just focus on the packaging design and style, you may lose a large influx of customers. The quality of your product is just as important as the packaging itself. When customers hold the product in their hands, it begins to form an impression in their minds. The feel of an elegant product goes a long and packaging is the first step to giving a premium feel. 

Companies need to choose the right and suitable packaging for their products. Using metal, glass, paper, wood, cloth, etc., is important as the designs give a premium feel, and these materials are sustainable. As consumers prefer sustainable packaging, you need to cater to their needs. 

  • Returnable plastics 

One of the challenges municipal recycling facilities face is identifying black plastics. Since they do not reflect light, it becomes harder for them to scan this type of plastic. One of the trends that are going to continue in 2023 is returnability. Many companies encourage their consumers to return items that cannot be recycled. They are even given incentives in exchange for the product. 

It is a way to help companies save the planet and make it more sustainable. The initiative helps companies to minimize the damage. 

  •     10. Use of vegetable inks 

Let us enlighten you with the fact that inks produced so far are made from petroleum with a negative carbon footprint. But the good news is you can find vegetable-based inks easily without much struggle. Companies are using soy-based inks for their packaging, so they have a more sustainable environment. This ink does not have any harmful effects on the well-being of the planet. Moreover, vegetable-based ink works more efficiently on certain materials. 

Be ready to see the continuation of some trends of 2022 in 2023. Sustainable packaging holds a primary position. Companies find a lot of room for experimenting with their design and style.  

2. Importance of custom packaging

As we discuss packaging trends in 2023, it is important to reiterate the importance of custom packaging. As mentioned before, custom packaging plays a vital role in the success of a retail business. The first impression matters, and with custom packaging, you can attract your buyers. Let us see how custom packaging helps you give your customers a lasting experience. 

  • Represents your brand

Packaging is important when it comes to representing your brand. Each company is unique in its choice of color and packaging design. You can represent your brand the way you like, and it also sets you apart from your competitors. It works great for marketing, as even in a crowd of millions, your product can be identified easily if you have an excellent marketing strategy. 

  • Captures attention

Custom packaging helps you attract customers. In the competitive world of e-commerce, your packaging style must catch the eye of your consumer. You have a few seconds to make that first and lasting impression. The choice of colors and branding design help you make that first impression last for a long time, and you can instantly connect with your customers. 

  • Increases social media reach 

Today social media has a great influence on a buyer. Many customers research a product online before making their purchase. Moreover, if a brand has an online presence, it will likely reach potential customers. The unboxing experience is a growing phenomenon and is now important for social media channels. Customers feel valued when you send a customized package and share the videos online. This phenomenon helps you reach more people who often decide based on the videos. It is one of the most effective and economical ways for brand promotion and advertisement. 

  • Eco-friendly packaging 

Customers are more aware of their choices and love to buy from brands that are serious about climate change. They are also willing to pay extra for premium packaging. So, it is essential to follow the rule, and businesses should ensure that their packaging materials are carefully sourced.  

  • Plethora of options 

Custom packaging does not restrict companies. You can find a plethora at Arka. We make sure you can design your package the way you want. Packaging is customizable, making it easy for you to incorporate colors and designs.  

  • Builds a personal connection 

Custom packaging is relatable, and customers feel valued. You can build a personal connection with your customers through custom packaging by providing them with an unforgettable unboxing experience. 


We know custom packaging is essential and provides great room for experimentation. Arka does not restrict and offers numerous possibilities for designing your next package. We also keep an eye on the latest trends and incorporate them into our packaging services. With these packaging trends in 2023, you can give your customers a unique experience. So, check out our collection and provide branded packaging to your customers. 

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